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If you ask

    Hector - oh, I hope the foot feels better!!


    jan - you are going to be more than ready for the 10 mile race.  You will probably kill it AND have fun.   It sure sounds great to get a chance to run in Colorado.  I look forward to hearing about that.


    Miele - the cookie was double chocolate with walnuts. I spared no expense.  Congrats on a new PR and a great race.   Do the CIM.  I'm saying this because I listened to my stupid self and signed up for a marathon at the end of May, AND with a time goal in mind.  Why do I listen to me???  Very cool avatar.  Is that the new obsession?  My DH wants one.


    Kenyan - it's probably a good idea to pace yourself a bit more slowly.  Nothing kills a run like going too fast and exhausting yourself with miles to go.  How is your breathing when hitting the hills?  I find that if I pump my arms, shorten my steps, and do deep breathing (forcing air out on each exhale) it really helps me tackle the hills.   Good luck on your 5k.  I think you will hit your goal.


    Paden - again, awesome miles!  Nice workouts.


    Gosling - it certainly seems that you are ready for a sub 2.   And do try to relax and enjoy the run.  Most of my PRs happened when I wasn't trying.  


    Harrier - I hope the 8 miles with friends went well.


    Zelanie - looking forward to your RR.


    me -  a good week for me, running-wise.   I was able to run each day that I planned.  Weds was great as I ran with my brother.   We started in town and ran 1.5 miles to the woods then meandered through, getting lost only once.  We came out on the other side of the woods and completed a loop back to the cars.  Lots of hills, both on the trail and the road and ended with a nice 9 mile run.  Today the plan called for 15, but felt great and stopped at 15.5.  The rain stayed away and it was just a perfect run.    Outside of running, we rescued a new pup and have been having a lot of fun training him. He's a 2 yo Bassett Hound/Beagle mix and he is just wonderful.  It's nice having two pups in the house again!

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      Hooray, I completed my 10-mile race in 1:26:15.  Npaden totally called it on my pace and maybe gave me a little confidence, too.


      Mile 1- 8:50

      Mile 2- 8:41

      Mile 3- 8:41

      Mile 4- 8:40

      Mile 5- 8:44

      Mile 6- 8:32

      Mile 7- 8:47

      Mile 8- 8:36

      Mile 9- 8:18

      Mile 10- 8:16

      Final 0.01 (hehe) 0:06 (7:06 pace)


      The first few miles were a study in watching my Garmin and trying not to run too fast.  And watching a nice sunrise over the Willamette river as we crossed.  The middle miles were still pretty easy, but I did have some time to still worry that somehow I might self-destruct at some point in the future.  Had to keep reminding myself that I was running pretty easily and felt good now, and not to worry about later.  Let myself pick it up towards the end (except, apparently, for mile 7, but who needs that mile anyway?).  Had enough left to ham it up for a few photographers towards the last mile, crossed the bridge again, and finished strong.  I definitely would have had 3 more miles at that pace in me today, and that's without a taper.


      Love, love, love the feel of racing above LT distances compared to 5Ks and the one 10K I've run before!

      the kenyan

        Was shooting for 12 miles today but had a rough patch in the middle third or so.  Turned around a little early and stopped for a couple minutes to take my gu and some water, then rebounded nicely and was able to run all the way in and push to 11, so it could've been worse.  I get cranky when I have to stop during runs, but was pleased with my ability to recover.  I also started a bit too fast for the first 2 miles, which didn't help my cause much either; still a bit of work to be done on pace discipline.   Oh well, still have 9 weeks to go.



          Kenyan- Sounds like you pushed through and got the miles in.  That's what counts in the end.  Next run will always be better.


            Zelanie - Way to race the 10 miler!!! Great job. That should give you a lot of confidence for your half, and a shiny PR for the 10 mile distance.


            Kenyan - Nice way to finish a tough run. I'm the same way if I have to cut a run short, but you definitely salvaged yours!


            Edith - Wow, you did have an excellent week. Finishing a 15 mile long run feeling that good is awesome. Congrats on the new puppy! My friend has a basset/beagle mix and she is the cutest thing ever. Do you have to go through the house breaking and all that "fun"?


            Hector - How's the foot? Hopefully on the mend or mended!


            Miele - Woohoo on the new PR!!! And the truck! The Ryan Hall half plan seems to agree with you. How many days a week are you running now? I'll try not to encourage you to give CIM another go, but I'm such an enabler that I may not be too successful. I think without the monsoon and hurricane force winds, you'd have a new marathon PR too. See, there I go, being an enabler...


            Nathan - You keep getting faster and faster. Do you think it's the plan or the consistency, or maybe both?


