2013 Sub-3:00 Marathon Goal Thread (Read 2199 times)

    Congrats on the PR calbearsfan.


    I finished off the year with the Portsmouth marathon and ran a 2:50:02.  The time was probably worth a lot better on a different course as this was part off road, heavily flooded in places and we had a 20mph headwind for the last 7 miles (no excuses  Wink.  But it's earn't me some Xmas beer and food credits so I can't complain!  Bring on 2014!

      Man... Roth Runner, you are fast! Your 10K and half times beat s$%t out of mine, I wonder if I need to pay more attention to shorter races/speed before think about very challenging times in marathon. For now I am ramping my mileage to 80-90 per week with two quality workouts, will see how it works out, but it still will not bring such speed as yours to me. Good luck in 2014!