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If you ask

    Miele and docjen - my info is not on the online log. I'm old-school and just write the miles on my calendar Confused 

    Average weekly mileage is 35 - 40 miles.    I've run many road races with the last half being Sept '12 (part of previous marathon training) with time of 1:55:16.    10 mile PR is 1:25.   My long runs with partner average 11 m/m, but when I ran a 10 miler alone during this phase of training, while I was taking it easy, my average pace was 9:42.   First marathon time was 4:58 but that was bc my bro was hurt and we mostly walked second half.  Nov '12 marathon was 4:26.  I did start to suffer a little at mile 22 but not really.   Just wanted to be done.  However, my final three miles were around 9:30 m/m.  Thank you for any advice that you can give.   Oh, and I'm following the Higdon Novice 2 but only for the LSR miles.   My weekly runs are longer than what he says.


    Zelanie - good luck at your race!  I don't know how big the race is that you're running, but it may be difficult to get those strides in right before.    Have  fun!!    I'm sure you will be far in front of that 2 hour time!


    Miele - I hope your legs feel better for your run.  I really wish I had your determination.   I think you need to find a hot tub and soak your head, er, I mean legs, haha.   Your poor legs.


    Docjen - I hope you had a nice visit with your family.  And enjoy that 12 miler.  Then rest!!!   You need to obey the taper.


    Jan - I think I prefer snow to heat.   In fact, I love running in the cold, once I'm warmed up.  But getting used to turning in heat takes some time and I was not ready!   It just feels like slugging along and recovery from uphills takes longer in the heat.  It was 85 degrees.  Yuck!   I'm so glad you are feeling better.  I hope you had a wonderful run.


    Lurch -  I've found that with booking anything in WDW, one can never be too early.  Nice to have the hotel near the finish.  It sounds like a great plan.  My "what the heck was I thinking" moment starts when I hit enter for registration and continues until I cross the finish line.  Followed  immediately by "I am never doing this again" until I register for the next race.  Ugh.   Nice to see you getting speedier.


    Bluerun -  hope that massage helps.   I think you need a smoothie too. Smile


    Gosling - the only thing that helped my shin was rest.  Honestly, before I knew what was wrong, I would rest a day or two, then head out to run and have pain.   This continued for a month or so until the pre-stress fracture was found.  Then it was a month in a boot. The day it came off I ran 3 miles, with no pain since.   I ran a half marathon 4 weeks later.


    Hector - volunteers get free dinner?  I need to look into this!


    Me - well, on Weds., the temp hit 85 degrees so our run was cut short to 6 miles, with no happy hill work.  Was super crazy busy so no run past 2 days but heading out for 13 today and hoping for 9 tomorrow.


    Wishing God speed to our racers this weekend and healthy, pain free running to all!

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      Zelanie and Wolfwalker - Hope you guys had some great races this morning.


      I ran a local 15K club race this morning.  Weather was PERFECT.  51 degrees, partly cloudy, light breeze, pretty much ideal conditions.


      Only problem was I was working hard not to race it.  I have had this in my plan as a Marathon Pace Tempo run for a long time now.  I was supposed to run at my Marathon Pace which is 8:45, and I did pretty well keeping myself in check, ended up running it at an 8:28 avg pace.


      The crazy thing is that last year this same race was my big litmus test to see if I was capable of running a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I was shooting for a 9:00 avg pace last year and gave it everything I had.  It was a warm windy day and between some allergy issues and a few other excuses, I bombed the race last year and ended up running it at a 9:27 avg pace.  I even ended up walking up a couple hills at mile 6 and mile 8.  Just two weeks after that terrible experience, the weather Gods shined down on my Half Marathon with some great conditions and I was able to pull off my sub 2 hour goal.  So don't get too discouraged if you have a bad run a few weeks before your big goal race, just put it behind you and keep working toward your goal.


      My HRM has been messing up lately and it didn't work so I'm not sure what it would have told me, but I felt pretty good the entire run and didn't ever struggle or anything.  Pretty much what my other marathon pace tempo runs have been like.  I was supposed to run 2 miles before the race and 7 miles after, but I only ended up getting in 1 mile before the race and 4 miles after so just 14 for the day.  I will probably add a couple miles to tomorrows run to try to make up for it.


      My streak hit triple digits yesterday and is now at 101 consecutive days.  Total mileage is 797.2 for an average of 7.9 miles per day.  I think my shortest run in the streak is 2 miles and most weeks I have an easy 3 miler in there that is my "rest" day.  Still probably going to intentionally break the streak sometime coming up, but I'm going to try to keep it going at least another couple weeks.


      Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Nathan

      Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

      Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)

        Nathan- My race is tomorrow.  That is awesome that last year you were working on a sub-2 half, and this year your goal MP is faster than that!  Very impressive!



          Jan-  So how's the hip feel today?  Hopefully you're cured!  (good call avoiding ice.  That would be asking for trouble) My legs felt better today, thanks.  Not great but much better.  And you're right about the 10k which I ran this morning.  Short RR below.  How'd your DS do in his matches?


          Zelanie and Wolf-  May the Force be with you!


          keeponrunning-  I also imagine that you'd be strengthening muscles that might get ignored with running.  Me?  I'd break every bone in my body if I were to try ice skating.  Hockey would be the death of me.  Wait, are we talking ice hockey?  I am but now I'm thinking it could be grass hockey......


          Edith-  Did I tell you I had a smoothie after I read your post the other day?  I thought, 'hmmmm, what an excellent idea!" and it was.  So glad you didn't die in the heat!  Ok, now I'm going to try and channel ilanarama for pace advice.  I think you've improved since your Sept HM however you have low mileage.  What training plan did you follow for your last marathon?  Compared to that training do you feel better prepared now?  I'm pretty sure you've thrown in a MLR midweek.  I'm thinking, and I'm curious to hear what docjen has to say, that you could go out at a 9:44mm (4:15) pace,  see how you feel at mile 13 and if you feel too good maybe speed up ever so slightly.  Re-evaluate every 4-5 miles after that and adjust accordingly.


          Nathan-  That's crazy!  101 days!  I think it would be so hard not to race in a race.  That kind of discipline I just don't have.  See how much progress you made in only a year?  Does this affect your strategy for the marathon?  Are you still sticking with the 8:45 pace?


          me-  Gotta go fix some wine and cheese but I'll be back soon to write a short RR..............

          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




            Edith - I was going to say almost exactly what Miele said. I'm thinking 4:10-4:15, so go out at 4:15 and evaluate along the way, but not too early.


            Nathan - that is a lot of discipline rein it in during a race, I'm not sure I could do it. What a lot of improvement you've had, though, to run it easy this year at a faster pace and still get in a few extra miles besides!


            Keeponrunning - I actually saw my first hockey game just this winter when my daughter's school choic sang at the local minor league game. Never thought I'd enjoy hockey, but it was fun!


            Miele - anxiously awaiting that RR. Glad the legs are better, even if not normal.


            Me - ran my 12 miler today in Iowa where we are visiting the kids. As usual when I run here, what Iowa lacks in hills is made up for in wind.  I had a little trouble keeping it dialed down still, and averaged 9:14 pace, but I felt good despite the bitter cold wind. Then we hopped in the car and drove to the Mall of America and walked most of the day.

            I know it's still 7 days out, but so far the weather forecast for the marathon is pretty good!  High of 57F, 10% chance of rain, 8 mph wind.



              docjen-  Nice run!  I hope that forecast holds true.  That would be practically perfect.


              RR TLDR:  48:54


              RR:  The weather was perfect:  around 52 at the start, winds at 4mph, clear.  Gorgeous.  The race was in Fairfield which has a rep for being fairly windy but not this morning.  193 ran the 10k, 552 ran the 5k.


              We got there in plenty of time but somehow I couldn't manage to start my warm up in time so it was an abbreviated .75 miles with some strides.  The start was very strange in that it wasn't marked well at all.  We were told to walk "that way" and when we saw a group of people that was it.  The 'group of people' consisted of perhaps 7 other people.  Kind of made me laugh.  "Are we the only ones?',  'could be'.  The timing mats were a clue that we were in the right spot.


              I will not go out faster than 7:50.  I repeat to myself over and over.  After the past couple of weeks of having dead legs and generally feeling bad, I didn't know what to expect.  I was hoping to break 50:00 but had secret dreams of a PR.  I like to dream, OK?  During my warmup my legs felt very heavy.  I wasn't really worried about it but was hoping to feel better once things got underway.  Chatted with the lady next to me who was hoping to run just under 8mm.  Great.  I'll keep an eye on her and try to keep up.


              We're off!  The lady next to me takes off like a bat out of hell.  I'm not looking at my watch since 1) it usually take a little while to lock onto the pace.  Like at least a quarter mile.  2)  I wanted to just find a pace I felt I could hold for 6 miles without looking at the watch.  As I was watching that lady fly down the street I was convinced I was running really slowly and there was no way I could keep up with her so I didn't even try.  I finally look at my watch and it said 6:53.  What!?!?  No way.  Ok, I've just ruined another race by going out too fast.  So I slow down and finish that mile at 7:32.  Just before the mile marker I pass Miss Lickity Split who was huffing and puffing.  So I'm not the only one bad at pacing.