            Harrier - How was the run? I don't have many friends who run, but the few that do always make it fun.


            Me - I got a 9 miler and a 4 miler in over the weekend, but something is drastically wrong with my running parts, so this morning's run turned into a quarter mile of limp/slogging, a quarter mile home of crying and swearing, and an hour of spin bike and weights. I don't know what it is - piriformis, hamstring strain, hip bursitis...I've been googling myself crazy and everything I read applies in some way. Tomorrow I'm calling a sports chiro that just opened up shop in town and beg for a quick appointment. This morning was the first time in my running life that I physically couldn't run. There have been times when I shouldn't run, but I could always push through. I feel sorry for DH, cause without my running, I tend to be a crazy b*itch!

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              Nathan - I'm so impressed with your streak. I made it 49 days this winter, but have gone back to taking rest days as I feel I need them. I can't wait to see how your spring races go.


              Zelanie - excellent race!  Great pacing, too, and nice to see you were able to pick it up at the end.


              Miele - *waving happily*. I'm glad to see you back!  Congrats on your half! Seriously, though, you are asking the wrong crowd to stop you from running CIM.


              Edith - sounds like you've had some great runs lately. I love that you were doing 15 but felt good and threw in a little extra. I haven't been on a trail in a while, unfortunately. Many of the local trails were inaccessible for a couple weeks with our snowstorms, and now I'm in the marathon homestretch hoping trying to keep my mileage up.


              Jan - are you finally done with snow over there or what?  It's finally all melted here. How are the Mizunos treating you?


              The Kenyan - good job toughing out your run. My browser insists on capitalizing your username for some reason.


              Me - I've been so busy recently I haven't had time to check in.  I'm at the airport right now getting ready to fly to Phoenix to visit my mom.

              I have a race report, though!  Yesterday I ran the Lucky 13.1half in Peculiar Missouri as my tune up/fitness check for my marathon. I inadvertently had more taper than I planned (was going to train thru it except for making the speed work this week just easy miles.).Thursday and Friday the weather was gorgeous here, 60-70s and sunny, so of course yesterday it was high 30s, overcast, and super windy at race time.  I didn't know what to expect of my current fitness, since I've been a little erratic training-wise, and with the wind my expectations were pretty low. It's an out and back course with a little lollipop loop at the turn around.  We started and ended on the high school track (the race is a fundraiser for the cross country and track teams).

              The race was gun timed only, but there were only about 125 in the half so I was across the start 4 sec after the gun. After a loop on the track, the course turned into the wind. I went out a little fast and the first mile was 7:57. At mile 3, we turned again and the wind went from being 3/4 of the way in our faces, to full front. Miles 4 and 5 were mostly uphill, and into the 20 mph wind. They pretty much sucked Wink. Mile 5 was my slowest mile, at 8:48. Ive never been so happy to hit a turn around in a race. Also, after mile 4, I was pretty much alone. With that few runners, we were pretty spread out.

              After the turn around, I got a second wind - pretty much literally!  And this time it was a tail wind. Miles 9 and 10 were now mostly downhill and with a 20 mph tail wind.  Mile 9 was my fastest mile (7:52).  And did I mention the hills?  There were no giant climbs, but most of the course was rolling hills, which at least broke up farm land. There was literally a crowd of 2 at this race. There were 2 ladies in a van that showed up to cheer about every 2 miles, which was great.

              At about 10.5 miles, another guy caught up to me and stayed tucked in behind until about half mile to go. Even though I never got a look at him until he passed me, it was great to have a little company!  Finally, we turned into the school parking lot, and then up a hill to the track again. Mile 13 was 8:08, but I purposefully didn't look at my total time. I knew I was on PR pace, but didn't know by how much. I tried to really push it around the last track loop, but I was pretty darn tired. I think the last 0.1 was 7:34 pace. I crossed the finish and hit my garmin. Finally, I looked:  1:48:09!

              Since the race was gun timed, my official time was 1:48:13. I won my age group (was actually the first female masters finisher, too) and won a doorprize ($25 gift certificate to my local running store). My previous PR was 1:50:37, so I'm pretty happy with this one, especially given the hills an wind. My gut feeling is that I'm still going to be a little short of my BQ next month at my full (3:45), but I'm still gonna give it a shot.  My biggest worry is that between a week of vacation now, and a week of inpatient medicine next week, my peak mileage weeks are going to be a flop!


                Aww, jan,that stinks. I wrote my post before we got on the aIrplane, but then it didn't post until after yours. I hope the chiro can tell you something.

                  Jan- I'm so sorry!  Hopefully even though it felt that bad while you were out, it ends up being something that heals up easily with a bit of rest.  I'm pulling for you!

