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    Is anyone on this thread running the NYCRuns half in Central Park next weekend?  If you are running it and gunning for your first sub 2, let me know if you want a pacer.  I will be running the race but not as a PR attempt (just a longish run with water support).  A good friend paced me to my first sub 2 a few years ago and I would be happy to extend the favor to another runner.

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      Zelanie - great tempo run!  Yes, I'm glad I ran the 20 miler.  It was lots of fun, and challenging at the same time.


      Nathan - if you ever have a chance to mini-taper for one of those short races and show up fresh, you'll get that record for sure.


      Jan - yikes on blue lips during a run.  That's prolly a little too cold!  And 40 mph winds?  Blech.  I hope you're weather is improving.


      Edith - 17 people in a race!  That sounds like fun.  Good for you for sticking with your friend.  If you ever get a chance to visit the KC area, the local Trail Nerds put on some great trail races.


      az2mntrail - bummer on the weather forcing you off the trail.  At least you still got a run in!


      bluerun - laughing at you accidentally busting out a marathon in your dream!


      hectortrojan - congrats to your wife for hitting a distance PR.  How fun to be training for the same race.


      pcaharrier - that race forecast actually sounds pretty good to me!  Are you worried about the snow?  As long as it's not too wet, I don't think it'd be bad.


      Chris T - sounds like scaling it back a bit really helped you out.  Hope your front comes through in time!


      me - have been mostly having a recovery week.  My hip flexors were super sore after the trail race, and the right one is still twinging.  It was getting better, and then I kicked a rock yesterday running on the multi-use path which made my foot sore and the hip flexor spasm again.  Today is my birthday, and I just couldn't not run on my birthday, so I met my running friends at 5 am.  Ended up doing an impromptu tempo run with the quickest of my running friends (he's an ultra runner and an absolute beast.)  Did 7 1/2 total, with 4 miles at 8:24 pace.  Surprisingly, the hip felt really good while I was running.  It's a little achey now, later in the day.  I had such a good time this morning - I've hooked up with a great group of crazy runners, who are the most friendly, welcoming people you could ever meet.  I brought cupcakes, and another one friend brought more treats and organic strawberry milk, and after we ran we had a pre-dawn birthday party!  We were a sight laughing and carrying on in the dark in our running clothes and headlamps!  I can't imagine a better way to start a new year - pre-dawn tempo run, lots of sugar, and lots of laughter with equally crazy runner folks!

      I'm going to take tomorrow off at least and see if I can rest this hip and maybe more days off if it's not fabulous on Saturday.  I have 9 weeks to go before the marathon, so I think I really need to heal it up so I can push hard the last few weeks of training.


        docjen - Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm actually singing that to you (lucky for you that you can't hear it). I love how you started your day, and hope you have many more awesome years ahead to start your birthday with a great run, good friends, and lots of sugar.

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          Sounds like everyone is getting some good training runs in.


          I felt like I had a mini breakthrough this week on my training.  Not sure if it was the short race getting my HR up or just adjusting to my new training load or what, but my intervals on Tuesday were great and my MP Tempo tonight was really good as well.  Ended up running it just a little bit faster than last week, but my avg HR was at least 5 beats lower.  Temperature was 10 degrees cooler, so that was part of it, but it really did feel like a good run.


          Day 43 of my streak and it's up to 298.8 miles!

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            Checking back in.


            HM is Sunday.  I've mostly executed the last few weeks of Higdon's intermediate plan, with a few minor modifications for practical purposes.  I truly feel ready...and now I wait.








              Hi there, just joining this thread.  I ran my first half last December @ 2:12 and I have my next one scheduled for this Sunday with a goal time of 2:05.  I hope to hit my sub 2:00 goal either in April or this fall.


              Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

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              If you ask

                bpink  - welcome!   Have you been using specific training to reach your goals?  What half are you running?


                Luke and  Chris - Good Luck!   I hope The races are both fun and fulfilling!  Look forward to the RRs.


                Paden - holy streaker, batman!  Way to go!


                Docjen -  I may just have to plan a visit to KC.  The running there sounds amazing.  I wonder if the hips are bothering you from the many adjustments your body had to make on the trail run?  It's definitely not the same as running on the smooth roads!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!  The early morning run/party is so cool.  I haven't had strawberry milk in years!  I may have to pick some up.


                JML - have a nice run!  It is a really nice offer to pace someone.  I enjoy doing that too.


                Amn - the Diva Half was cheesy, but fun and well-organized.  I'm sure you will have lots of fun!


                Harrier - you surely sound ready to hit that PR!  The 45 degree prediction sounds perfect, but I hope the snow stays away.


                Hector - congrats to your wife for her first non-stop 10k.  It seems like you are both training really well for your races.


                Bluerun - haha, 26.2 instead of 13.1.  What a dream!  Happy to hear it's not a stress fracture.  I had a pre stress fracture before and I was unable to run for two months.  When the doc finally okay'd me to run a mile, I went out and ran 3!  I know that stir crazy feeling too well.


                Zelanie - it wasn't too hard to not race, as it was an informal race, free, and with many people I know.   But if we do it again, I'm surely going to race it!   Nice pacing on the treadmill.    Yoe really seem to be running great!


                Az2 - 12 miles on the TM.   Wow!  I think you said you are racing this Sunday?  If yes, have a great race!


