Traditional treadmill v. Curved manual treadmill (Read 73 times)

Intentionally Blank

    I want to replace my 12+ year old loud ass treadmill. I’m intrigued by the curved manual treadmill. Does anyone have any experience with them? Opinions?


      my gym has one and its brutal, super hard to run on. I have tried running on it when the weather is bad outside, but i can't go more than a few miles on it, we have done speedwork and stuff like that one it when my coach, and shorter stuff is easier to handle than long slow miles


        My grandmother lived on a farm that had a inclined manual treadmill for sheep that they would use to power a lift to get hay into the barn.  According to legend, the sheep hated it.


        No word on how they felt about traditional treadmills.


        In it for the long run..

          I tried the curved Woodway manual at a hotel gym and I hated it.  It was very difficult for running.  I don't think they are good for distance running.  Maybe HIT workouts.

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