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    Stever- Good luck this weekend!


    miele- I've never been a huge fan of the Toby's dip, but I absolutely love their tofu seasoning.  It makes the best stir-fried tofu ever.  It's definitely something we keep in stock here at all times.  Hope you heal up well from your spill!


    bluerun- Hope you get some more chances to run the track!


    Jan- Hoping you love the 12-miler!


    me- My PT appointment was great.  He has me doing hip and quad exercises mostly, with bands.  Mostly leg lifts with the bands in different directions, plus some twisting type thing with a band around my waist and one leg off the ground.  Today there was almost a full hour of different exercises after my TM warm up.  The worst were these lunges with one leg up on a chair.  But I did them and the knee didn't hurt a bit.  I just had jelly quads afterwards.


    Plus he's having me run a little bit more this week than I had been planning.  I did 1.5 today at the appointment, then will run 3 tomorrow, have another appointment on Friday, and then 4 Saturday and Sunday.  Then at my appointment on Monday, if everything is still going well, we make a plan to bump it up some more.  Or if it's not going well, then we would have found the limit, right?

      Edith, great race report and great run too.  I secretly hoped you looked back at those walk runners as you passed them  LOL Approve


      Miele  nooo Another fall ugh!!@!  Every time I am out there running now I am practically staring at the sidewalks and bumps !  I hope this wave passes soon for sure.


      Zelanie . Sounds like you are getting stronger and more confident. The PT's help is paying off for sure. Stay tough!!!


      Everyone else... I missed a lot of names but I read everything so I am right there with ya guys Wink


      Me : Today was my final run before Sunday's 26.2  Did a 5.6 mile close to marathon pace. Felt good but already warming up here for a hot weekend. I will do a little 2 mile walk tomorrow to loosen up but then I am done with exercise.  I have an all day university orientation thing Saturday which kind of is bugging in on my Zen time but it is over at 3:00 pm so I should be able to eat / rest/ and watch my favorite running movies Sat night.

      Sunday forecast for the Beach where I will be running the marathon = Low 66 high 76 Humid 48% and 11mph winds.  Little warmer than I hoped but that's ok.  So here is it 5 months after my first marathon and I am running another in 3 days. I didn't think I would be so fast to run another but I guess the running bug bit me hard.  I made myself a finishing medal so I would have a little trophy for my effort and I will be taking pictures and have someone film me during a couple moments of the race.  I will be imagining you guys down there running with me because it will get lonely.  Thanks for all the good support and wishes and I will make sure to check my watch as I pass the halfmarathon point Blush

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        Hi all - Here's a brief race report -


        It was FREEZING in Boston on Sunday - when I woke up at 4am my phone predicted "50% chance of wintery mix" - I loathe the cold - but what could I do - Went with hubby and 3 girlfriends to the start - met two others from our running group.


        It was a well run race with a moving tribute to Sean Collier - the MIT police officer killed in the aftermath of the Marathon bombing.  They played the bagpipes and many people spoke.  I was shivering at the start.....


        The gun went off - and my husband took off.  I tried to control my pace and not do out too fast - I felt good although by the second or third mile I was still trying to be confident in my rhythm.  I felt really good at the 6 mile point and was about 30 seconds behind my husband and holding steady at a 7:15 pace.


        I didn't drink much water (a few mouthfuls) and ate some chews at miles 6,7, and 8.  Still felt good and started to surge at mile 9 - Almost caught hubby at mile 11.5 - but he saw me, got a shocked look on his face and took off :-)   I finished strong and was shocked with the time.  Got quite dizzy and thought I might pass out at the end - a medical person grabbed me - but after a few minutes I was ok.


        Everyone in my running group was so pleased with their performance - and I couldn't have been happier with my race.


        I am just today feeling able to walk up stairs - I did make myself run the past few days just to get the junk out of the legs.  My knee hurt for the past few days, but on this morning's 4miler I was fine.


        Thanks for all the congrats and the encouragement - I have to put something else on the books soon :-)


        Will check -in with personals later :-)



        Ready, go.



          Wolfwalker23 - Good luck with your race this weekend! You are going to crush it. I know it.


          If you ask

            Wolf - good luck this weekend!   Enjoy each moment of the race, embrace the journey, and be careful in the heat.  And, btw, I did see those women as it was an out and back race.   I LOVED being so far ahead.  TeeHee.


            Tara - congratulations on a great race!   Next time, try to sneak past the DH Wink


            Zelanie - I sure hope you are continually able to increase the miles.


            Jan - I like the shorter runs, too, as they are quite enjoyable and not so time consuming.   But it sure does feel good to finish a long run.  I hope you enjoy the 12.


            Hector - it was totally enjoyable to keep passing runners.  It helped me feel like I was running a smarter race by running a slower first half.  Most of the runners I passed said, "good job," but there were two separate runners who challenged my passing.  I wanted to turn and tell them that they are speeding up and I am staying on my pace so why bother, but I stayed quiet.  Oh, and there really was little to no elevation. It's extremely flat.  Like I said, 26.5% of the runners got a BQ.


