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    Can you use an animated .gif file as an avatar? When I delete the old avatar and insert the .gif file it seems to accept it but the frames do not move. It stays on the 1st frame???
      Forrest, The site supports animated gifs as avatars (check out JLynnBob's avatar). However, it has to be less than 100x100 pixels. Otherwise, the software will resize it to fit and that renders the image inanimate. eric Smile
        Thanks,Eric I had to reduce it to 27x 47 pixels b4 it would work.
        WHO FARTLEK"D ?
          There is also a size limit too (just in case your animated gif is huge).
            Can anyone tell me (in really simple language hopefully) why my animated avitar might not be working? I resized it so it was smaller...90 x 90 pixels. When I do much more, it's almost too small. The file ends in ".gif" so that should work apparently? ConfusedThanks!!
              Joni, If your avatar is not animated even if you make it smaller than 99 x 99 pixels, then your file might be too big. There is a size limit to these images, and it is 20,000 bytes. eric Smile
                Thanks Eric! No one can say you are slow to answer!! Smile I wasn't sure what was meant by making it smaller...the # of bytes helped! Really had to make it little...but it works now! Big grin