Handy Runner on HTC Incredible (Read 662 times)


    Has anyone else noticed that when the time of their workouts goes over an hour that the PAUSE and STOP buttons on Handy Runner get Squished to the bottom of the screen and you can't push pause or stop unless you have really small pointy fingers?




        Lots of questions about Handy Runner in the past week (or so it seems).


        Guess it is worth pointing out...


        Handy Runner was not built by eric (aka "El Capitan of runningahead.com") nor maintained by him.  I think... and someone else can confirm... that this is an app built and maintained by RA user "derek".


        This is absolutely a fine place to ask questions. And sometimes other HR users and derek can answer questions. 


        Just don't get super twisted that eric isn't/hasn't jumped on these.



          It does it on my Samsung Captivate, too.

            ...and on my HTC Hero.