Runners who lift - what's your schedule/routine like? (Read 431 times)

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    Good article. It comes down to an unfortunate piece of advice I've heard before: Ideally, you run your hard workout in the morning and hit the gym that evening.


    Unfortunately for me, I'm incapable of getting myself out of bed early enough to do a quality running workout. Only short easy AM runs for me, on the rare occasion where I run in the morning.


    My advice for runners who lift - and who prioritize running: Don't fall off the lifting wagon for too long. If you do, it's really hard to get back into the gym in the midst of serious running training, because you'll have to deal with some serious DOMS after that first squat/deadlift day, and that will make it really hard to get a quality day of running in for the next week.


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      Generally, I run 4-5 times a week and lift 3 times a week. I try to alternate days so it give a "rest day" in between sessions. However with it being winter some weeks I am forced to run or lift 2-3 times in a row to adapt to weather conditions. But spring right through the first snow fall I alternate lifting and running days.


      I did natural bodybuilding in college. But since picking up my running, I've cut the 1 body part per day to 2 body parts per session. My usual split looks like this:


      Day 1 - Biceps and Legs

      Day 2 - Chest & Back

      Day 3 - Triceps and shoulders


      Once spring hits I will switch these around a bit. I may even try a Push/Pull splits. We'll see.


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        Run 5x per week.


        Monday:  Core exercises & Spin class

        Tuesday:  Swim (training for a tri along with a 50K and 50 miler so need to get my swim in)

        Wednesday:  Running specific leg workout

        Thursday:  Swim

        Friday:  Core exercises and strength training for Back, chest, shoulders, tris, bis (free weights, resistant bands, body weight)

        Saturday:  My long run only

        Sunday:  Assess how feel and either rest or Core Exercises or swim


        Note:  Every since I started adding core exercises 2-3 times per week, I haven't had any injuries.


          Hi mate,

          I used to do weights only once per week.

          3 sets of squats

          3 sets of bent over rows

          3 sets of weighted dips

          3 sets of press behind the head

          Basically a 45-60 min workout just going for heavy weights eg:



          set 1 135 x12

          220 x 10

          286 6 to whaterver

          and then I ran 3-4 times per wk about 30 miles, this kept me real strong and whilst losing only a very small amount of body wt it seemed to keep my muscle.

            I use kettlebells extensively for many reasons.  I workout with them twice a week with  combinations of about 8-9 different exercises each workout.  Every workout is different.  I have found kettlebells to be an awesome strength workout for runners has nearly every movement  places significant emphasis on ones core.  As well as stressing the secondary muscles around the main muscles being work as well as the nearby ligaments.  Great stuff.

              First I lift one beer.  Then I repeat this process 6-12 times depending on how long my run was.

                Monday - Bench, Incline, Decline, Flies, Core

                Tuesday - Off

                Wednesday - Pull-ups, Australian Pull-ups, Rows, Deads, Core

                Thursday - Clean & Press, F Raises, L Raises, Shrugs

                Friday - Bis & Tris



                I've noticed that once I got my mileage over 50 mpw, I couldn't sustain doing a heavy leg day and recover for workouts in time.  So I scratched the leg day.  The Cleans and Deads still hit them a little bit.


                Also, my splits are more bodybuilding splits than anything....so not sure what this is worth. Smile


                  I'm injured and not running (though I am pacing the NYC half this weekend) so I've switched to lifting.


                  I was running 6 days a week or more, now hitting the gym 5 days a week (it's convenient, I have an office gym & shower, can get in an hour each day at lunch).


                  For now my constantly refining program consists of:

                  Mon: Arms/core

                  Tues: Shoulders/Back

                  Wed: Chest/core

                  Thurs: Arms/core

                  Fri: Shoulders/Back


                  This is  until I can do legwork, run and bike again. Whenever that is. It's to keep me from going stir crazy and I've neglected my upper body for years.  Once upon a time I lifted 6 days a week, going by a Shoulders/Back/Biceps day, Chest/tri day and a leg day, then repeat, but for now, the above breakout is more enjoyable.  Whether or not it's as, more, or less efficient is questionable. But if it's more enjoyable, then I'm more likely to stick with it, making it the most effective workout I can do (compared to no workout).  We'll see if I get anywhere with it.

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