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    So I ended up buying a pair of the PureFlows maybe a month ago and have put 50 miles on them.  I really like them...I've gone as far as 8 miles in a day, but that was probably a little overly ambitious (my calves were pretty sore during and after).  I did most of my runs in the past week in them and today putting on my Nike Lunarfly+ 3s felt like wearing high heels for a mile or two.


    My only issue with them is that they don't fit my foot all that great.  They're a hair long, but still pretty snug in the forefoot, especially after a few miles, when my feet swell.  They have some seams that I think would prove problematic on longer runs, too.  And they are a hair too curved for the shape of my foot, which is exacerbated by them being a little narrow.


    I think my next shoe will likely be a pair of Nike Run Free 3s, once I've exhausted some of my current rotation.  According to the little shoe comparison doohickey on Running Warehouse they have the EXACT same footprint/fit as my Lunarflys, which really fit me well.  The current Lunarfly (3) is not working for me as well as previous versions...I've worn 1, 2, and the Run Avant (predecessor) and liked them.  The 3 is really irritating my peroneal tendons, which makes me think they've stiffened the sole in some way.  I don't have any irritation when I wear the PureFlows (and I even wear them without Superfeet, since they seem to have a naturally high arch...adding the Superfeet made them jab into my arches painfully).  Looks like the Run Frees would be similar to the PureFlows, but fit better.

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