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    Reading good lucks from all of you gave me good confident. Thanks for that. It feels good to be the part of this thread.


    EdithRevisited – I agree. It is difficult to rest and not run. Good call in taking it easy. That will help you feeling fresh on the race day.


    Doctorjen – it is good that you recovered from the race. 8.30 pace for a leisurely run is quick! May be DC Rainmaker has some suggestion replacing the battery on his site.


    Wolfwalker23 – final exam! What are you studying for? Good luck with your 18 miler.


    Bluerun – congratulations on the quick 1 miler!


    TaraC – I hope you feel well soon and feel fresh for the Boston half.


    Me – Had a great race. Race was at 8 o clock and we drove to my brother in law at 7 am to park there. From there we (wife, brother in law, father in law and I) walked to the race. We all ran the race. It was 15-20 minutes walk. I was not happy walking as I don’t warm up usually, run on empty stomach and felt like I was wasting my energy by walking. I didn’t have a good night sleep as I woke up at 1 somehow and was not able to go back to sleep till 2.30. Then I woke up at 5.30 again and didn’t go to sleep after that. I was little concerned, but at starting line, I thought I tapered well and my legs are fresh and lack of sleep is not going to bother me from running sub 1:50 half.


    The goal was to try maintaining 8:15 pace till mile 6 and adjust from there onwards. My foot started hurting a bit from mile 4, but I just ignored it as I thought pain would go away soon, but I would not be happy if I won’t finish sun 1:50 half. I maintained around 8:15 pace for first 6 miles and decided to run at 8:10 pace for rest of the way. After mile 10, I was  very tired and thought about dropping the pace to 8:20. I thought even though if I maintain 8:20, it would still be sub 1:50. Then thought about a tempo run I had three weeks ago and pain I felt doing so. I eventually was able to run 10k in that tempo run in spite of feeling very tired. So I thought I am going to push hard and would maintain mile 11, I was feeling so tired that I thought I won’t push further than 8:10 in last mile and would finish rest of the race at 8:10. Then during mile 12, I thought I would push for last half mile. There was an aid station right at 12 mile marker. A runner running a little ahead of me, stopped there to drink and he overtook me. I didn’t like that and I decided to push. So I pushed and ran pass him eventually. When I finished, I was so tired that I felt if I had to race for a quarter more mile, I won’t able to do so. My office time came to 1:46:25.36 and it felt good. Wife finished her 10k under an hour and I am very proud of her. Father in law again ran with my wife and they both finished together. Brother in law was not practicing and he didnt run hard, and he finshied the half in an hour and low 40s (he is that quick). It was nice to see mother in law, brother in law’s wife and their two sons at the finish line cheering for us. My leg is hurting, but who cares, I had a great race.  Below is split


    <tfoot> </tfoot>




    Avg Pace

    Summary 1:46:27.3 13.13 8:06
    1 8:13.5 1.00 8:14
    2 8:14.0 1.00 8:14
    3 8:12.5 1.00 8:13
    4 8:09.8 1.00 8:10
    5 8:12.7 1.00 8:13
    6 8:11.6 1.00 8:12
    7 8:09.1 1.00 8:09
    8 8:08.2 1.00 8:08
    9 8:05.8 1.00 8:06
    10 8:07.3 1.00 8:07
    11 8:07.6 1.00 8:08
    12 8:04.1 1.00 8:04
    13 7:34.4 1.00 7:34
    14 :56.6 0.14 6:51


      Edith-  Why no, you didn't mention that your aunt makes wine.  I'm always so impressed when people make their own wine, beer, liquors, jam, etc.   I think alcohol might take up two chapters in my book.   The peach wine sounds tasty.  I have successfully made my own limoncello and plan to try making my own pear liquor once the pears are ripened.  Oh, back to running......  .  You'll probably have to copy and paste that since I don't think the links I'm posting are working just by clicking on them.  You can plug in the BPM (I'm guessing beats per minute?) and it'll find songs that fit that pace.  So you can distract yourself by making the perfect playlist for the race.  Just try to stay away from other runners when you're not running yourself.  You sound potentially dangerous.  Just think about all that energy you're storing up for the big day.


      kenyan-  Congratulations on such a great race!!!  And after a somewhat disappointing training cycle, too!   How are your quads feeling?  October isn't that far away so recovery and get back at it for your marathon!!!!


