Running on snow (Read 978 times)

    So after my fake Yaktrax broke on the 3rd run, on the next run without them, I injured my foot. Pain, swelling, bruising at the 2nd/3rd metatarsal. It does not seem severe enough to be a stress fracture, feels better already. I am going to take some time off & try to ease back into it (rather than actually getting it officially diagnosed).


    In any case - I wonder if the footwear was a contributing factor to the injury. A lot of it ended up being on bare pavement where the road had been cleared, which I don't think those things were designed for. Combining it with the general added stress of running on snow/ice for the first time of the season, as well as higher-than-usual mileage for the week, I suppose I was piling too much on at the same time.


    It is going to be in my head anyway; when I get back to it I think I am just going to use regular road shoes & try to avoid the ice.