                Me - this week, so far, I ran 5 miles on both Sunday and Tuesday.  On Weds I met my brother at the trails and we ran 4 miles, but we did find a rather large hill so we did hill repeats (him 11, me 6) in the middle of the run.  My quads were burning so I think it will help next week's trail race.  I wanted to run yesterday but couldn't find time so I will run today.  I usually like to rest the day before LSR (11 miles tomorrow) but I don't like losing some of the weekly total miles.   And besides, it is absolutely beautiful out there today!


                Have a great weekend!

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                Super B****

                  My race is in exactly two weeks from today.


                  I have run five miles in the last ten days.


                  Have mercy on my soul!!

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog


                    My race is in exactly two weeks from today.


                    I have run five miles in the last ten days.


                    Have mercy on my soul!!


                    Yikes.  I'm wishing you the best Blue.







                      Good luck to everyone running in races this weekend!

                      Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                      Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)

                        It's 4AM. 49 degrees outside (trust me, that is really cold for Ft. Lauderdale) with winds gusting to 25 mph. And I'm headed out to run 13 miles.


                        Strange breed, we are.


                          Mission Accomplished!!!

                          Here's my RR from Beginners and Beyond:


                          Let's cut to the chase here folks.  1:59:45!!!!!!!!!!!  9:08 pace.


                          I am so freakin happy, I wanted that really bad and I got it...and it was hard as hell.


                          I made friends with the 2:00 pacer immediately before the race started.  He told me he was going to run about a 9:00 pace so that the group could walk the water stations.  That sounded good to me.  Once we were off, I said by to my faster friend and stuck with the pacer.  I stayed right with him.


                          There were about 4 or 5 other guys that stayed in our little pack for a long time.  Somewhere around mile 9-10, this older guy that was with us said he felt awful.  I did too, but I didn't quite let on how bad it was.  My hip flexor was killing me (right side), but my foot was holding up just fine.  So the guy ended up falling back and I never saw him again.


                          Around mile 11, I started to feel horrible.  I was in a bad place and was giving everything I had to keep the pace, but the group with whom I had shared so many miles with was starting to slip away.  I kept them in my sights from a distance.


                          Sometime around mile 12.5, I was in a very dark place mentally, and here comes my faster friend.  I told him how bad I wanted to stop and grabbed his shoulder.  He gave me a lot of encouragement at a time when it was badly needed.  When I turned that last corner and saw the finish line, the clock said 1:59Tight lippedx.  I took off like a bat out of hell.


                          I achieved my goal and it felt SO GOOD.  I'm so happy about this, even though I can't fucking walk lol.  I look like a cripple right now.







                          Not dead. Yet.

                            Awesome!  So glad you made 2:00:00, but by such a close margin...scary!  Fate was in your favor today.  Whats the next goal?


                            I made it under two hours today as well, and let me tell you I know the old man feeling.  On my walk back to the car, I was thinking if I was this bad after a half, I can't imagine what I would feel like after a full.



                            How can we know our limits if we don't test them?

                              Jen- That sounds like a fantastic way to start your birthday!  Hopefully it kicks off a great running year for you!


                              npaden- Love it when everything gets faster and easier at the same time!  Sounds like your hard work is paying off!


                              bpink- Sorry I didn't see your post earlier- hope that your race was great!


                              Edith- Hope your "extra" run and your long run went well!


                              bluerun- Hang in there!


                              ChrisT- Hope your 13 miler went well.  We're not too sad for you and your "cold" weather, though.  Now that wind is no fun in any temp!


                              Luke- Congrats again!  So happy for you!


                              sdizzazo- Congrats to you as well. Smile


                              me- After a great start to my week, the last few runs have been tough.  I didn't eat very well Thursday and Friday, didn't get much sleep on top of that, and then had a stressful day at work.  So by the time Friday night rolled around and I headed out for my LR, I wasn't feeling too hot.  I had wanted to do my LR Friday night because my LR for *next* week is going to be on Monday (I have the day off, plus I have a 5K next weekend).  But I only got to about 5.5 miles before I decided to just call it a night and head in.


                              I added some miles to my weekend so that I still made my planned 40 miles for the week (a new high) by running 10 on Sat. and 3 recovery-pace miles today.  The 10 were also harder than they felt like they should have been, but I ran the first 5 entirely too fast.  The last couple of weeks, I've been going out to fast and have been able to hold that pace for my LRs.  This time I did a little muddy trail loop around mile 5, came back to the path pretty winded, and never really got my groove back.


                              This weekend I have gotten caught up on my sleep and have eaten well, and the recovery miles today were delightful.  There was some sunshine and the dogs got to come with me (they like the slower pace) and had a great time jumping in giant puddles and stuff.  Tomorrow I need to run my LR earlier than I like, but I think as long as I remember to take it easy when I'm going out, I should be fine.  It will be my 6th day in a row of running, though, and I don't usually run more than 3.

                                Hi everyone - I posted a while back about a half marathon I was thinking of running in january.  I ended up taking the advice of some posters on this thread and waiting until the half I had scheduled for 2/17.  Thanks for all of your excellent advice and posts - my time yesterday was 1:58:25, so I made my sub 2:00 goal!  I don't post often, but I have read all the posts on this thread and really appreciate all the information you guys have shared - thanks so much!