      Wolfy-  How was your run?  I can't bring myself to run in the dark.  A safety issue for me.  I would most definitely find a hole and stick my foot in it and break my leg.  Although I think it would be peaceful and pleasant in the early morning.   Give us the stats on your weight loss after the run.


      Blue-  Yay for the extra second off!  Excellent mile!  Once you get back to it and feeling good you'll do better than 6:45.  I mean, you have till September to work on it.  Tell me exactly what you did.  Did you warm up a mile or two?  Did you do any form drills before?  Just curious in case I get the nerve up to try it one day.


      Tara-  Oh no!  So sorry to hear you've not been well.   I hope you recover in time for your race next week.   You could always throw your goal time out and just run it with your DH (as long as he's throwing out his goal, too) and enjoy the day.   It's good you have a plan B, though, just in you said, these things are out of your control.


      hector-  You blew away your goal!  Congratulations!!!  Your pacing abilities are making me jealous.  Just look at those splits!  And a 7:34 as your final mile?!?  Crazy.  Congrats to your family, too.  I bet your wife and FIL are pretty excited with their results.  I hope your leg and foot are OK.  Go and celebrate already!


      me-  Well, let's see, I went out for Chinese food followed by a froyo and now I'm on the couch with a glass of red wine.  Obviously a SRD for me.  Tomorrow I've got a speed workout planned but I'm not really sure what I want to do.  Maybe a tempo run.  Haven't done one of those in a while.

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        Congrats Kenyan and Hector!!!  Great races!  We are going to have to change the name of the thread at this rate!


        Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm starting to log some miles again after taking a break after the marathon.  Just crossed 1,000 mile for the year with an easy 6 mile run here at the house right at dark this evening.  89 and 17 mph wind when I started and 82 and 9 mph wind when I finished an hour later.  Too bad I run into the predominant wind leaving the house and run with it coming back home instead of the other way around!

        Age: 45 Weight: 208 Height: 6'2" (Goal weight 195)

        Current PR's:  Mara 3:48:09; HM 1:43:26; 10K 44:51; 5K 21:27

          Hey Hector !!!! woohoo  I thought about you running out there this morning and sent you some positive vibes.  I hope it helped heheh.  Awesome splits indeed! I think you planned and ran your race very well sir congratulations on the Sweet time Smile It is nice when the training works for you. oh... this semsester I am taking one class = US history 1. I will be transferring to University in September so it will be alot more tougher there.


          Nathan, sounds like my weather came to your area. Wow, and the strong winds too.  I have the same headwind here on my runs out... makes it tough when trying to start an easy run. Then on the way back, you are feeling no breeze because its all at your back, and feels like a dead air zone ugh...  Well, welcome back and hope you get some temperature relief soon !


          Miele , I get nervous running at night on the path because people don't curb their dogs Angry The dark spot that looks like a leaf on the ground isn't a leaf


          Me ; did the 18 miles today and it felt good. I have recovered well and look forward to having some shorter runs next week.  Ok, so I started around 6:15am so I could dodge some of the heat. It was only about 60' and little wind. This stayed constant through the run, thank goodness. since last week's dramatic weight loss thing, I chose to drink a lot more fluids. Last time I drank 50 oz of fluids, this time around 80-90.  It wasn't as hot but I was running a little faster so seemed to sweat the same. My weight was 164 when I left and 161 when I returned. NOT BAD considering!!  After a big meal and some waters I got the 3 pounds back.  Seems the extra water helped this time and the cool air.

          Run details = I had some problems figuring out my splits as it was a new route and I don't have GPS but when checked a couple times I seemed to be right on my desired pace of 8.00.  I didn't try to start really slow, I just tried to stay constant pace the whole time. So it was going fine, I was around the 12 mile mark and I come to a place in the path where there is about 50 people standing there and there is a guy on a megaphone. They were running a race and going the same direction I was. Ok, I will just run to the side of the pack in the gravel and pass them as they are not started yet.  Soon as I get to the side of the pack, guy on the megaphone yells "READY ...."  " SET"  ... I was about 10 feet in front of the race when he said GO!!  What do I do now???  I expected it was a 5k so I thought there would be quick 6 min mile footsteps coming up on me.  Silence... ok, don't turn around, don't speed up, keep pace.... Another mile I get to a stop light and get the chance to turn around without looking like I was intentionally doing so and see a couple racer ladies and a gent about 200 yards behind be. The rest of the pack was trailing way back. At this point I figured it was a 10k or half mara as they were not catching me ( odd ) I got a boost now as I picked up the energy of the race and I was leading it for at least 10 minutes now lol. I kicked my pace maybe to 7:40ish or so, nothing major but I was know I was moving away from them.  I finally came to their little water stop thing there at 3.1 miles ( it was a 10k race out and back ) and there were some people there cheering for the runners. I turned around and the pack was still about 200 yards behind. I felt awesome now and just slowed a bit and enjoyed my little win Roll eyes  I was a little tired the last couple miles but I picked it up the last 1 mile and sprinted the last 200 yards maybe. Felt good and got my pace I wanted  Smile I am definitely ready for the coming marathon.  Here are the stats below