              Mile 2: 7:39.  Better but still too fast.  Legs are feeling fine, though, which is a good sign.

              Mile 3: 7:48.  Ok.  Try and hang on to this pace.

              Mile 4: 8:07.  I really wanted all sub-8mm but in this mile there was an overpass that ran over the train tracks.  It felt so steep.  It wasn't long but it was long enough to kick my butt.  It sapped the energy out of my legs.  I really hoped we didn't have to come back that way.

              Mile 5: 7:55.  That's fine.

              Mile 6: 8:07.  Not the dreaded overpass again!  Ugh.  What's that?  A harbor?  There are boats here?  Water?  Who knew?

              Mile .24 (according to Garmin):  7:37 pace.  So I was able to give it a little kick.  The mayor shook my hand (who's that guy?  He was nice.)  He was shaking everybody's hand.


              Chip time:  48:54,  29th/ 193 overall, 1st or 2nd/19 in AG,  8th/117 F


              I'm quite happy with that time.  It's 30 seconds slower than my PR and a nice surprise.  There's some confusion as to my AG finish.  At the podium I was told I got 2nd in my AG (a lady had a list) but now that I'm going over the results online it looks like I actually got 1st in AG and 1st in Masters.  They gave out nice medals with the actual placement engraved on the back so now I have a 2nd place medal.  I wrote the RD just to get things clarified (it's really not important but I like to keep track of these things).   He wrote back quickly saying he would respond as soon as possible.  I wouldn't doubt it if quite a few medals were given to the wrong people since all you had to do was go up there and say, ' I'm 2nd in my AG' and they'd hand it over.  I actually insisted on asking the lady with the list so I wouldn't inadvertently take someone else's medal.  That was a mistake.


              All in all, I really liked this race and look forward to running it again next year.  It was small and well organized.  The 5k started 15 minutes after the 10k and there was no congestion once the two races converged.  Oh, and Jelly Belly was one of the sponsors so I got a bunch of samples of their different products.  Yum!


              As usual, this was a little longer than expected but there you go.

              10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                Well, I'm going slightly insane not running. Please tell me I will be ok (or mostly ok) taking a week off 2.5 weeks out from my race. I've been going to the gym and riding the stationary bike and doing some strength and core workouts, but none of it really feels like much of a replacement.


                Looking back, I was really training too hard. I hadn't taken a true cutback week in a LONG time, and I think I was mentally exhausted so I was running WAY too many fast miles (because I would get bored and antsy rather than enjoy my slow miles). Anyway, lesson learned. I've been trying to stay away from here a bit so I don't go more insane.


                I did need to come on and say good luck to Zelanie though. I know she is going to ROCK this race and I can't wait to hear her RR. I believe Wolfwalker is also running this morning (or was it yesterday?) so good luck to him also!


                Miele, awesome 10k! Congrats on the AG award, hopefully they will correct it so you get the right medal (I know you don't care, but you deserve it!)


                Edith - Thank you so much for responding about your shin recovery. A few questions - did yours hurt only when you were running? Out of 10, what level would you say the pain was? I ran on mine for about 2 weeks if I'm being really honest, but at the start it would just be a funny feeling for a minute here and there and then feel fine. I only did 2-3 runs on it where it truly felt weird, and just 1 where it really bothered me. No boot was mentioned so I hope my case is less severe than yours, but I'm trying to gauge where I might be after a week off.


                Super B****

                  Edith -- I'm jealous of your temperatures!  We had one teaser day in the 80s but then it got cold again.


                  doctorjen -- those sound like made-to-order HM conditions.  Hopefully it stays that way!


                  miele -- awesome race!  Congrats on the AG award.


                  gosling -- nothing sucks as much as not being able to run... I hope you can get back to it ASAP.


                  I'm sure I missed a bunch of people, but I'm rushing -- so hi to all new people!  And I hope those of you who raced today had an amazing time.


                  me -- That massage HURT!!  I have never had one quite that painful.  But I guess it was effective, too, because my shins feel pretty good now (after being sore and tender for a couple of days); I ran 9 with a friend this morning.  We race at similar paces but she tends to run easy slower than I do, which is just what I need since I'm prone to running faster than I should.  My coach will be pleased, because our pace was perfectly where he wanted it: 75-90 seconds slower than 10K pace.

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog


                  If you ask

                    Nathan - holy moley, what a streak!   What a difference a year makes. Great race!


