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    Tara-  That's so awesome!  Great race!  Pretty soon your going to beat your weren't very far behind.   Even better since you weren't expecting great things due to your illness.


    Just popping in to say congrats.....I'll be back later for personals.



    10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




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      Wolf -- but it will be worth it!


      Tara -- congrats!  Awesome race.


      Jan -- huh, I don't think I've read that; I could have sworn I read all of Fitzgerald's books!  Will have to hunt me down a copy.  My dad's been teaching fourth grade forever, and it hasn't done him in yet, so it must not be TOO dreadful!


      I volunteered at a 5K/10K today -- I had been planning to run it, but I'm racing the next couple of weeks and don't want to pile on too much.  Turned out to be a good decision, anyway, since I'm feeling rather battered!  I'm pretty sure my thumb is sprained from my fall yesterday, but at least it's not my foot and I can still run.  Priorities, right?  I got in a nice 4.3 miles, half on trails, after the races, and I even managed to stay upright this time.

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        pcaharrier - Holy cow, what a fantastic race!  Bummer on the kid bladder making dw and kids miss your finish, but nice to have them there anyway!


        Tara - at least 2 holy cows for you!  And how fun to be that close to dh.


        Jan - I have a fourth grader (for 4 more days, anyway) and she's pretty fab.  I will say that this seems to have been a year where some of the girls have started with catty/clicky queen bee behavior that I could do without.  Certainly not all of them, though.  My own 4th grader is funny, and sweet, and has a super quick sense of humor.  Also, she can accomplish all personal hygiene independently, follow rules, and read her own directions on homework ;-)


        bluerun - yikes on the faceplant.  As a champion faller here, it really doesn't ever get less scary!


        hectortrojan - I don't think I said that I enjoyed your RR.  If I already did, well, that's just how much I enjoyed it Wink


        Wolfwalker - I was laughing at you winning races during your long run!


        Edith - tapping my foot impatiently here ...


        me - So, I'm kind of a disaster.  Last Sunday I ran 14 miles - 10 with a slower friend, and then 4 alone.  All was well, went home, showered, and as I stepped out of the shower I slid in some water.  One foot went one way, the other went a different way, and I caught myself funny.  My right foot hurt right away, where I'd hyper flexed my first MTP (the big toe joint with the foot) and I felt a stretch in my left hamstring a little right away.  I didn't fall, though, and I shook it off and went on with my day.  Monday morning, I ran 6, and felt sort of tight, especially in the left hamstring.  By later in the day it felt tight and sore even with walking.  Tuesday morning, I limped getting out of bed, but after I walked around a bit I felt ok.  Made the mistake of going out to run.  Only did 5, and the last 2.5 were pretty miserable - pain in my left hamstring, and a burning sensation in my left buttock extending down the back of my knee all the way to my ankle.  Sad  I was pretty unhappy, but was still thinking it was a just a little muscle strain and some rest was in order.  I took 2 days off, Wednesday and Thursday.  By Tuesday afternoon, I hurt whenever I sat down, with pain down to both ankles, and really hurt anytime I tried to stretch the left hamstring.  I took ibuprofen, tried to stretch, and didn't run.  By Thursday, I was thinking it might be more my back than my leg, since sitting gave me pain down both legs.  I had one of my 3rd year residents who is a DO manipulate my back - he did some lumbar and sacral stuff.  Friday, I tried out another run.  Didn't limp this time, but still hurt.  Took Saturday off as well.  Saturday, I decided to try wearing decent shoes all the time, instead of going barefoot, and did some more stretching.  It was a little better by Saturday night.  By then, I was feeling sort of stir crazy - and also, not sure what to do.  The pain doesn't really feel muscular, except that it hurts more when I stretch.  And, *TMI alert*  the worst is sitting on the toilet, which starts up burning pain in the backs of both legs that radiates to my ankles.  It's not worse when I run, although it's not better, either.  I ran 8 yesterday and 6 today.  Mentally, I feel better :-P  I'm trying to get better by sheer force of will, which I recognize as not the smartest maneuver.  This evening, I do feel better than I have any other evening this week, though.  I don't know if it's the wearing shoes for 3 days, or restarting my core routine, or just time, but I haven't had any pain all afternoon with normal activities.  I was still sore and tight running this morning, but no limping, and no worse when I stopped.

        Can you tell I don't usually get injured?  I don't know what to do with myself.  I want to get better ASAP, and get back to planning the rest of my year.  And how the heck does one run 14 miles without difficulty, and then get hurt walking in the bathroom?  And did I mention I'm supposed to run a half Saturday?  The aptly named "Hospital Hill" half?

          pcaharrier - I knew you were sandbagging with your 47:00 goal time, and I thought you could sneak in a sub 45:00, but you smoked it.


