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    stever1966 – when is the race?


    Jan26.2 – good call in racing for 5 miles instead of 10 miles especially when doctor is asking you to go slow. It must be annoying that you are more sore than usual this week. I hope that it is just a temporary issue and you feel fine soon.


    Miele – yeah, I tried Kinvara for the first time yesterday and I like them. I ran in them again today and I still like them! Yesterday I was talking to my wife about buying one more Kinavara 3 as they are on clearance because Kinvara 4 are coming this May. As usual she gave me good advice and suggested me to use them for a while before getting new pairs especially when I have three pairs of road running shoes right now. We haven’t registered for the race and I do not care much about the performance. I am still leaning towards registering. We will see. It is annoying that your legs are still not feeling fresh. Good call in deciding to take a couple of days off.


    Npaden – great workout. It must feel amazing to have faster workout than expected.


    Gosling – I hope your shin feels fine within a week. If not, do not hesitate to take a couple more days off. Hard work has already been done. Just make sure that you are healthy and fresh for the race. I remember reading somewhere that 5 degree increase in the temperature can affect the pace by 3-4 seconds/mile. So if temperature is significantly higher on the race day, try to adjust your pace. Remember if we have something left in the tank, we can always push faster later on, but if we burn out relatively soon, than it would go only worse


    Zelanie – it is awesome that you are feeling great. I am sure that you are going to do great this weekend.


    Me – we are going for dinner tonight for the race that we are volunteering at. I didn’t know that volunteers are being fed dinner at volunteer meeting. I am excited about this volunteer thing.

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        Just had to run in and say - YAY FOR CORTISONE! I saw my sports med doc and he agrees that the hip bursitis is going to be stubborn, so he shot it. Can't run until tomorrow, but this morning's elliptical workouts and weights felt amazing - no hint of pain. I'll be back later to catch up with everyone.

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          jan-ahh, nothing like  a shot to make it all good. Hope you feel better and hit the road soon!


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            Hector- Hope the dinner and volunteer experience is great!


            Jan- So glad that the cortisone shot was so effective!  Wishing you a great run!


            me- Last run before race day is complete!  No trouble at all from the hip.  I ran 4 miles with the dogs, most of them easy, but threw some strides into mile 3.  I was aiming for a comfortable race pace with good form, but kept seeing a 7 at the front of the pace.  No way will I be seeing *that* number on race day before the last .1, though!


            Tomorrow the goal is to stay busy and stay off my feet.  I work in the morning and am volunteering for packet pickup in the afternoon.  DH knows me a little too well so he found something to do Sat. evening, hehe.


            I think since the race doesn't start until 9:30 on Sunday, I'm going to try a "true" shakeout run- 10 minutes or so at 6:30 AM, then have my breakfast and coffee.  I can do a shorter warmup with some strides just before the start.  Although I'm thinking the start will be a little more crowded than the short little local races I'm used to.

              Good luck Zelanie - You are going to rock it!

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              You Rang?

                miele - I did not get that "what the hell are you doing" feeling upon hitting the registration button for the marathon  I usually reserve that feeling or its milder cousin "this seemed like a good idea nine months ago" for the starting corral.  I heard another runner in the corral for my first half marathon surmise the feeling succinctly when he yelled at the top of his lungs, "WELCOME TO MY MID-LIFE CRISIS!"


                Wolf - good luck witht he PR attempt at 1:45.  May the race day gods smile upon you!You're in Manhattan Beach?  I'm just down the 405 in Huntington Beach!


                Edith - Gotta love big swings in the temperature.  Can't be fun.


                Bluerun - hope you have addressed the sleep and the shin issue.


                Gosling - It is kinda fun to watch the easy, aint thinking about running fast pace drop. I too went back to my older records and laughed.  I remember being worried about being swept from a Disney race that has a 16:00 mm pace requirement.  Silly silly thought.


                Zelanie - Glad to hear that the pain is going away.  You are going to SMASH the two hour barrier on Sunday!  I know you will, and am looking forward to reading your race report.


                Me - I've just been running, working, and visualizing crossing the finishline of the Disneyland Half marathon with a 1:59:XX on the clock over the finish line.  Maybe thats why my easy pace is creeping down.