          11-18-12      (2hr45.19min)        18miles 9.12minmile 6.5mph  4hour flat  mara(29k)

          05-12-13      (2hr26mns39sec) 18miles 8.08minmile 7.3mph  3hour 33minmara (29k)

          05-19-13      (2hr23mns36sec) 18miles 7.58minmile 7.5mph  3hour 28minmara (29k)


          I think if that race wasn't going on today, I wouldn't have made my 7.58 pace. Thank goodness for those people Big grin

            5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

          10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

          Half Marathon = 1:37.16 9/08/13

          Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

          Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

          Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34

            hector-great race, and a sub 1:50 to boot!! Congrats.


            miele-sounds like you had a fun day (minus the running). We all need a rest.


            wolf-looks like you are gaining speed from last year. Keep it up and you will blow that marathon!


            me-ran a nice 9k this morning, at a 7:49 mile-pace, and will do a 13k tomorrow at the same pace. This is my next phase of my marathon training, which incorporates speed. And just bought Kinvara 4, so I will try them out tomorrow.


            5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
            2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45


            Super B****

              Tara -- sorry you're not feeling well, I hope you do recover fully in time for your first-choice race!  I didn't do my time trial on a track, it's too much of a hassle for me to get to one.  It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be, but that's one of the benefits of being someone who always expects the worst, I guess.  Ha.


              hector -- great race!!  Feeling like you couldn't race another quarter mile is an indication that you gave it your all, so fantastic job.  Hopefully your foot straightens itself out ASAP.


              miele -- I'm a bit... unconventional, shall we say, sort of by necessity since my body is crazy.  Doing things "by the book" doesn't really work for me.  (As in, the one time I actually followed a training plan, I wound up with a 3:59:18 half marathon and five stress fractures.  Once I started doing whatever the hell I wanted, I wound up with a 1:51:39 and a 1:44:48 and no stress fractures.)  All of this is just a long convoluted way of saying that just because I did it this way doesn't mean that's the "right" way to do it!  I didn't do any form drills, just ran a couple of miles beforehand, mostly because I had to get to the spot where I was going to do the time trial... it wasn't completely flat, but I went with that anyway since it's in the park and I wouldn't have to stop for traffic lights.  I did have a flat course in mind, but when I realized I might have to stop at intersections, I decided I'd rather have some bumps.  It shouldn't matter, anyway, so long as I do any subsequent time trials on the same terrain, right?  Anyway, I didn't bother re-setting my Garmin to give me quarter-mile splits, I just ran like hell as soon as it beeped that I'd run two miles, so I didn't know my splits until I put the data into SportTracks afterward.  I just kept an eye on my lap pace to make sure I kept it under 7:00/mi, because that was all I really wanted to ensure I could do.  And I "cooled down" with a 2.5 mile run home after that. ...Hey, maybe you can do this and count it as your speed workout for the day!  Heh.


                Miele – it was a flat course and it helped a lot in pacing. I am sure that I will struggle a lot with pacing on a hilly course. I hope you enjoy your speed workout.


                Npaden – congratulations on crossing 100 miles for the year. Its mid may and you are already at 1000 miles. Great running!


                Wolfwalker23 – I for sure got positive vibesSmile You are in San Diego, correct? Which university are you planning to go? You lost 3 pounds in spite of drinking 80-90 oz of water, that’s crazy! You had a great 18 miler. Looking at your last 18 milers its awesome that you are getting this quicker.


                stever1966 – your training runs are quick!


                Here is the extended race report. Please feel free to bypass as it is long and I already wrote small race report yesterday.


                My plan was to have pasta for dinner and go to bed at 9 pm day before the race. Friends were meeting up for dinner on that night and we (wife and I) went there. I had cob salad for the dinner. Left the restaurant around 9.30, came home, ate little cereal with milk and went to bed a little after 10.


