First upload of Garmin data (Read 40 times)


    I have been using RunningAhead for years but have always manually entered my workouts. I would like to enable Garmin Connect integration, so my workouts will upload automatically. I have years worth of Garmin data. Is there an option to just upload data going forward or will it upload all of my old Garmin data? I am afraid to set it up because I don't want to have duplicates of all my workouts.

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      Garmin will send to RA the going-forward (new) workouts, not your full history on Garmin Connect.


      However, when you the first enable the integration, Garmin Connect will send over your last month (+/-) of workouts on Garmin Connect, so you will need to delete those from the import page here on RA -- they will be duplicates.  This is a 1-time thing.

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        Thanks for the info Milktruck