                  Jen- Way to go on the PR and the Masters win!  Plus this race will only improve your fitness going into your full!  Hoping for a big BQ for you!


                  me- Got 5.7 recovery miles in today.  Legs felt fine, which was such a good feeling after my race yesterday.



                    kenyan-  I'd say you're on track to a sub 23:30 5k.  I'm curious to watch your progress to see how close you get to your old PRs.  Well done slogging out 11 miles.  Ok, so it wasn't the 12 you originally wanted but bad runs happen sometimes.  I'm also guilty of bad pacing (read below).


                    gosling-  My HM is the day after yours.  I sometimes forget about just having fun, too, by focusing too much on a goal.  We'll keep telling each to enjoy the moment!


                    pc-  Hi!  So did you get your 8-miler in with the guys?  Are you out of your funk?  I don't know about the others but I definitely have funky times.  It'll pass.


                    Edith- Nice running!  You just threw in an extra half mile cuz you're a badass!  And you make great cookie choices....yum!  Unfortunately, I don't listen to myself.  Ever.  I hear what I say but then do the opposite (read below).  Yeah, the truck is the new obsession and I can see why your DH wants one.  They are soooo cool!  Oh, and what's your time goal for the marathon?  Can you post pics of your pup(s)?  They sound very cute.


                    Zelanie-  WooooHoooo!  Great race and fantastic pacing!  You ran it perfectly!  Does this alter your race plans for your HM at all?  Nice new avatar (I'm guessing from the race).


                    Jan-  Oh no!!  I know it's got to be bad for you to stop running.  Fingers crossed the sports chiro can fix whatever it is.  Not only for your sake but also for your DH.  Do you remember a moment when you felt something go wrong over the weekend or was it just when you started running and had to stop?  I'm liking the RH plan and I'm running 5 days a week.  It's funny how that extra rest day gives me a little flexibility in terms of postponing a run or taking a URD.  I can always make it up by the end of the week.


                    doc-  Good to see you!  Big congrats on your well below sub-1:50!!!!  And an AG/Masters win, too!  Taking the hills and wind into consideration I'd say you have a shot at your marathon goal.  I don't recall your age (and Happy belated Birthday!!!!) but if you're 45 on race day  (meaning Boston race day)  then that's your BQ time.  Not your age at the time of the qualifying race.   So if I'm 44 for my qualifying race but will be 45 on the day of the Boston marathon then my qualifying time is for a 45 year old, for example.  I'm sure you know this already but I thought I'd just throw it out there.  I still think you have a good shot at 3:45 regardless.  Your previous half marathon to marathon times show you have great endurance.


                    me-  Ran 13 on Sat w/4@GP.  It was supposed to have been 5 but I went out too fast.  Averaged 8:19 for those miles but the splits are erratic.  I also need to change the route I run.  Too many lights and obstacles.  Plus, I'm not really sure if I should run them at current HM pace or a little faster.  Finished with 40 miles for the week.  I think that's what I'll try to maintain during this training cycle.


                    Also, since you guys were of NO HELP when it came to talking me out of signing up for CIM I signed up.  Yep.  I was telling myself 'don't do it, don't do it' while I was filling out the form.  'Don't do it, don't do it' while I was entering the credit card info. 'Don't do it, don't you dare do it' while I hit 'submit'.   I just ignored myself.  I guess now I have yet another 'final marathon'.  What is wrong with me.  Good thing I bought a boatload of running shoes over the holidays.  Now I need to order the Hansons book.

                    10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                      miele- Congrats on failing to not sign up for the CIM!  Hope the conditions are better this year!  My goal is now solidly 1:55, and I'm secretly hoping for better but will probably still start out conservatively.  The nice thing that I know now is that I can step it up later if I have something left in the tank.  I haven't been able to do that really in shorter races.  The avatar is from mile 9- still smiling and giving a thumbs up to the photographer.  Although apparently at race pace that gets a bit flailey.


                        Zelanie - Congratulations on a great race! Those splits (sans mile 7, but who cares about mile 7?) are impressive.  With under a month to go to your HM, I'd say you're primed for a great race there too.


                        doctorjen - Congrats on your race, PR, and masters win!  With the conditions the way they were it only makes that feat more impressive.


                        kenyan - Way to push through and get the miles in.  We've all had runs like that and sticking with it even when you don't feel like it breaks down that mental barrier.


                        Jan - Sorry to hear about your continued soreness/injury problems. Her's hoping the sports chiro can set you straight.