                    Miele -  mmmmmmmmmmm smoooooothie.   When I'm home I make one with pb and bananas.   Thank you for the advice.  My weekly mileage is low, but I'm not really trying for anything specific with time.  I like running the miles, but I don't love the training, if that makes sense.  For my second marathon I trained with a book "marathon training, a 100 day program".   Again, loosely using the book as a guide for mileage.    This time I'm using Higdon's Novice 2 because when I decided to run this one, my friend wanted to train too.  It's her first, so I picked a program I thought would be good for her.   I feel like I have good endurance, not so much speed.  I may actually run an ultra this summer.   Congratulations and I'm glad you smoked Miss Speedy.  In my town they used to host a 5k that had a special award for first place male and female resident finishers.  The year I won it, the mayor, who was giving the awards, gave it to first and second place residents (both males).  I just accepted my first place AG, and didnt realize what had happened until I got home.   Ive accepted it, really, sniff, sniff..... Waaaaaaaaa!  They no longer hold this race so vengeance is not mine.     Mmmmm Wine and cheese.....


                    docjen -  thanks for your advice as well.    I was thinking 4:20, but may just push it.  The course is flat, but the heat may be a factor.   Nice run for you.  I sure hope the weather is great for your race.  I hate running in wind, especially cold wind.


                    Gosling - the pain was only really when running, or when the Chiro poked at the right spot.  The pain was not unbearable (like a 5) but I wouldn't push through the pain when it started around mile 2 or 3.  I just stopped running farther than 2-3 miles.  I got the boot when the Chiro sent me for an imaging test, after an X-ray showed nothing but the pain persisted.  Then off to the ortho who gave me the boot.   So I think ice, rest, compression socks would help.  I honestly think that not running, but keeping up cardio, will not hurt your race too much if at all.   I hope it feels better soon.  Like I said, I didn't run for a month and ran 5k no problem, the day it came off and easily got back up to run half marathon.  Good luck!


                    Bluerun - don't be jealous of 80 degrees.   60 is best.  I want that for a few weeks.  Funny that you had a massage that hurt, as I picture the aromatherapy type massage.  But hope it helped.  I know when my Chiro uses the Graston technique on me, it hurts but boy does it help!


                    Me - ran a miserable mid-day 13 miles yesterday.  I think I was just hungry and bored.   Today was 7 at a comfy 9:15 pace.  Will be traveling to Florida later this week, for a week; do not know how I'm going to be able to run in those high temps, including my 19 miler next Saturday....  However, I'm thinking they probably have some great smoothie places down there....

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                    • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                    • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)


                      Cross posting my report here instead of writing a shorter one.  Hope that's OK!


                      Race Report- Corvallis Half Marathon – 4/14/13


                      Executive Summary: Debut half marathon complete in 1:56:00, beating my original goal by 4 minutes, but a minute slower than my “revised” goal.  I finished 28/134 in my age group.  I have some training questions in my “post race thoughts” for anybody who is interested.


                      Background: In April 2011, I weighed 236 pounds and struggled to walk a 20 minute mile.  In April 2012, I weighed 155 pounds and was just finishing C25K, running about a 12:00 pace.  In April 2013, I weigh 130 pounds and just finished my first half marathon.


                      I started training for this race at the start of the year, following Pfitz’s HM Plan B in Road Racing for Serious runners.  In general, training went very well.  It was a challenging plan for me, and I had to adjust it a bit at the beginning because I couldn’t quite hit the miles he was calling for.  But I caught up with the plan about midway, peaking at 50 MPW like he called for.


                      My original goal was sub-2, but already by February I was hitting my training paces fairly easily and starting to think that goal was soft.  In March, I ran a 10 mile tune up race at what I thought was an aggressive pace (8:38), but ended up feeling great and having enough left in the tank to run the last two hard.  So I revised my goal to 1:55, but honestly wondered whether that was still a pretty soft goal for me.


                      However, my training in the last two weeks has been a bit off.  I’ll write more about that at the end.


                      Pre-race: Since the race didn’t start until 9:30, I had time to do a 1 mile shakeout run at 6:30.  I figured that way I could do a shorter warm up pre-race.  At 8:45, the runners from my local running club met for a group photo.  I’m in the purple.  And yes, that is a gorilla and a guy in a loincloth.



                      Then I ran another mile with some strides, ditched one layer, and went to line up.  The weather was about 44 and damp but not really raining.


                      Start: The start was really well organized.  They had pace signs along the side with enough room for everybody to fit at their anticipated pace.  I lined up at my best estimate of 8:45.  The plan was to go out at 8:45 for 2-3, then adjust from there (hopefully faster).  It was feeling pretty cold.  I thought my sock was bunched up around my toe, but when I went to fix it realized that my toe was just numb.  That was not an issue at all during the race, though.


