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    docjen-please run your marathon, runners need to be out there doing what we love. Cant let these criminals win, but they already have lost, as we are stronger than they will ever be. Come back and tell us about your RR this weekend. I know it will be great to read.
    We should also make it a point to thank the volunteers and EMTs out there at all our local races. They do a lot for us, and we dont notice until we need them.


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      Gosling – good to hear that your shins were happy


      Docjen – good luck with your race this weekend


        I'm headed out of town for the weekend, but had to stop in and wish docjen good luck this weekend!! I'm predicting not only a PR, but also a BQ. I'll be unplugged until Sunday, but will be looking forward to the RR.


        Good luck to anyone else who's racing this weekend.

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          Jan-  Well said.  I, too, appreciate all of you and am grateful to have your friendship.


          blue-  I took it personally, too.


          docjen-  I understand your feelings about it all being so inconsequential.  When something like this happens everything else seems pointless and unimportant.  Having said that, we all must continue with our lives.  Run strong in your marathon.  Continue to love running and all that it brings to you.  You're going to do great.  I know it.  I'll be thinking of you and sending vibes of strength.  Try to enjoy your accomplishment.  You've trained so hard and this is your moment.


          Edith-  I love that quote.  Where are you going in Florida?


          gosling- How was your run today?  Hopefully your shins will behave from now on.


          stever, Wolf, hector, Nathan-  Hi!


          me-  Well.  I've been on an emotional roller-coaster since Boston, as we all have.  I go from complete and utter sadness for those victims to an overwhelming anger.   Then I think of all the heroes who ran to help in what basically turned into a war zone.  They didn't know if there were more explosions coming yet they stepped up.  I don't hate lightly but I hate with every cell of my body the pieces of shit who did this.  I wish them a thousand deaths in the most agonizing fashion imaginable.   I hate the cowardly bastards who ripped apart bodies, murdered innocent people and destroyed a day filled with nothing but positive energy.  I hate that they make me hate.  I'm trying to focus on the good, the uplifting but I always end up thinking evil thoughts about what I would do to those who played any part in this attack.  I'm in a bad place but today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.

          I think once the cowards are caught that will help.  Until then, let's just keep on running.

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            Docjen Good luck out there! tell us about the glory Cool I love to read these race reports. Keeps me hungry and motivated and in cold times we need that for sure. Do it @@@!!!!!!!


            Stever, for sure.  I love to see the EMS and fire guys out here on calls and running past the station.  They are good people and definitely deserve a good salute.


            Miele ,  You said pretty much what I feel and its ok.  We are not our thoughts, so keep making strong efforts and positive actions Smile


            Me ; Just got back from a tiring 8 miler.   Did it in 63.46 //// 7.58 pace  Close to my PR but I didn't hit it today.  I am chasing the ever closer sub 60minute  8 miler.  It will happen I know it!!!   Lots of stop lights today because I ran around rush hour 5:30ish and there was a strong north to south wind blowing and I was running east to west so NO HELP.  anyways have a great night everyone!!!



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              Go, Docjen, go!  We'll be rooting for you!


              Wolfwalker- You have made a huge improvement since last fall!  Congratulations!  And I love that you were able to get yourself that pumped up for a time trial!  I don't think I could do that.  And thanks for the good thoughts during the race.  I needed everything I could get in those last two!


              pcaharrier- Glad your training is going well!


              npaden- Nice job on the TM!  I have a hard time with anything over 10 myself.  I watched part of the end of the Masters with my fam after the race.


              Hector- Sounds like a great volunteer experience!  It's cool to get to see the whole variety of people in the race, and not just those who are running near you on that day.


              miele- I'm looking forward to hearing about your race soon!


              gosling- Hope the shin continues to improve.


              Jan- Likewise, you are good support to others on here. Smile


              Wolfy- You'll get that goal soon, I'm sure!


              me- I was super stiff on Monday, mostly my knee.  Of course the knee never bothered me a bit during training, but that was what was hurting the most in the last two miles of the half.  Then by Monday night I realized it felt a lot better already.  Tuesday I felt good, so I tried to go out for a run in my blue race shirt and yellow kinvaras.  But the knee started hurting after a bit, so I only ran a half mile.  Since then I've been taking it easy.  Walked the dogs 4 miles yesterday and maybe 2 today, but don't think I'll try to run again until Saturday.  Really looking forward to getting back to "normal" running, and planning my next races!  But first I have to be able to run!