                I'm now working on booking a hotel for WDW marathon.  I've booked the one that is closest to the finish line.  It is a short stagger.  It's also one of the most expensive hotels on Disney property (funny the way Disney does that).  These hotels fill up fast.  Booking here will allow my wife and daughter to sleep in on marathon Sunday and wander over to the finish line a few minutes before I arrive instead of waiting in the cold dark bleachers for five to six hours like they did for every other race I've run.


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                  Zelanie - good luck this weekend!  You are going to be fantastic!  I think your shakeout/warm up plan is good.


                  Hectortrojan - there is am adorable typo in your post about the turkey run - you ran "a little lover 5 miles". Ilove the idea of lover miles with your spouse!  We see turkeys occasionally here, but so far they seem pretty passive.


                  Lurch - yay for Disney!  One of my friends just signed up for the inaugural Dopey.  Love the midlife crisis guy!


                  Miele - glad the 16 miler was better. 2 speed workouts a week does seem like a lot.  I really am hoping you takedown my PR.


                  Jan - yay for modern medicine!  Don't be shocked if you have some rebound pain today, though. It'll get better again in a day or so if you do.


                  Stever - I never thought about double digits for the half before. That's a very appealing thought, although I don't think I'll get there, so I'm looking forward to you doing it!


                  Nathan - I said it on your other thread but it beats repeating:  that sucks.  But, as you said, it is what it is and you'll just have to take that time down big time next time!


                  Edith - I want to know the same stuff as Miele!  Especially any recent race times.  I agree that you were probably a little overcautious last time, though.


                  Bluerun - congrats on the age group!  57:something seems blinding fast to me for a trail 10k!


                  Me - Guys:  I have a problem. I'm clearly a little nuts. I've barely tapered and I already feel crazy. I ran my last hard work out Wednesday night - 8 miles total with 3 x 1 mile at 7:41 pace (7.8 mph on the treadmill). I got up early and did 6 recovery miles with my peeps on Thursday. Today was a planned off day.  By last night, I was already itching to run and fretting about not getting to run today.  Tomorrow I get to run 12 though. Maybe that will help.

                  We are in the car right now driving to my son and DIL's house. Haven't seen them since late February do I'm excited to see them!


                    PS. Sorry about the typos - I'm posting from my phone. Also sorry about the excess use of exclamation points. Did I mention I'm a little nuts?



                      Nathan-  Now that I think about it, I never have taken a good two weeks off after a marathon.  One week, yes, but not two.  I'm not opposed to the idea at all.  I just never thought about it.   Your run was excellent!  Such a nice surprise to see the pace quite a bit faster than you thought it was.  I don't think that's ever happened to me.  It's almost taper time for you!


                      gosling-  I go through that, 'only one more week till taper' during marathon training since I'm kind of mentally exhausted by that time (as well as physically exhausted).   I don't handle heat well, either, so I'm hoping you get that cold front just in time.  Hang in there!


                      Zelanie-  7Tight lippedxmm pace!?!  You must be feeling good!  So glad your pains have cleared up.  Just in time, too!  Good luck in your race!  You're going to do great!


                      keeponrunning-  Hockey's gotta be good cross-training.


                      stever-  Double-digits, huh?  Now that's a good idea.  You'll get there.  You're going to blow away your old PR.  Did you get the snow and rain?


                      hector-  Happy to hear you're liking the Kinvaras.  I hate trying new shoes and they don't work out.  Fortunately I've only had that happen once when I couldn't wear the shoes at all.  They just hurt.  How was the dinner?  It's nice that they do that for the volunteers.  You guys definitely deserve it!


                      Jan-  Hooray for no pain!  Now don't go out and overdo it because you're feeling so good.


                      Lurch-  LOL!  My mid-life crisis.....that's great!  The first time I signed up for a marathon I hit the 'register' button and immediately freaked out a little.  But then it was too late.  Then I had the, 'sounded like a good idea at the time' around mile 13 of the actual race.  Good call on the hotel near the finish line.  Your wife and daughter will enjoy it a lot.


                      docjen-  Follow your taper!  Don't be tempted to run when you're not supposed to.  Don't be tempted to run longer than you're supposed to, or faster for that matter.  You're so close!  I'm anxiously awaiting Edith's response, too.  Enjoy the time with your son and DIL.  They'll distract you for a little while.  And, personally, I think the more exclamation points the better!!