                      I got off and found my pace without too much trouble.  We looped around campus a bit and even passed within a block of the house where my daughter was born.  I was feeling good, but even then was noticing that the pace wasn’t as easy as I felt like it should be for those miles.


                      Mile 1- 8:47

                      Mile 2- 8:48

                      Mile 3- 8:40


                      One nice thing about the course is that they have signs with friendly sayings at all the mile markers and in a few extra spots as well.  Here are some examples:



                      The next few miles were like old friends, because they are part of the running club’s winter route for the social run, and also part of my usual LR route.  We crossed back over OSU campus, through the covered bridge, and head out past the agriculture buildings and towards the hills west of town.  Luckily, the course takes the path *around* the hill, not over it!  We passed the artist that painted the signs along this part of the path.  She was walking around cheering for people.


                      I had been expecting to inch down into the 8:30s here, but honestly just was not feeling it.  So I figured even pace and even effort was a safer bet. I did sort of expect to warm up and fall into that pace eventually, but it never felt right like it did in my 10 miler.


                      Mile 4- 8:44

                      Mile 5- 8:53

                      Mile 6- 8:34

                      Mile 7- 8:36


                      The next mile was all uphill, but a very gradual slope.  It’s about a 2% grade for a mile and a quarter.  I decided to maintain effort and ignore my pace.


                      Mile 8- 9:07


                      I knew I had some downhill coming up and that the rest of the course was easy.  Finally things would start to click, I thought!  I saw my DH’s aunt and uncle out at the 9 mile marker.  Their grandson was running, but they had stayed out to cheer after he went by!  Later I realized he’s actually in the group photo, but I don’t know him very well, so I had no idea!


                      Instead of gradually picking things up and running it home, instead I started to fade.  I kept asking my legs for more, and they said, “NO!”  I don’t even think it was cardio as much as my legs just hurt.  The pavement just felt super hard and I was just working really hard to turn my legs over.  There was one steep little downhill block and I realized that I had to go very slowly down it because I felt like my quads would just lock up!


                      Mile 9- 8:41

                      Mile 10- 8:53

                      Mile 11- 9:00


                      At this mile marker, there was somebody calling out “you’re doing great, just 10 more miles to go!”  Funny!  Actually, one thing I haven’t mentioned is that crowd support the whole way was fantastic.  There were tons of aid stations, it was well marked, traffic was stopped, and several local runners who weren’t racing today came out to cheer!  That’s a really nice thing about a local race was all the familiar faces along the way!


                      Now the fade really started.  I had known pretty early on that I wasn’t going to run much under 1:55 today, but still had thought that I had 1:55 pretty much in the bag.  But I was watching that slip away from me and even knowing that, I just could not make my legs move one bit faster.  I will say that I was never tempted to stop or walk.  It wasn’t that kind of fade.


                      On the other hand, there was a woman who was running near me for most of the second half that spend most of her time grabbing her side and groaning.  Now that was dedication!  She clearly hurt more than I did, and I’m pretty sure she beat me, too!


                      We were headed back towards campus and I could see the stadium roof!  But it was still hard to imagine ever getting to the finish line.  For some reason I untied my jacket from my waist and then it was a real PITA to hold it with my water bottle in my hand.  WTF was I thinking?


                      Mile 12- 9:20
                      Mile 13- 9:22


                      We were coming in to the stadium!  The ramp down to the field was another one that I had to navigate really carefully to make sure that my legs didn’t lock up.  But then I got onto the field and right away saw my daughter cheering for me!  That cheered me up and I did my best to turn on a little bit of speed.  I felt like I had a bit of a kick, but I look like hell in the video DH shot of the finish!


                      Yes, I had a smile on my face.  I did my best to smile, wave, and thank the volunteers the whole way.  But look at how hunched my shoulders were.  No wonder I was tired if I was running like that the whole time!  Or maybe it was carrying that damn jacket.


                      Finish video is here.  You can hear DH and his mom laughing as the poor announcer tries to announce my name.


                      My pace for the last split was 8:06.  So clearly I had something left, but not much.  Final chip time was 1:26:00.


                      Obligatory swag photo:


                      I got my medal and some water, and went to say hi to my family.  I forgot to ask them to take a picture, though!  I was pretty out of sorts, actually.  Then I went up to the finishing area to have some tomato soup and bread.  Just about perfect for the weather!

                      I hung out and talked to a few people, but it started to rain, and I was getting very cold.  So instead I went out for a nice lunch and dessert with my family.