                Somehow I woke up at 1 am and was not able to go to sleep for 90 minutes or so. Then I woke up at 5.30 and didn’t go back to sleep. I was little worried as I didn’t get enough sleep. But then thought, I have been tapering well and my legs are fresh so I should be fine and kick some butts in the race.


                The race was on 8 am on Sunday. We drove to my brother in law in the morning. Reached there at 7 am. I was wearing running shorts, snug fit shirt and sweat shirt. I wore shoes, put one gel in each of the two pockets of shorts, filled 80% hand held water bottle, put a gel and a packet of electrolytes in the pocket of water bottle handle. Then we (wife, father in law, brother in law and I) walked to the race. It was 15-20 minute walk. I am a slow walker. Three family members were walking together and I was walking by myself behind them. I was not happy walking as I run on empty stomach and don’t warm up before I run. I was thinking why we are wasting energy by walking! The reason I was walking behind by myself because I didn’t want to talk as I thought I don’t want to waste energy talking!


                When we reached to the race, brother in law and father in law went to use to restroom and we thought we won’t see them again before start of the race. We sat for 10 minutes or so and they were announcing for half marathoners to go to the starting line. I dropped an electrolyte tablet in the water bottle and checked in our sweat shirts. Went to the starting line. There were signs for pace group at starting line. I liked that as it would help everyone to start at proper place and a lot of runners wont need to pass others a lot. Everyone was standing at starting line, but I sat on the side as I didn’t want to stand. I was between 8 and 9 min/mile sign. My wife was wearing a shirt from the race that we ran a couple of years ago. A runner standing next to us ran the same race and we talked about it a bit. It was 4 minutes before the start so I got up and said good bye to wife and went to the middle of the road. Gun went off and here we go.


                My goal was to run a sub 1:50 race. The course was flat so I knew that I can maintain a reasonable pace consistently. My target was to maintain 8:15 pace for first 6 mile. There was a little hill on mile 6. I thought I would adjust my pace after mile 6 based on how I feel. My brother in law started behind me and he caught me after half a mile or so. We talked for a bit and he took off. My foot started hurting me a bit from mile 4, but I just ignored it as I thought pain would go away soon, but I would not be happy if I won’t finish sun 1:50 half. I finished first 6 miles and was able to maintain the 8:15 place. I had my first gel just before the top of the tiny hill on mile 6.


                Before the race I thought about running at 8:10 pace from mile 7, but I was not sure after mile 6 as I was feeling tired. During mile 7 I was confused and wasn’t sure if I want to run at 8:15 or 8:10. There were people cheering along the way, but a lot of them were in mile 7. I felt energized and decided to run at 8:10 pace for rest of the race.


                Somewhere in the half way point of the race, I saw the guy whom we talked at the starting line. We talked a bit. I asked him about his goal and he was shooting for 1:50. He asked me mine and I said I am shooting to finish a minute faster than him. Then I saw my watch and was running little slower so I said good bye to him to maintain my target pace.


                In mile 10, I was feeling very tired and thought about dropping the pace to 8:20 for rest of the race. Thought even if I drop the pace down to 8:20, I would still able to finish sub 1:50. Then I thought about a tempo run that I ran a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling very tired, but I was still able to run 10k for that tempo run. At this point, I was not as tired as I was when running that tempo run. So I decided not to drop the pace down and continue at 8:10 for rest of the race. At mile 11 I was very tired and thought I won’t push further in the last mile and would run at 8:10 for rest of the race. I had second gel immediately after I completed 11 miles.


                During mile 12, I thought I would push further for last half mile. At the beginning of mile 13 there was an aid station. A runner ahead of me stopped there and he passed me after that. I did not like that. So I decided to push as hard as I can from that point. Eventually I ran pass that runner. When I finished, I was so tired that I felt if I had to race for a quarter more mile, I won’t able to do so. My office time came to 1:46:25.36 and it felt good.


                Here are the splits:


                Here is the elevation:


                Wife wanted to finish her 10k and she did it and I am very proud of her. Father in law ran with wife and they finished together. Apart from FIL, there was only one other runner running in his age group and FIL finished lesser than half the time compare to other runner.  So FIL came 1st in his age group. The reason we ran this was that FIL wanted to be first in his age group. We ran a race 6 weeks ago. FIL ran 10k. It was his first race and when he saw result he was 3rd in his age group and he thought he could be 1st. So he registered for this race and he registered us to make this a family event. Brother in law was not practicing and he didn’t push very hard. He finished his half marathon in an hour and low 40s. He is that quick.


