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    I had been training for & planning to run the Snow Joke Half Marathon on 2/23 & was doing pretty well with my training when I was hit with an awful stomach problem.  After being in pain for almost a month, I saw a doctor, and she's helped me to feel SO much better.  But, during that time, my running suffered tremendously.  My mileage for January was about 100, and my mileage for February is only about 20 so far with 8 of those miles being today.


    So, I'm wondering, would it be best to skip the half marathon I was planning for next weekend, or do you think I could get through it without having a miserable time?  Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!

      Your running log is private so I can't see how many miles you've been running... but, for a half marathon I'd say go for it.  A full marathon is a different animal, but for the half I've seen people do it 'off the couch'.  Obviously don't push it too hard and hurt yourself, but I'd say give it a go.


        Thanks.  I made my log public now.  It's pretty unimpressive for the past month.

          Last winter I was training for the Napoli Marathon at the end of January 2012. For various reasons my December mileage dropped to 13 miles and then ~22 miles in January (not counting the marathon). I knew I wasn't any shape to run a marathon but went for it anyway because I really wanted to race while in Italy.


          I went slow to try to just finish and was fine for the first half (1:31:41) but then everything fell apart (2:16:50 second half).


          The moral of my story. If you take it easy and DON'T race, you should be able to make it through the half marathon on light training in the last month or so before the event as long as you did your work before the cutback. Just don't try to extend that theory to the marathon.

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              I'm sure you can handle the mileage.  How did the 8 miler feel?  At worst its a long training run to get you back into it.  I vote go for it.

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                Thanks guys.  Unfortunately, I couldn't edit my original post to add a poll.


                Yesterday's 8 miler felt great.  I may try to run this race.  It's a good thing that this particular half does not allow participants to sign up until the morning of the race!

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                  Run yes, race no......


                  I had a non-running injury happen before a half marathon that limited me to around 8 miles for a long run also, but I showed up used it as a group run and had a lot of fun doing it.


                    Go for it...have fun....

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