                      Post-race thoughts: All in all, I think that I ran the best race that I could today.  I ran it hard, and I did my best.  I also have to say that I am just thrilled that sub-2 gets to be my “starting” half marathon time.  Considering that my main goal last summer was to get a sub-30 5K, and that it took me several tries to get that, I feel very fortunate!


                      But I do sort of feel like if I would have run this race on the day of my 10 miler, that on that day I would have had a better time.  Since I really like the plan that I used in theory, I do want to take a look at what happened to see if there are any modifications I would want to make if I used it again.


                      Probably the biggest thing, though, is that I’m a beginner, since I’ve only been running for about a year.  Adapting to the stress of racing, especially at distance, probably takes time.  So next time I will go into it with this cycle already under my belt.


                      You can see in my log that my last “real” LR was back on March 27.  We had a trip planned for the end of March, so I shifted all of the quality work to the beginning of that week.  But that meant I ended up with back-to-back quality workouts of 14 miles, 7 miles with hills, an 8 mile progression, and 12 miles.


                      Honestly, my running has been “off” since then, so I’m thinking that last 12 miler was just too much.  Pfitz even says better to skip the quality workout altogether rather than try to cram too much into consecutive days, but I was being stubborn and thought I could handle it since my taper was coming up.


                      I also took some extra time off because my hip was bothering me last week.  The hip wasn’t a problem at all for me today.  But it just added to the fact that I hadn’t had a really good run at any sort of distance in far too long.  But I needed the time to recover from pushing just a little too hard in late March.


                      But this plan does hit peak miles a full month before race day!  Is that too far out?  Or not so much, since it maintains intensity?  I just felt like I peaked in March rather than in April.


                      The other thought is that maybe there was a mental aspect to racing a “goal” race, or to the HM distance in general.  In March, I didn’t have any real expectations at all.  I spent the whole time just about giddy that I could maintain that pace.  Today, I knew I could run that pace, it wasn’t exciting like it had been.  But it also just never felt fluid like it did before.  Does that make sense?


                      In any case, I’d welcome any training-related thoughts or feedback, for those of you who have hung in there this far!

                        Miele :  Those are great split times and a great race in total !!  I hope the Age group award goes to the right person Wink Congrats


                        Zelanie : Congrats on the Sub 2!!  It sounds like it was rough on the legs but you made it and that is what counts. I bet next time you will bring a throw away sweat shirt LOL   Anyways I will tell my 1/2 mara story below and see if some of my fueling methods help.  I felt really strong and energized and I have to say it was the foods and drinks etc..


                        Me : My previous half marathon : 13.1 miles / 8.55pace / 1hour56mins49sec  November 04, 2012

                        TODAY !!!!  Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile                  : 13.1 miles / 7.47pace/  1hour42mins28sec   April 14, 2013



                        Background : Ok so even though I was not in an official race, I treated this run as a race and not just as a scale up in miles.   The last long run I did was 10 miles a week ago.   I ran that 10 miles at a 7.51 pace so I was confident to finish this half marathon around 1hour44mins which would be 8 min pace or so.  My strategy was to run the 3.1miles first at a quick pace then try to hold the  80 minute 10 mile stretch.   When I ran my 10 miler I gave it almost everything so I didnt think I could improve that section much, There are three large hills in the 6-8 mile range and it takes alot out of me. I had to run a decent 5k and still pump out 10 8min miles.


                        The run :  53 degrees. no winds woohoo!. but drizzling rain the last hour. So I ate 3 packs of oatmeal the night before and snacked later on a bunch of crackers and a fruit bar. Breakfast was 2 pieces of cinnamon toast no sugar.  I took with me water and some drink I made of 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 powerade. Also one fruit bar to eat on the way.

                        I ran the first 5k at 22:30 which was 7:15 pace. I have ran faster 5ks but I was worried I wouldn't be able to hold the 8 min pace after starting out so quick.  I ate my fruit bar around 30 minutes and drank only water up to this point. At around 40 minutes I started drinking my sports drink. I drank this until the end ,not drinking anymore water.  So I was feeling pretty strong until the hilly area.  I think it took me about 1-2miles to recover from those hills.  The last  3-4 miles of the run were the money miles.  Watching the clock advance closer towards the 1:45 mark really made me push harder than I have ever.  I don't have the splits for the individual miles but I know the last ones were in the low 7s for sure. I had to make up for the hills so it was a battle.  I pretty much knew I had the 1:45 mark beat at this point but still was a little nervous cause  crazy things happen so I pushed strong (and safe) until the finish and got my 1:42.28 !!!!