                      Wolf-  Good luck in your race!!


                      me- Another relaxing day for moi.  No running.  I did go to the gym, though.  The legs are feeling fine today but I guess tomorrow will be the test.  Have a good weekend, everyone!

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                        Zelanie-  I don't know why that emoticon appeared in my post.  I didn't put it there.  Now I'm confused.

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                          docjen - I think you're giving taper madness a whole new meaning. Big grin It's just because you are such a natural born runner, and you can't wait to show your stuff. I hope the 12 miler helps. I'm so glad you mentioned the rebound pain, because after spending a couple hours in the car today, I did have some achiness and was thinking, oh no. I feel much better now.


                          Lurch- Good idea booking a hotel close to the finish line instead of the start, unless it's an out and back course.


                          Zelanie - Good luck!!!! I'm so glad the hip pain is gone. I like the idea of a shake-out run, but don't forget to save some for the race.


                          stever - Thanks! I'm ready to get at it again. Your half is only a couple weeks away now!


                          hector - I hope you enjoyed the dinner, and have a great time at the race.


                          gosling - I'll be glad to send you some of our cold weather! I hope you get some temps that are just right, and I hope the ice is helping.


                          keeponrunning - Welcome! Glad you're here.


                          miele - I hope your legs are better after a couple days off. They're probably protesting all the hard work and speedy paces you've been putting them through. Don't you have a 10K coming up soon, or is your next race the half at the end of the month?


                          Nathan - Whoa, you're so close to your marathon. Your training has been great, and so have your race times. I think you're going to rock that marathon!


                          Me - I'm excited to run in the morning, although it's going to be a short one on the TM. We have to leave for my son's tennis matches by 7, so I'll be running by 4:30. Most of the snow is melted off the streets, but the water that's left freezes overnight and makes the streets a bit slippery first thing in the morning. I don't need any more issues, and as clumsy as I am I know I'd fall. Sunday is supposed to be nice weather, so I'm hoping for 5-6 miles outside.


                          Have a great weekend everyone, and good luck to all the racers!

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                            Rick- You have so much time to prepare for your goal, and it's practically home turf for you too!  I'm sure you will do it!


                            Jen- I seem to be getting better at this taper thing as I go.  The start was all freak out and pain.  Since then?  Buying running gear, cooking meals for the family, obsessing over race articles on the internet, and planting a vegetable garden.  Nice!  It's hard to believe I didn't used to have time for any of that or running somehow.  I hope your taper improves as you go.


                            miele- Have a good run tomorrow!  I think that emoticon shows up any time you have a colon next to an x.  Which is tough on a running forum!


                            Jan- Sounds like the TM is the right call.  I hope it goes well!

                              docjen-  I think tapering drives us all nuts!!


                              hector-  I LOVE my Kinvaras!!  Now that you've kindly told me, I'm gonna go buy some more 3's before the 4's come out!!


                              jan26.2-  glad the cortison is helping.  little is worse than not being able to run!


                              zelanie- 7: xx pace?  wow, speedy girl!!  Smile  just don't overdo it the morning of the race.

                              miele-  hockey is GREAT cross-training!  it's a great anaerobic workout, and if you don't have many team members show up for a game, it can turn into a great aerobic one too Joking  glad your legs are feeling good!!

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                                Hey Lurch

                                I am out here in Rancho Cucamonga actually.   I just ran my marathon down at Manhattan Beach. They don't have too many long races out in this area so L.A. is close enough. Maybe 45 minute drive early in the morning.

                                Good Luck on the Disney Race!!  I saw some videos and reviews of it and people say it is awesome@!@!@!


                                To the taper bunch :

                                I feel the pain of holding back Sad.  I did two easy pace runs this week, and a 10 mile bike ride today, and only a 2-3mile walk planned for tomorrow.  Sunday I better be feeling awesome!!!!   Good luck to you all on resting up, the rest is just as important as the training!


                                Zelanie :  Go Smash this Half Marathon,  I will be running my HM at the same time you will be.  I will make sure to send you some good vibes Smile

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