10,000 miles Warning!! Bragging!!! (Read 871 times)

Old, Slow, Happy

    Tonight I ran exactly 6.1 miles so that my log would show 10,000 miles!!!!!! 


    My first log entry is from 11/28/2004.  I actually started earlier in the year, but did not log until then.  On Jan. 1st, 2004 I started "getting into shape".  I weighed 295 and was 50 years old.  Now I weigh about 205 and I turned 56 on last Sunday.  I run slowly, but a long way.  My best race is a 10 miler in 81:00.  I am an ex-coolrunning guy.  I changed to RA when active.com messed things up.  Best move I ever made. 

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      Congratulations!!!  Wow, you have every right to brag!  I'm glad to hear of folks who started running even later than I did!  Good luck during your next 10,000 miles!

        THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME! Congrats man Smile

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          nice, that is a hell of a long way.


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            That's cool -- looks like an odometer.

            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              Man, that is just plain awesome.

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                That is a large amount of miles, Richard.  Outstanding.  And dropping 90 pounds in the process, too.  Nice.


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                  That is something special.  Wow.  Glad you bragged on yourself, you deserve it Richard.  Great results!

                  I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                    Way to go man.


                    But let me tell you a 1:21:00 10 miler in mid 50's is not slow nor is this training run last week:


                    9/14/2009 Run

                    12 Mile Pinwheel

                    Tempo 12 Mi 1:44:23 8:42 6.9 6 6 38.5 1906


                    Keep up the good work

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                      That is a LOT of friggin' zeros!  And you're still way faster than I.  Awesome job, Richard! Big grin

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                        Fantastic work!  Unless that picture is of someone else, you certainly don't look like a 56 year old guy who used to weight 295.  10 in 81:00 is quite an accomplishment, at any age.
                          10000 miles is beyond awesome. I hope you continue enjoying running for many years to come. You are a prime example of hard work paying off.
                            Wow!  What an inspiration.  Congratulations!

                              I think you might need some help learning the definition of "slowly."

                              And the speed of your bike rides is astounding (you being 56 and all).  Wow!

                              MTA:  Wow. to Wow!

                              Old, Slow, Happy

                                Thanks everyone for letting me brag to you.  The picture is me at the finish of my last HM.  I had runners knee for about the last year and it has slowed me down a little.  I've run some 5ks this summer and I'm aiming for a 10 miler in Jan.  Then a HM in March.  I hope to run a marathon next fall after the high-school soccer season is over.  I am very glad that I found RA when I moved from coolrunning.  You guys are GREAT!!!



                                Thanks again!!