                        post race thoughts:

                        I am most proud of my fueling. I never felt tired or lacking energy.  My drink tasted good and went down good. My snack did also.  After my hilly area, the fuel kicked in and gave me the energy I needed to finish strong. Also now almost 13hours later I barely feel any signs of sore or weary body parts.  I was happy to post a run this long with times in the 7's My speedwork is really paying off. I feel stronger and can burst when and if i need to. I was happy with my new shoes, they only had about 35 miles on them so this was the first big pounding. No blisters weee. I don't know what else to say really lol   I was super pumped up and I felt like a cheetah out there hahah. I barely slept last night and had the nightbeforexmas thoughts. I got pretty emotional around 11 miles or so and I knew it meant alot to me to finish this goal.    And of course I thought about the FORUM runners!! I wished Zelanie good vibes and thought about the forum for at least 5 minutes lol


                        Anyways thanks for the support and thoughts.  Sometimes the small things make the big difference, especially when you run and train alone.   Now I am going to sleep HARD! I deserved this.  gnite

                          5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

                        10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                        Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

                        Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

                        Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                        Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


                          Zelanie, npaden and Wolfwalker, congratulations on your races!  Wait to go on those times and thanks for sharing your race reports.


                          I haven't checked in a bit, but training toward my end-of-May 10k is proceeding.  I missed a couple days last week due to illness (the pollen has been going crazy over the last week). I felt good enough by Saturday to get out and do an easy 10 miles.  This morning I hit the track for some speedwork (4x1200 @ 5k pace), and I think I'm pretty much back in the swing of things (even though I only hit my mark on half of those intervals).

                            Congrats Zelanie and Wolfwalker!


                            Zelanie, pretty amazing that you can actually be a little disappointed with a 1:56!  I agree that if you had run it on the day back when you ran your 10 miler you probably could have done a little better, but you never know until race day.  Some days you just don't have it.  I think that those back to back hard workouts were an issue.  You beat your legs up pretty bad and when it was all said and done it must have not been able to fully recover in time.  You are fast, and this just gives you something to shoot at next time.


                            Wolfwalker, Awesome time and even more impressive that it wasn't even a race.  I need the race day magic to get that extra motivation to put in a good time, no way I could really "race" a workout.


                            Me - I did actually run a half marathon yesterday, but it wasn't a race.  Just 13.15 miles on the treadmill!  My longest treadmill run ever.  Wink  Ended up averaging a 9:30 pace.  I have the iFit thing on my treadmill at the house so I actually ran the first half of the Flying Pig marathon course so that was kind of neat.  Also watching the great finish to the masters gave me something to keep my attention while running on the treadmill.

                            Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                            Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


                              Jan26.2 – no hint of pain. Exciting!


                              stever1966 – good luck with your race!


                              Lurch – it is cool that you are booking hotel near finish line. Seems like great location for your wife and kid to hang out while you are running.


                              Doctorjen – it is interesting that you caught that typo. Lover 5 miles! I love running with my wife. Fridays used to be our date night, but because I got into the habit of sleeping early, I feel sleepy early on Friday nights as well. So weekends are our date times now! We run together and go for breakfast after that. We have been doing that for a couple of weekends and it has been fun. I know taper period is not fun. I hope that you are able to stick to your plan and feel very fresh on race day to have a great race. Have fun visiting your son. Good job in getting 12 miles.


                              Miele – dinner was fun. We got to meet the person who started the race (it was only the 4th annual race). It was also neat to see local sponsors for the race and to know that all the money raised by the race goes to state park (actually city or county is taking care of the park right now). Glad to know that your feet felt fine during the race. That 1st mile you ran was very quick! Congratulations in running 10k in 48:54. It is awesome that your got 1st in your AG!


                              Jan26.2 – good to know that snow is melting and streets would be clear so that you can run outside.


                              Keeponrunning – it is exciting that you are going to get one more pair of Kinvaras!


                              EdithRevisited – running in 85 degrees is insane! Running 13 miles in the middle of the hot day is bold. Great job.


                              Npaden – great race! Congratulations in streak of 101 days! That is serious commitment. Great job in running 13 miles on TM


                              Gosling – you will be fine taking the week off now. Look at my logs, I took easy for 4 weeks before the race and was fine during the race. I rode stationary bikes on the days that I was not able to have planned runs.


                              Bluerun – it is good that your shins are not hurting anymore. Great job in getting 9 at the pace you wanted!