                It was great to see mother in law, brother in law’s wife and their two kids at the finish line cheering for us. My youngest nephew was bursting in tears when he saw his dad at finish line. He again was bursting in tears when he saw me at finish line. He is very sensitive and started crying when he saw his father and me under pain at the finish line.

                  Best wishes go out to the folks that are affected by those devastating tornadoes in the Oklahoma area. The images are just terrible to look at, and so sad to hear what happened at the Plaza Towers school. Keep safe everyone.


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                  2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45


                    pcaharrier - when is your 10K?  I need to run one because my PR is really old since I haven't run one in a while, and I've PR'd at every other distance since then.  Sounds like 45 minutes might be in reach.


                    Good to hear that you're recovering well from your marathon.


                    My 10k is this Saturday.  Right now the forecast actually looks really good: daytime high temp is only supposed to hit 75, but the overnight low the night before is supposed to get down to 57.  If it's still near that unseasonably cool temperature at 8am when the race starts I will be very happy.

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                      Hey Hector ,  I live in Rancho Cucamonga, maybe 45 minutes east of L.A.  I will be transferring to Cal State University SanBernardino.  This morning was my final exam  and last class at my College. I think I did pretty good, hoping for an A Smile. So I have 4 months until I start Univ. Excited and ready to finish school already heh


                      +1 on Stevers comment  Such a tragedy.... Sending my best wishes for sure!


                      Good luck Pcaharrier on your upcoming 10k. What is your goal time or pace for Saturday?


                      me ; running a little 5.6miler tonight when it cools off. Slow and easy speed... Its taper time now.

                        5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

                      10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                      Half Marathon = 1:37.16 9/08/13

                      Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

                      Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                      Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


                        Wolfy, congratulations on finishing school.  Enjoy the time off!


                        I'm shooting for 45 minutes flat in my 10k.  Based on my time 5k and 8k time trials I think that's within reach (with maybe a little helping of race day magic).


                        I'm still trying to decide whether I want to wear my GPS and get my splits by kilometer (4:30/km) or whether I want to wear my watch and pace myself by the race's mile markers (~7:15/mile).  At this point I'm leaning toward the watch primarily because the accuracy of the race's markers seems like it will trump the precision of shorter splits.  Either way, however, I feel like I've internalized the pace pretty well this time (as opposed to my half marathon training cycle where I felt like I couldn't really lock in the right pace).

                        2014 goals: 2,000 | 52.5 | Marathon PR | Skip the injuries again



                          Tara-  How're you feeling?  Hopefully as good as new.  I forgot to respond to your question.  I don't prefer 10ks to HMs but I guess I don't want to run another longer race without a good training cycle going in so I want to space those out a little more.  Good luck Sunday if you're able to run!  Have fun with your hubby!


                          blue-  I think it's great you found something that works for you.  We're all different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other.  You know best what your body can handle so that's what you work with.  It's working quite well for you, IMO.  Oh, and who the hell designs a track that has 32 laps for one mile?!?!  It sounds like it was made for a dollhouse or a kindergarten.  If I ever work up the nerve to run a mile TT, I'll let you know the outcome.  They kinda scare me.


                          Nathan- 1000 are a machine!


                          Wolfy-  Excellent 18 miler!  Do you ever have bad runs?  It doesn't seem like it and I hope that continues.  Fun that you joined up with a race.  I hope the weather for your marathon is similar to what it was in this last 18 miler and not like it was a couple of weeks ago.  Fingers crossed.  Congrats on finishing school!  Enjoy the time off before it starts all over again.


                          stever-  Nice pace!  Let me know what you think about the Kinvara 4s.  I read somewhere that they run a little smaller than previous models then I read just the opposite so it would be nice to get your opinion.


                          hector-  Your nephew sounds like the sweetest kid ever!  Sounds like everyone did great in the race and, who knows, maybe that warm-up helped?


                          pc-  Good luck Saturday!  Sounds like the conditions will be almost perfect if the predictions hold.


                          Edith-  How's it going?  You got your clothes all laid out?  Music ready to go?  I checked the website and I didn't realize it was such a fast and flat course.  The weather seems to be fantastic.  There looks to be a little wind but it's an out and back for the most part, isn't it?  Are you carbo-loading?  How's that going?  I'm so excited for you!  Fight the urge to go out for a 12 miler in the next couple of days.


