Best shoe you've used for supinators/under pronators.. (Read 2181 times)

Me and my RP

    I have high arches and have been wearing Asics Kayanos and 2120s for a while. I've started to get the feeling that these aren't the shoes for me since I started training for my marathon. I started having pain on the outside of my foot, along with pain in my hamstring/butt area. I also noticed that the wear on my shoes is isolated to the outside/heel area. I paid close attention to my feet during my last run and sure enough, I'm running on the outsides of my feet which might be the reason I'm feeling so sore. I got in touch with my shoe guy and I'm to go see him this morning. But he's the one who put me in the Kayanos to begin with. I'm just wondering what type of shoe other folks with high arches have tried so I'm a bit more prepared when he starts showing me shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love my shoe guy. I just think he gave me bad advice with the Kayanos.
      I'm no shoe-guy, but I also wear the outside of my heel. But, this does not mean I supinate or under pronate. In fact, I wear a neutral cushioning shoe (Asics Gel Nimbus). Check the wear pattern of your fore foot. My is smack in the middle, hence the neutral shoe. The outside wear on the heel comes from being a degenerate heel striker, or so I am told. Hopefully, JakeGoldsborough will opine. He works at Fleet Feet (I believe?) and seems to be the resident shoe expert on these boards.

        I am a supinator, too with high arches and the Asics Gel Nimbus has been great for me. What you need is a neutral/cushioned shoe, so the Kayano would not be a good choice. I highly recommend the Nimbus.
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          i've got really high arches and tend to strike with the outside edge of my foot. i was having trouble with pain on the outside of my ankle and they put me in a pair of fila providence III. yeah, i'm like the only person alive who wears fila running shoes, but i've gone almost a year injury free. they told me that a shoe that was super flexible would be best and to stay away from NB because of my arches.
            I have really high arches and run in Asics Gel-Cumulus 9. I LOVE them. They seem very supportive and with good cushioning. For added cushioning I use inserts which work out well.

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              I have normal arches, but run on the outside of my foot something terrible. I have worn out the outside of the sole on my Nimbus 8's in less than 300 miles. I just went to our local running gear shop and I ended up with a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders (model #10) which I just ran in this morning and were awesome. Tammy (DW) ended up getting Mizuno Wave Inspire 4's and she was told she has the same type foot as me. Good luck in getting the right pair, Mar! Oh, and Liz, the shop lady, also suggested Brooks. She said I DID NOT need the 2120's I have, and that the Nimbus were too neutral a shoe for me since I run so much on the outside of my foot.

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