                        miele - Sounds like you had a good run this weekend even if you didn't quite hit your pacing mark. When I did HM pace runs, I did them closer to my goal pace than what I thought my current pact.  Of course, my goal pace was 8:30 and race day magic turned that into something more like 8:05 so maybe I'm not the best judge of what works there!  We'll try to do a better job helping you get ready for the marathon than we were in talking you out of it. Big grin


                        me - Weekend run was a really good one.  It was raining at the start but it cleared up nicely about 30 minutes or so after we got started.  We went pretty much everywhere, it seems like. Took an asphalt walking path into a park near the beach and then ran on the trails for a good while (a little bit muddy, but nothing too bad).  Then we headed out of the park and across the street to the beach where we ran for a mile or so.  Then it was back to where we had parked our cars on street/sidewalks.  One of us had a GPS and he marked the run at about 8.2 miles; when I mapped it here it came to about 8.3.  Having him set the pace was a good idea because he's a bit faster than the rest of us. I think we ended up in the low 9:00s somewhere which was a good pace, i.e., I felt like I got a good workout, but I didn't feel sore the rest of the day.


                        I definitely think this run helped me snap out of the doldrums. I almost always run by myself so having people to talk to and push me was great.  If these guys are up for making this a regular occurrence on Saturdays I'm all for it.


                        If you ask

                          Zelanie - congrats on great race.


                          Jan - we were told our new guy is 2.5yo but the vet thanks he is under 2.  He is being crated when we are not home but he's doing well with training.  I'm so sorry for your pains!!  I hope the doc can diagnose and help quickly!   Prayers.


                          Docjen - I stay off the trails  when I get close to (non-trail) race time.  My marathon is at the end of May so I will be off the traila during that month.  Congrats on a most excellent race!  Whoo Hoo on the PR!!   Nice to see you pushed yourself a through a tough race.   I hate wind.  I think you may just get that BQ, and then I can say, "I knew you when..."  Smile


                          Miele - my marathon PR is 4:26 so I'm hoping (conservatively) for under 4:20.  I had finished the Nov marathon feeling really good, too good, which makes me think I really was too conservative with my pace.  I need to buy shoes, two pairs, as well as register for my July race (runner limit), an April race, and my September half and hotel (both filling fast)...oh, and book hotel for May 26 marathon. So I need to find some money. ugh.

                          I'm glad you registered.  bwahahaha!


                          Harrier - the run you described sounds really nice.


                          Me - family obligations prevented my run yesterday.  Today I had a nice 6 miler. Hoping my sore throat goes away before Weds as I have a longer turn planned.  May just rest tomorrow in hopes of avoiding getting really sick.

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                          If you ask

                            I can't figure out how to post a picture.... Help.

                            • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
                            • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                            • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)


                              I can't figure out how to post a picture.... Help.



                              You have to have it hosted somewhere else (photobucket, etc.) and link to it with the little icon thingy at the top of the reply window.  The green thing that is 2 too the left of the smileys.

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                                Jan26.2 – I am being forced to take it easy because of injury. Ball of my foot is bothering be a bit. It is nice that you are able to go outside for your runs half the time. Hopefully you got to run outside on Colorado. I’ve never been to Colorado. Planning to go in September for a wedding and am excited about it. sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully nothing is serious.


                                Miele – it is great that you got your PR in running a trial PR. Congratulations! What is CIM? You are getting good mileage.


                                Npaden – thanks for encouragement. I am not thinking about 8.30 pace anymore, but hope to run sub 2:00 HM. It is great that you ran 8:49 pace at 78% max HR


                                Gosling – great job in running 10 miles at 9.22! I’m sure that this would provide you a lot of confidence.


                                EdithRevisited – its great that you were able to run all your planned runs and it is nice that you are able to run with your brother.


                                Zelanie – congratulations on your great 10 miles race. Your worst split was 8.50 for 1st mile. That is impressive! Your did am amazing job in your splits


                                Doctorjen – congratulations on winning your age group! That is a great achievement.


                                Pcaharrier – good job in getting 8.2 miles


                                Me – I am hardly running these days. Ran 17 miles last week and 16 a week before that. Wife got tickets for Maroon 5 concert for my birthday and we were in southern California for weekend and no running. Hoping my foot would be totally healed and ran 5 miles this morning. Pain is minimal, but foot is not totally healed. I am not concern about my fitness because of not running much as I ride stationary bike and make sure to get one hour of work out on weekdays. I haven’t been doing any fast workout for last two weeks and I am little concern about my speed. It is 11 days before my race and I am thinking tomorrow is the last day that I should do speed workout if any. I will see how foot feels tomorrow morning and will do some speed workout if foot is feeling fine. If not, I will just ride a stationary bike.