                          me-  Well, my tempo run was a total bust on Monday.  I got .5 miles into it and stopped.  It was agonizing.  So I just ran an easy 8 instead.  Tried the tempo again yesterday and averaged 8:17 for the 4 miles.  The effort was too much for a tempo yet the pace was quite a bit slower than last time (8:09).  So a bit disappointing but I hadn't done one in a while so now I know I need to work on that.  The course I run has the first mile downhill, second mile uphill then I turn around and do it in reverse.  The uphills are destroying me (when I say 'uphill' I would say it's a 1.5-2% grade at the most so not a huge uphill).  I need to work on the hills.  What do you guys do when you run tempos?  Track, treadmill or your regular route?  I ran an easy 10 today.   If I don't get back on before the weekend, good luck to our racers!  Looking forward to the RRs!

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48

                          Next:   March 23 HM Oakland



                          If you ask

                            Miele - thanks for the website.  It is very cool.  I run with music on my longer solo runs (6+ miles) and road races over 10 miles.  I will definitely use for Sunday.  My friend wanted to take me out for Indian food today (Friday) but I had to say no bc this is not the time to try new things.   Haha.  The course IS flat and I've heard that it is quite protected from the wind so that is cool.  I've got the clothes narrowed down to either of two tanks or a short sleeve (63 deg).  Not sure about hat or no. Oh, and the choice of top will determine my socks. I like colorful knee socks Smile    Most of my runs include some hills/inclines; I can't find a flat route near me; I'd have to drive to the rail-trail.  My tempo runs are usually my trail runs, so even though I'm running slower than the road, I'm running fast for trails (for me 10-11 m/m).  Then, when I hit the roads, it feels so EEEAAASSSYYY.  I am going to attempt track work after this weekend.


                            Hector - congratulations on an awesome race!   You seem to also have a wonderful family so you really are blessed!  I really enjoyed reading your report.   Great job, and your 13th mile is incredible!


                            Wolf - what a fun run!  I, too, get competitive when I see other runners.   My friend and I happened upon a 5k race when we were at mile 17 of our 20 miler.  It was fun.


                            blue - I am also one who doesn't exactly follow a plan,   I usually find a marathon plan and then basically follow only the long run mileage buildup.   However, I do want to start some speed work bc I think I can sub 1:50 for a half.  I sure do want to try.    Congrats on a great mile!


                            me - well, not too much to report this week. I ran 8 miles on Sunday, then used the foam roller on my quads.  OUCH!!  Then ran an easy 3 on Weds.  Legs felt good, and the first two miles were at an 8:30 pace so I ssslllllloooowowwweed it down to a 9:30 to practice keeping a slower pace. It was a challenges, for sure.  The plan is to keep a 9:45-10 m/m pace for the first half, then possibly bring it to a 9:30-9:45 m/m until 20, then push it close to 9 for the last 6.2. That's the plan, but who knows what reality will be?     Spinach ravioli for dinner last night.  Vegetarian hot dogs (with bun!)and potato salad tonight, then dinner out tomorrow night in the race's town.  Packing list is set and now all I have to do is be ready to wake up at 3:30 am on Sunday.  Race starts at 6am...


                            Happy Memorial Day to all, and blessings to those racing, or just running!

                            • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
                            • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                            • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)


                              pcaharrier - good luck on your race!  Hope you crush it.  I think you have sub 45:00 in the bag, just not sure how much you are going to shave off of that.

                              Age: 45 Weight: 208 Height: 6'2" (Goal weight 195)

                              Current PR's:  Mara 3:48:09; HM 1:43:26; 10K 44:51; 5K 21:27

                                hector-very cool that the family joins you for the races.


                                miele-First time I have ever ran in Sauconys. And it was the first time I have ever been evaluated for shoes. The Running Room staff said I have normal arches and need a stability shoe, with little or no pronation. So they suggested a Mizumo (not too bad, but toes felt strange), Nike Free 5 (too tight around the mid-foot), and the Kinvara 4. Loved these. Light, flat and good fit overall, not very tight. So I bought them. Ran a fast 13K the next day, and they were fantastic.


                                me-debating if I should do a 10k race on June 2. Haven't really trained for it, as I started my marathon training a few weeks ago. Should I do it??


                                5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
                                2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45