              Super B****

                Good luck, docjen!


                miele -- you pretty much describe how I'm feeling, too... I hate feeling like a hateful person, but sometimes it really is warranted.  These bastards DESERVE to be hated.


                Zelanie -- sorry about the knee.  Hopefully a couple of days off will do the trick.


                me -- my sports dietitian tells me I overthink things... because I'm going to be living the next couple of weeks in an endless loop of rumination over whether it's possible and/or probable for me to run 1:45.  Because that will be so helpful.

                chasing 5:59


                because i never shut up ... i blog

                  Good Luck docjen!  Looks like the weather should be pretty good.  It would be perfect for me, but it might be a little chilly at the start for normal people.


                  Hope you smoke it and get a PR.

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                    Have I mentioned recently that I love you guys?  Blush  Seriously, you're the best.


                    As usual after tapering I feel fat, uncomfortable, and crazy.  Ran a 4 mile shake out this morning with some strides.  I try not to let my brain go "OMG, tomorrow I'm going to run almost 7 times that much - can I really do that?!?!"  but it's hard.  Ran this morning with the group, and then 2 friends took me to Starbucks for coffee for good luck.  They are both so laid back about running, while ridiculously dedicated at the same time.  One was a college distance athlete, now 40 and a full time practicing physician who is pacing the 2:45 half marathon tomorrow, despite being about an hour faster than that herself.  She paces a lot of races, and cheers and encourages all the beginners in our group, and will always hang back and run with the newest, slowest runners while chatting away.  I've never seen her without a smile on her face.  The other is an ultra-marathoner who started running right before he turned 40 and lost  almost100 lbs in the process.   Whenever I need a tempo run, I just let him drag me a few miles!  I'm lucky to have met such great people through running, present company included!!


                    There will be the opportunity at the expo today to donate to the One Fund for Boston and get a mini-bib to wear under our bibs in support of Boston.  Also, the race is arranging a special ceremony for 3 local runners who were stopped on the course Monday with 7/10ths of a mile to go.  I should be done in time to watch this, too.


                    I get to see Desiree Davila, Josh Cox and Scott Jurek today at the expo!


                    I'm going out at 3:45 pace, although I don't think I can hang, but what the heck?  As my college daughter is fond of telling me YOLO!  (You only live once!)


                    I so appreciate all the good wishes.  I'll be back with the RR, even if it's a spectacular crash and burn!



                      docjen-   A big hug to you!  I heart you, too!  Enjoy the moment tomorrow!! Er, the 3 hours and 45 minutes!!!  I wouldn't be surprised one bit if you get your goal time.  Not one bit.  Good luck!  I can't wait to hear how you did.  Is the weather holding out?  How was your carbo-loading?  Take lots of pics with Desiree, Scott and Josh (I'll just use their first names).   So nice of your friends to take you for coffee and well-wishes.  Sounds like a nice bunch of running friends you've got.


                      Jan-  Missed your post yesterday.  Have a good weekend!  Is it your son's tennis?


                      Wolfy-  I'm much better today, thanks!  You'll get your 60 min. 8-miler soon.  And your double-digit HM.


                      Zelanie-  What's up with your knee?  Take it easy and feel better.


                      blue-  You crack me up with your over-thinking.  I don't know anyone else who does that Wink.  And you have a sports nutritionist?  Did I know that?  Cool.  Try not to obsess over the next couple of weeks (yeah, I don't know anyone who does that, either).  That can be exhausting.


                      me-  Just wanted to apologize for my little tantrum yesterday.  But if I can't throw a tantrum with you guys then who be the (un)lucky ones to listen to my rants?  I feel much better today so maybe it was cathartic.  Taking a rest day today and going to the gym.  Ran 6 with 4@ 8:09 tempo yesterday.  My legs still aren't right but I was just sick of the easy runs.  Except for the 10k that was my first speed work in 2 1/2 weeks.  I'm prepared to take it easy for the rest of my runs leading up to the race and I might even skip a run or two next week depending on how my legs feel.  It's all good.  Oh, and I got the Hanson marathon book which I'll read while I'm up in Oregon.  I'm excited about trying it out.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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                        docjen - I hope the race goes well for you!  Looking forward to your RR.


