Coming back from injury (Read 550 times)


    Hey all,


    Well, I guess I'll just jump right into my story.  I'm 27 years old, been generally in great health all my life, and have enjoyed being active.  I like playing all sports, particularly both games called football (American and Soccer).


    Anyhow, last October I was injured playing (American) football, I broke my ankle.  It's since healed, and I've gotten back to playing.


    However, I'm having a lot of problems with my lower legs. My first issue is my right great toe. It's sore all the time.  I started wearing orthotics, and that's making it better, but it's just sore all the time whether I play or not. I have taken care to stay off it, but it still gets so sore and stiff, particularly in the morning.


    Then my second issue, both legs (not just my formerly injured one) feel really stiff from about half way between my knees and ankles and down. For example, when I'm running, if feels like the impact is much harder than it should be, as if there is less cushion than there was.


    Basically what I'm wondering is, does any of this sound familiar to any of you?  I'm looking to get fit again over the winter so that when soccer season starts I can play on my competative team again, but I want to make sure I do it right so I can continue playing for a long time.


    Well thanks for the read, I appreciate the time you've given me thusfar, being a complete newbie here.


      I have never broken my ankle, so can't speak to that. But I have broken my foot, and some of what you're describing sounds familiar.


      Unfortunately it just took a long time to heal. Years later, my foot still feels "off" sometimes. But it gets better. Keep moving, keep stretching, keep using it. 


      Though, you say it broke last October? So that's almost a year... have you talked to your doctor about any possible tendon / ligament damage that may have occurred in the accident?


      If the doc has ruled out any other damage, it may just be that your body is going to take awhile to adjust again. Have you ever used a foam roller stretch out your legs? Or tried small exercises like toe taps, toe lifts, etc, to strengthen your lower legs?


        I should have mentioned, my doctor has cleared me of soft-tissue damage, so my toe pain is not from that. He's been really good about looking at every little thing I come to him with.


        I'm doing a few exercises, but I'll look into those ones and continue researching while I start working out in earnest again.  Thanks for the help Smile