          TaraC - WOW.  Talk about sandbagging, I know that's the fastest half posted in the sub 2 hour thread since I've been posting on it!  Great job.


          bluerun, docjen - sorry to hear about the mishaps!  Hopefully you both get better quickly!


          me - I'll be running my first 10K of the year on June 8th, I'll be happy with a 47:XX right now.  Coming off my marathon training, I'm just starting to get into a groove on my running again and I have a tiny bit of speedwork scheduled before the race, but not sure what kind of race I will be capable of.  This is intended to give me a benchmark and my goal 10K will be in early September and I'm shooting for sub 45:00 on it.  Still thinking that it is a very lofty goal and not sure if I can get there or not.

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          Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)



            stever-  Yeah, you should definitely run the 10k.  This early in your marathon training is good.  You might get some new paces for the training, too.  I've never heard of the Kinvaras being described as a stability shoe but I'm glad you like them.   I use mine for races and intervals.  What color did you get?


            hector-  Did you make it to the hills this weekend?


            blue-  Oh no!  Sorry about your fall but at least you didn't bust out any teeth (that would be extra bad).  Hope the wrist feels better.  Thanks for volunteering (I try to thank the volunteers at races but I miss a lot of people so I send them mental thanks).  Had you ever done that before?


            Tara-  Your time is unimaginable to me!  I'm thinking you got an award of some kind for a smokin' time like that.


            pc-  Again, what a great race!  Sorry your wife and 4 year old missed the fantastic finish but when you gotta go, you gotta go.


            Jan-  Sounds like an interesting book.  I try to run by feel for my speedwork although I'm usually unsuccessful at hitting the pace I want.  Today wasn't horrible, though.  I've got a 10k this weekend.  It's a 'trail' race but relatively flat with some rollers and it's on a fire trail.  So it's not like a trail race Edith would run with river crossings and rocks and tigers.  Hang in there!  Only 9.5 days, or is it 8.5 now, to go and you'll be FREE!


            doc-  Crap!  Well, I'm glad you've started feeling better but what a scary thing to happen.   Continue feeling better.  I suggest you don't take showers anymore.  At least until after your marathon.  I don't think you mentioned you were running a half this weekend.   Maybe I missed it but I'm sending positive vibes that you'll be all better by then and ready to run a massive PR.


            Nathan-  Speaking of PRs your goal for the 10k would be a nice one!  Your 45:00 goal time for your Sept. race might be lofty but then again it might not be.  All you can do is try.  You have plenty of time to train for it.


            me-  I suppose Edith is off celebrating like a rock star.  We'll just have to patiently wait for her return.  I ran 7 today with 8x400s, r/i 1:15.  Was aiming to run 7:30 pace.  I don't think I've ever run 400s before so I wasn't really sure what to do.  I read somewhere 5-10k pace.  Anyway, the first 400 was at 7:00 pace which was ridiculous so I managed to slow down and average a 7:20 for the remaining 7 intervals.  Of course the pace ranged from 7:17-7:26 so I never really locked on to a specific pace.  How do people do that?  Slow miles and fewer miles leading up to Saturday's 10k.

            10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



              Hector and pcaharrier- Huge congratulations to you!


              Bluerun- Thanks for volunteering!


              npaden- I hope you surprise yourself in your 10K!  Having the base from longer distance training will be nice!


              Docjen- Hope you're feeling better!  Maybe a chiro or sports massage visit would help?  Or have your resident DO work on it some more?


              miele- I bet it's just like anything else, the more you run a specific pace or workout, the more it becomes sort of a muscle memory and not something you have to consciously figure out.   Good luck this weekend!


              me- So I have hope that maybe I am in the rebuilding phase now.  I saw the PT last Tuesday and he said I could start 2 mile runs, just run before my leg exercises, not afterwards, and stop if I felt any pain.  So I've run my 2 miles 4 times since then and everything is feeling better and better.  It didn't really hurt last week when I ran, but it would feel a bit cranky afterwards, especially since I was doing a lot of hiking.  The last few days, I've felt better after my run than before.  It's like I've had all of this stiffness everywhere else from not running for so long, and finally I've been able to sort of run that out.


              I've just been running on the TM to keep the surface nice and soft and my pace even.  I'm hoping to bump up to 2.5 or 3 miles this week after my visit on Wed.  Actually, I'm tempted to bump up the distance on Tuesday, because even if I do irritate it, there might be more for him to notice at the visit.  Last week we couldn't make it hurt at all, funny sort of initial eval appointment, you know?


