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Jogger bobby

    I'm really motivated to set a 5k PR this year. I'm even cutting back on weight lifting.


    This is my current program. What one or two changes would you recommend to improve my 5K performance? I do stretch already (dynamic plus really focusing on hip flexors after running).


    Monday 4 miles easy


    Wednesday 5-6 miles, 2 warm up plus 3-4 miles speedwork, a track workout or a tempo run or intervals of some kind, varying


    Thursday 4 miles easy


    Saturday 7 miles easy


    Total 20 miles


    Would you:


    1. Change an easy day to a quality workout day (intervals, tempo, etc).


    2. Add more easy miles to the days I am already running


    3. Add another day of easy running.


    4. Add another day of speedwork.


    5. Add miles to the long run.


    6. None of the above, something else

    Born: 1973

    Marathon PR: 3:44 (2000)

    5k PR: 22:02 (2022)

    1 mile PR: 6:09 (2022)



    5k - 21:42

    Mile - 6:30

    400m - 1:10

      5, 3, then 2.

      Runners run

      SMART Approach

        You may get the theme here as we go along. More miles is the ticket not only for your current goal but for goals going forward. By adding miles you add more base, more mitochondria, more strength which will allow you down the road to add another speed or quality day.


        Day 1 5 Easy w/ striders or hill surges

        Day 2 6-8 w/ quality work and/or speed

        Day 3 4-5 Easy

        Day 4 4-5 w/striders

        Day 5 8-10 Miles easy with with occasional fast finish last mile or two or mix in some tempos miles in the middle if Day 2 was a true speed day.


        Put together a graduall progression vs just jumping into this. In 4-6 months you can add another quality day and then keep long run comfy paced and 9-12 miles.

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