                        Zelanie - I can empathize with the post-HM stiffness.  I had the urge to do what you did and try to get out and run at least a little bit a few days after. In the end, I didn't run again at all until the Friday after my Sunday race.  Give it a few more days and I'm sure you'll be right back in the swing of things.


                        I set a new personal best for miles in a week this week, running 47 miles over the last five days (capped with a 12 miler this morning before work).  Next Friday I'll run a practice race 5k and hopefully that will give me some idea of how I can expect to do in my goal 10k at the end of May.


                        Super B****

                          docjen -- YOLO, indeed... you'll never know if you can do it if you don't try, right?!  Looking forward to your RR!


                          miele -- no, you probably didn't know that, I don't think I've "advertised" it!  I used to hate dietitians as a rule, but it's a lot different to go to a sports dietitian than to one who specializes in eating disorders.  (Have I mentioned than running literally saved my life?)  Tantrums are always fine here, especially now, considering the circumstances!


                          pcaharrier -- congrats on the mileage.


                          I think I've discovered that my body doesn't like any sort of speed more frequently than every other week... I was "supposed" to do a tempo run on Wednesday but I didn't feel like it, so I just ran some "tempo" miles which were really slightly-faster-than-easy-pace with some fartleks thrown in... and my overall pace for those miles ended up being faster than tempo pace.  I wonder if that strategy would actually work in a race?... oh, whom am I kidding, I would never be able to do that.  I'm going on a short vacation next week (Caribbean paradise, yay!), and I packed my running shoes in my carry-on baggage.  Even though I'm not traveling for a race.  That's totally normal, right??

                          chasing 5:59


                          because i never shut up ... i blog


                          If you ask

                            Hello to all!  I'm in Naples, Florida, helping my mother-in-law as she moves (her back is bad and is struggling).    Thursday was travel, then pack up her house and today started at 6 am to move everything to new house, plus clean new house, unpack... So now at 9:30 pm I'm stopping.


                            I had a great run on Weds before leaving.  My bro and I did the road to trail to hilly road 10 miler.  Right now it's my favorite run.


                            So no run thurs or Friday.  Hoping to run at least 8 miles tomorrow at some point.  I'm not so sure I will get to run my 19 miler on Sunday.


                            Anyway, to doctorjen, GOD BLESS AND YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited for you.


                            Miele - You are forgiven for your rant.   Quite understandable.


                            Bluerun - packing your running shoes is normal.  Totally.  Just like me explaining to DH why I had to pack my running shoes and wear another pair of sneakers bc I DO NOT wear my runnning shoes when not running. Big grin


                            Thats all the time I have bc I'm super tired and in desperate need for a shower.

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                              Well, I think I may be kissing sub 2:00 goodbye this round. After my mile went well on Wednesday I tried 3 yesterday and finished walking. I wouldn't say my shin hurt but I definitely was aware of it and I was afraid it would start to hurt. Pretty sure it will bother me in my race, and even if it doesn't I've pretty well missed that last 2.5 weeks leading up to it (assuming something doesn't drastically change in the next week.)


                              I vacillate between feeling relaxed about it and thinking I will just do the best I can do and that will have to be good enough, to optimistically hoping I can still run a 1:59, to thinking that in light of Boston my time is the least consequential thing in the world and I should get over it, to being totally depressed about the fact that despite all my hard-earned training it's not going to happen. So yeah, my head is a pretty fun place to be these days!


                              The only thing I have going for me is that years of ballet made me VERY good at disconnecting from pain while performing. This is probably how I ended up with shin splints to begin with, but hopefully in a race situation it will work in my favor.


                              Bought some knee high compression socks and will try running in the pool this week.

                                hey gosling,  your times and effort do matter even in these crazy days.  I get inspired by reading all these posts so don't stop. I wish you luck on a super fast recovery as well!

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