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                docjen -- trust me, being injured doesn't get any easier with practice!!  I hope you heal up 100% quickly.


                npaden -- well, hey, aim high, right?  I've got my eye on a 10K PR in the summer (and then again in the fall, why not), but I think 45:00 is an impossible dream!


                miele -- nope, I had never volunteered before; I don't like NYRR, I hardly ever do their races, why would I volunteer?!  But this is another organization that I actually DO like, and if I can get a free race for standing on the street and pointing people in the right direction, so much the better.  And don't ask me how people run regular-paced intervals... I'm still mystified as to how I ran such even splits in my last half.  But good job!


                Zelanie -- injuries are afraid of medical personnel, don't you know?  They go away when you actually get into the office!  Hopefully it's gone for good for you, though.


                I'm getting a sports massage today.  It's very necessary since I've been slacking on my rolling since I can't support my body weight on my hands, and I can't use The Stick either because I can't grip it with my left hand.  What's the point of hurting my hand instead of my foot if my lower extremities suffer anyway, right?!

                chasing 5:59


                because i never shut up ... i blog


                  Pcaharrier – congratulations. You crushed the 10k!


                  TaraC – congratulations to you and your husband. You had an excellent first half marathon!


                  Jan26.2 – yeah, I was able to go out on the weekends. Ran for a little under two hours on Saturday and a little over an hour on Monday. Monday’s run was with the wife and it was her longest run so far and it felt great doing so.

                  Seems like you had great time with friends and family. Good call in not getting too many miles as your half is in the July


                  Doctorjen – I am glad that you enjoyed my PRSmile

                  Sorry to hear about your accident. It sucks that your foot is hurting. seems like you had a lot of hamstring issue because of the accident. Its interesting that you kept running and was not comfortable in resting fully for few days in a raw. I understand that it is very hard not to run.


                  Npaden – it is exciting that you set up the aggressive goal for the 10k. I am looking forward to see your practice runs and the race eventually. Good luck.


                  Miele – yeah. I made it to the hills this weekend. Ran for a little under two hours on Saturday and a little over an hour on Monday. Monday’s run was with the wife and it was her longest run so far and she felt great doing so.

                  You had a great interval run.


                  Zelanie – good to see you back. I am glad that you are feeling better and started running.


                  Me – ran 18 miles on trails in two runs over the weekend. Was hanging out with friends at Memorial Day BBQ and a friend of mine looked at my right foot and he was concerned. He mentioned that left middle part of my top of my right foot looked swollen. I have had little pain since I tied my shoe laces too tight few weeks ago. Because of this, my right foot and the leg hurt sometimes. Wife is concerned about this as well. I am thinking about taking rest of the week off and go for a run on Saturday for a couple of hours and see how it feels.


                  If you ask

                    Hello!!   My apologies for making you all wait...


                    I missed my goal of 4:20 by 2 minutes, but it is a new PR by 4 minutes.


                    The weekend started on Saturday, when we drove to York.  It was the kind of day when whatever could go wrong, did go wrong.  Late start, grumpy DH, lousy hotel (gave us the wrong room, not so clean, broken remote...).   We managed to find our way to one of the recommended pasta restaurants (up and down one way streets, through an alley, where the heck IS this place), where we parked on the street and I placed four quarters in the meter and it so lovingly only registered two of the quarters.  We enter the restaurant where the (sweet, not) hostess looks us up and down and asks if we have reservations.  She shakes her head at our reply of no, looks at the 6 or so empty tables and tells us we should have called ahead, too bad, have nothing, next time know better.  Oh what fun.  We leave, find another joint that was just okay, but it could have just been our moods.


                    Stopped at the oasis in the desert, "Starbucks," where I bought $2 waters (I left all my water at home, can you even believe it???), and a coffee to keep refrigerated until morning where I could microwave it and enjoy it as I was getting ready.  First smart thing I did all day.   I was actually contemplating giving up and just going home, that's how awful I was feeling about life.


                    I did my meet my friend in the lobby and we chatted.  She was so excited (her first marathon) that I did feel better.  I agreed to meet them in the lobby at 5 am and let the DH sleep in.   He had directions to the race and I really only wanted him to be at the finish line.  I'm a nervous wreck before races so why put him through that??


                    A new day.  Sunday morning, everything before the race was just great.  We arrived and had time for a few pics and to use the bathroom before the start.