                              Zelanie – congratulations in running your first half marathon under your goal of sub 2:00 with 4 minutes to spare! You lost 80 lbs in a year and 23 next year. That is amazing. Congratulations! Those were very creative and encouraging mile markers. It is cool that you had few family members cheering for you. About your race plan, if you think you peaked in March and not April, than modify the plan for next year. I particular do not like to follow any formal plan. I look at some plans and make my own and keep modifying regularly. I know we all are different and same thing won’t work for everyone. My plan was to run more than 13 miles few times before the race so mentally I would know that I won’t fade away during the race. I ended up having my long runs longer than 13 miles 4-5 times. Did not cross 13 miles entire month before the race because of my foot, but was confident that I won’t fade away during the race and I didn’t.


                              Wolfwalker23 – you had an awesome race. Congratulations for running it at 7.47 pace!


                              Me – we had fun volunteering for the race. Our aid station at 6th mile and my wife and I were the only volunteering for that aid station in the race with ~300 runners. We had to hike for about an hour to go to our aid station. We were serving water, electrolytes, cookies and pretzels. I do not try new electrolytes during the race and was thinking most of the runners would do the same. But runners drank electrolytes more than water. I was surprised to see some runners stopping to eat cookies! Runners were very humble and a lot of them thanked us. It was a tough race with 1500+ feet elevation and slop ranging from -7 degrees to +7 degrees. Most of the race was on rocky trails. It was cool to see 76 year runner finishing this race under 3:18. He wan deepsea race in his prime. It was neat to see a dad hanging out at our aid station to see her daughter racing. I ran 25 miles for the week.



                                gosling-  Try not to go crazy!  You and I both are suffering the consequences of doing more than our bodies can handle.  Lesson learned.  I just hope your shins behave and recover quickly.  You still have a couple of weeks till your race so hopefully you'll be back to normal by then.  It is frustrating, though, to not be physically up to doing what you want to do.   Heal up!


                                blue-  Ouch!  I've heard of massages hurting but maybe it did the trick for you.  Nice 9 miler!  Maybe you should run more often with your friend so that she can slow you down to the right pace?


                                Edith-  I was lazy and just went to Jamba Juice and they made me a smoothie.  Something with pomegranate.  I know what you mean about not loving the training.  I just get worn out.  If we could just run the stupid races without training.....An ultra?!?!  What're you nuts!??!  Shocked  Although that would make a marathon feel like a walk in the part.  I wasn't happy about smoking Miss Speedy.  I felt sorry for her.  We hadn't even reached the 1 mile marker yet so I knew she was in for a really rough race.  Weird that your local race changed their award system like that.  Maybe that explains why it no longer exists.  I think in your last marathon you were already close to a 4:20-4:22 had you run it to your ability.  Just one reason I think you're now closer to a 4:15.  Is your friend running it with you?  Or your brother?  If so, do you plan to stick together no matter what?


                                Zelanie-  WoooHooo!  Don't be disappointed my missing your revised goal by 1 min.  That's a great first HM!  Really.  You've accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time.  One thing I've learned to accept is that we all have good days and we all have bad days.  Could've just been a bad day for you.  I know that 'off' feeling.  Nothing you can do about it.  Also, I think you're right in that you tried to cram too many quality runs in too short a period.  Usually, if I'm feeling like I'm more tired than usual I'll do the miles but without the tempo, intervals, hills, etc.  Having said that, I still burned myself out following my training plan so it's easier said than done.  You're training was excellent .  Peaking at 50 for a HM is exceptional.  I don't think peaking a month before the race was a bad thing since I'm sure you were still running 40+ mpw after that (except when you dealt with the hip issue).  But there are a lot of plans out there.  Pick one you feel fits your needs better.  For instance, I won't be using Ryan Hall's plan again since my body rebelled from all the quality runs (loved it up until that point).  Or I'll use his plan and cut one of the speed workouts out per week.  This was your first and it's always a learning process even when it's your 20th.  Again, many congratulations on not only your first HM but also on everything else you've accomplished just to get to this point.  I'm going to check out the video in a little bit....


                                Wolf-  No Way!!!!  That's an incredible time!  And, although your fueling was right on, the credit goes to the training you put in.  You'll do even better in an organized race, I'm sure.  You took over 1 minute per mile off your pace in such a short period of time.  Unbelievable!



                                pc-  Glad you're feeling better.  Seems like everyone is suffering from allergies right now.


                                Nathan-  How cool is that that you can program a particular course into the TM.  Nice.  And nice run.


                                hector-  Sounds like you had an enjoyable time volunteering.  That sounds like a race Edith would like.


                                me- Taking it easy today.  I ran 11 yesterday which was tough after a 10k.  It was supposed to have been 12 but at mile 9 I had pretty much decided that 11 was plenty.  Ended up with 31 for the week.  Holy crap!  I just turned on the TV.  What's going on at Boston?  Oh no.

                                10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48