Sunday Morning Bike Ride "WHAT DID YOU SAY" (Read 561 times)

    This past Sunday morning my wife wakes up about the same time I do and decides it would be fun if we took our bikes and drove off to some trail somewhere and rode.......    She said it would be a lot of fun and I 'wouldn't' have to run because riding the bike is good exercise....       


    She hasn't ridden her freaking bike in probably 8 or 10 years...........(and she knows that I HATE riding a bike)


    Of course, she was pissed off because I "looked at her funny" when I reminded her of what I ALWAYS do on Sunday morning (and it ain't going for a bike ride).     What was the weird thing was that she genuinely seemed surprised that I would want to go for my Sunday AM long run (like I've done every Sunday for say the last 30 years (except when I'm so injured that I can run).....


    Does this kind stuff ever happen to you other runners too (or is it just me)?


    Oh Yeah --- she has recovered now and not pissed any more and asked if I thought it would be fun to go riding sometime on Saturday after I finish my run........

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      I'd be prepping my wife's bike before she finished asking. That doesn't mean I'm not getting my Sunday run in later.

        No, not really especially with bikes.  Most of the time my wife goes with me and rides her mountain bike on the same trails I do my long run .. win-win.  Now, later on she wants to play tennis and I'm usually pretty wiped out and that one get's a little rough.  But I always muster up the energy and get out there with her and hit some balls.  It's all good.

          My wife and I started exercising together a few years ago.  I didn't race then, I only ran casually.  So, speed didn't matter, and internally, I wasn't overly competitive. 

          We would go on bike rides, runs, ellipticals, or do some class at the gym.


          Eventually, our circle of friends became the athletic type, and her circle of friends needed running partners, biking partners, etc..  It worked out for us, and on occasion, we'll still do a husband / wife coffee shop bike ride with a few couples and get in a couple of hours of activity together in a non-competitive manner and enjoy it.  Mostly, though, she does her stuff either by herself or with her friends, and the same for me.


          I'd say "I feel your pain", but my DW is a silent member here, and I run the risk of her reading this post. Smile




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            It's too damned hot for decent running, anyhow.

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              You could try doing your long run on Saturday and going for a bike ride with your wife on Sunday. I do it all the time to get in triathlon training along with training for long distance races. My husband and I used to run together all the time. Then several years ago he developed plantar fasciitis and couldn't run without pain. I was running more; he was running less and what used to bring us together was driving a wedge between us. I started lying about how far I was running and he started obsessing over my times and how much faster I was. Finally, I suggested that we try biking together which led to triathlons and adding swimming to the mix. We don't run together much now, but we do bike and swim together. I'm still a better runner than triathlete, but the triathlons are fun and add variety. And in the summer heat,  biking and swimming are more fun than running. Training is one thing; time with your spouse is another and it's hard to find time for both, so if you can combine the two it's a win-win.

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