                    There was no chip timing so I wanted to be close to the start.  We were probably 2-4 seconds behind.  The race director is the son of Bob Potts and he talked about his dad before the race.  He said that when we got tired and things started to feel hard, we should think like his dad and "suck it up."  It was Funny.   The temp was 45 deg at the start, and got up to 55, with sun (when it rose) and some wind.  I never did take off my gloves...


                    First mile was relatively fast (9:30) and I forced myself to slow down.   I really wasn't feeling great for the longest time, sluggish, and not fluid. I was worried.  My friend was staying on pace with me so we ran the first ten miles or so together.  It's a small marathon, 500 runners, so once the pace is set, you kind of stay with the same group of runners.  There were these two women doing the walk/run method and I must say that after miles of them running past us, then stopping to walk, s passing them, then them running past us, repeat that fifty times, they were on my last nerve.   We had kept about a 10 minute pace but then I noticed we were slowing down (10:20) so I told my friend that I needed to speed up, we said our goodbyes, and I left.


                    The rail-trail was really lovely, with pastures, small homes, lots of trees, and farms.   I loved the scenery, and the water stations were great, as were the people who showed to cheer.  I like to see the spectators, but I don't need them constantly at a race.  It was nice to see them, but the solitude of running was nice as well.


                    At mile 12 I stopped to get a rock out of my shoe, but realized the pain was from a blister under my foot. Joy.  The turnaround was a little past 13.1.  I was keeping a 9:20-9:30 pace, and from mile 12 to the finish, I passed every runner I encountered, and was only passed by one woman whom I had passed earlier (she looked to be in college, and was run/walking with two guys). The two guys finished a few minutes after me.   I really felt good for the second half of the race until miles 22-24, where my pace slowed considerably, but I was determined to NOT WALK.  I hit mile 25 and felt great so I picked up the pace to 9:30 again.   I came off the rail-trail and when I hit the pavement, my legs felt like rubber!  It was weird.   I turned to a slight hill (seriously???) as I approached the entrance of the stadium.  My DH was right there, cheering for me.  It made me happy.    The finish was on the college track and there was an announcer saying your number, name, and hometown as the runners ran the final stretch.   It was really cool.


                    So it wasn't the race I wanted but I can't complain.   I'm thinking that my November marathon may be the one to break 4:20, as it is a tad easier to run on road, despite any hills.    Official time 4:22:26, 281 out of 406 finishers.   I think it said that 26.5% of the runners had a BQ, so I'm quite happy where I placed.


                    Next for me is a 10k trail run on June 8.  Ugh.

                    • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
                    • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                    • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)


                      Bluerun- Hope the massage did the trick for you!  I'm actually fine if the knee never complains during PT, since over 6 weeks time if it's not giving me any trouble, that will be a really good sign.


                      Hector- I hope the rest is all the foot needs!


                      Edith- Congrats on the PR!  Glad you didn't bail after the crummy day Saturday and found a way to keep your head in the game.  Such a good sign that you were feeling better at mile 25!


                      me- PT appointment today.  Yesterday I ran 3 on the track and the knee felt great the whole time and afterwards.  It was also my 3rd day in a row running, which I think is also a good sign.

                        miele-I meant to say cushioning rather than stability. I still get that confused...I got them in red. Still love them, as I did a comfortable 13.5k training run last weekend in 1:08:40, that's about an 8:11 mile.


                        me-signed up for the 10k this Sunday, along with DW. She wasn't sure about it, but once I signed her up, she was all giddy.


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                        2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45



                          Edith-  Congratulations!!!  I know you missed your goal by a little bit but you ran an outstanding race!  Sorry you had such a stressful, frustrating day before the race.  That never helps.  And what's with the attitude from the restaurant lady?  I never can understand that.  I read the history of Bob Potts and it was interesting and funny.  Did you see the bench at the turnaround?  Give yourself a rest, heal up the blisters then you'll be ready to start up training again for the Philly marathon.  You'll get your goal.  Did your brother run this one?


                          Zelanie-  Sounds like you're getting back on track.  That's great news that you're not feeling any knee pain.  I meant to ask you if you've ever had Toby's dip?  Our friends got some of the spicy version while we were in Eugene and it was delish!  A bit weird since it's made from tofu but really tasty.  I can't find it here but luckily I bought the dry mix and smuggled it in to CA and can make it myself.


                          blue-  How was the massage?  Is your hand/wrist feeling better?  I thought of you below.....


                          stever-  LOL!  I get all the terms mixed up, too, but I've managed to remember stability since it's something I don't need.  I think of 'more' shoe, 'heavier' shoe when I think of stability.  It's a good sign when your DW is giddy about running a race.


                          me-  You know how there have been a lot of falls lately.  Nathan, Wolfy, blue,  docjen, am I missing someone?  I guess it was my turn yesterday.  Went for an easy 5 and not even a mile into it my toe must've caught an edge of pavement and down I went.  It seems I've gotten good at rolling to absorb the brunt of the force since my back had the worst scratch.  Caught myself with my right palm, tucked my left arm in (I think more to protect my watch) and rolled over.  No harm.  Sat for a minute just to make sure nothing was screaming out in pain and then got back to running.   Spent the rest of the run congratulating myself on a good fall.

                          Thought of blue and docjen and realized just how easy it is to end up with some painful injuries.  Back home, gym, back home.  What's this?  The outside of my right leg starts tightening up and hurting when I make certain movements.  It got progressively worse as the day went on.  Today it doesn't feel any better.  So no running the rest of the week until the 10k on Sat.  Hopefully by that time it'll be fine.  Strange thing is there was no impact on my right side other than the palm of my hand but I have to believe the pain is due to the fall since I've never had this before.  Oh well.  I'll just rest it and see what happens.  I'm hoping it's nothing serious.

                          I obviously turn over a lot in my sleep since every time I did last night I had a pain in my leg that woke me up.

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




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                            Edith -- sorry you missed your goal time, but it sounds like it was a good race nonetheless.  Hey, a PR is always good, right?!


                            Zelanie -- glad to hear you're on the mend!  (I ran on a track for the first time ever last weekend... my legs LOVED it.  So springy!)


                            miele -- the massage HURT.  I can't believe I pay for that, really... my thumb is slowly getting better, but it still hurts.  I'm not going to complain MUCH as long as I can run, though.  Sorry you caught the "spill" bug, too -- what is going on around here?!  Hopefully you didn't do any damage and are just banged up very temporarily.


                            It turns out that this stupid thumb of mine is impacting XT activities -- it's hard to hold a handlebar normally, so I have to cycle sitting up, which my butt doesn't like after about ninety seconds; and it hurts if I swim with my normal stroke, so I have to kind of slice my hand into the water sideways.  Weird.  But if I can run... it's all good.

                            chasing 5:59


                            because i never shut up ... i blog


                              EdithRevisited - Congratulations in getting the PR! sorry to hear that you had a rough day before the race. I know its annoying to run the race where we pass a group and they pass us and so on. it’s frustrating. I tried looking the elevation profile for your race, but didn’t see it in first couple of search results. How was the elevation profile of your trail race? I hope it was only blister and nothing else when you stopped to try taking the rock out of your shoes. I felt the same in the past – thought there was rock in the shoes and tried taking it out and turned out it was metatarsalgia. It must be an amazing feeling to be passed by only one runner in the later part of the race.


                              Zelanie – its great that your knee felt great after 3 milers. I hope injury is in the past.


                              stever1966 – good luck with your 10k this weekend


                              miele – congratulation in good fallSmile Its good that you were not hurt. I hope your leg feels fine soon.


                                Edith - Congrats!!! Big grin Excellent finish time and excellent race.


                                docjen - I hope you're feeling better by now and you didn't injure yourself seriously. How are things looking for your half on Saturday? It sounds like I'd enjoy having your daughter as a student. Following rules is a big plus in my big book of teaching!


                                Nathan - I don't have any doubt that you can do a sub 45:00 10K. I think you'll surprise yourself with how strong you are.


                                Zelanie - 3 days of pain free running is definitely a good sign! What kind of exercises does the PT have you doing?


                                blue - Hope the thumb is still feeling better and not getting worse. I'm never as upset if I hurt something above the waist as I am if it involves my running muscles.


                                hector - I hope a few days off helps your foot. What you described sounds just like what I experienced when I had extensor tendonitis, which I got from tying my shoes too tight during an extremely hilly half. I iced, re-laced my shoes, and it went away pretty quickly.


                                miele - Not you too! I'm going to be afraid to come in here anymore, since I'm inherently clumsy anyway. I wonder if maybe you pulled a muscle in your leg when you fell and sort of twisted yourself around. You know, since I have all that medical training I'm totally qualified to diagnose things online. Joking I really hope it's nothing serious and that you're fine for Saturday.


                                stever - I'm glad you decided to do the race. Sounds like your wife is really getting into running - that's awesome.


                                me - Got 6 miles in this morning, and 7 on Monday. I'm loving any run under 10 miles right now, which isn't going to cut it since all the races I've got coming up are halves. Saturday is a 12 miler, and my main goal is to enjoy it and start loving the longer runs again.

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                                Upcoming races: Resolution Run HM 1/1/13

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