            Blue - ouch, the thumb!   But it is preferable to a leg injury (sorry, Zelanie Blush)


            Miele - I did see the bench, but didn't stop to sit, haha.  It really was a great race.  I'm actually anxious to start training for November.  I'm going to look for a plan to help me aim for a 4:15 finish and will be happy to hit 4:20 or less.   My brother ran a trail half marathon the same day as my full, labeled as extremely challenging.  He won first in AG, placed 11th overall.  He wants me to run that next year.  oh dear....  Sorry about your fall.  You may have pulled something in your right leg as you fell to the left. I sure hope you feel better for your 10k.   And if it hurts, suck it up Wink  Seriously, good luck, best wishes, and remember wine will help with any pains AFTER the race.


            Docjen - I agree with Miele about avoiding showers.  Avoid eating too; choking risk.  I am so sorry you slipped.  I took the advice of Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) and stuck adhesive ducks in my tub.   I hope all goes well for your half.  You sure do run a lot for an injured person, haha.


            Me - rest, rest, then the urge to run was just too great.  I met my brother on the track on Weds. and I ran 5 miles.  I had planned to run only 3 but it just felt so good to be running.  It was HOT but I kept it slow (9:30ish pace).    It was great when these two college kids were finished their "workout" (twice around the track), and they asked me how far I was running.  It was so deliciously enjoyable to say that I was only running 4-5 miles and slowly bc I had just run a a marathon on Sunday.  Yeah, yeah, I loved saying that.   Rest again bc I really don't want to risk anything by not giving myself proper recovery time, so will run an easy 4 or 5 on Sat then hitting the trails on Sunday.

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              blue-  I never would've thought a thumb injury would effect so many things.   Is it wrapped?  Maybe you need a soft cast or something like that that would give some support.  A cast or wrap might also serve as a reminder not to use that hand.  I hurt my shoulder once and while my arm hung down by my side it felt fine.  Because it felt fine I would forget and try to do something but at the slightest attempt to raise my arm shooting pains would make me cry.  I think it would have been better to put my arm in a sling just so I would remember not to try anything.   Just a thought.  It's been about a week, right?


              hector-  It's going to be hot here this weekend.  Stay in the shade or try and run early.  Or are you still taking it easy because of the foot?  How's that feeling?  Has the swelling gone down?


              Jan-  Your medical advice sounds accurate to me (cuz all my medical training tells me so).  You know how you start googling about your injuries to try and figure out what's going on?  Well, I do that anyway.  I tend to always believe it's the worst and hope for the best.  In this case I was scared I had a stress fracture of the femoral head but finally talked myself out of that one.  Enjoy your 12 miler!  You'll be back up in the double digits and lovin' it before too long.  What are your upcoming races?


              Zelanie-  You made me laugh at the lunges with the one leg on a chair.  I do that one in my leg routine (if you're talking about the rear leg being elevated)  and it definitely makes my legs all shaky.  Sounds like you're doing great in your rehab.  No knee pain is fantastic.   I'm wondering if that stuff I brought back from Oregon is the tofu seasoning and is used also for the dip........


              Wolf-  I love it that you made yourself a medal!  I'll run with you in spirit from miles 15-20.  I  find those are tough miles psychologically since you're still a good distance from the 20 mile mark. Kind of a no-man's land.  And since I'll be with you in spirit I'll actually be able to keep up with you!  Good luck on Sunday!


              Tara-  LOL!  You motivated your hubby to run faster!  Sounds like a good challenge for your next race together.  You can take him.  Next time run right behind him as opposed to off to the side so he won't see you coming.  Glad you were ok after the scare at the finish.  I've heard of some people having a problem if they suddenly come to a stop.  Perhaps a blood pressure issue?  I don't know.  It's nice whenever the whole group is happy with how they did.


              Edith-  I'm glad I was sitting down when I read your post.......a plan?  Did you say a 'plan'?  You don't do plans.  I think the earth's axis has just shifted.  I need a minute......Ok.  Any ideas about which plan?  Way to school the college kids.  Maybe you've planted a seed of inspiration and those two laps they did will eventually turn into a marathon.  Oh, and congrats to your brother, too!  Try, try, try to take it easy for at least a little while after your awesome marathon.


              docjen-  Good luck in your HM!!!  I hope you're all better and ready to kick some butt!


              stever-  Good luck to you and the DW!!!!


              me-  I've taken two days off of running now.  Yesterday my hip/leg felt much better but I thought I would at least try and be smart and give it another day.  This morning I feel fine so I'm torn between going out for a short 3 miler or giving it another day of rest.   I do feel the trigger point if I really dig into the side of my hip/upper leg with my knuckle.  I think I'm going to go and run just to test it.  The race is tomorrow morning and it's supposed to be pretty warm.

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                Tara - fabulous job on your race and great report.  Sounds like you have a shot at beating dh one of these days!


                Edith - Ha!  Love the college students!  Look below to see what I'm thinking about running trail-wise ...


                Jan - today was the last day of 4th grade.  I guess now I have a 5th grader!  And an 11th grader.  And a college sophomore.  Hopefully you will enjoy your 12 miler.  I've found that when I'm training harder, I really enjoy my long runs because they are a chance to run at an easier pace.


                miele - I'd vote a short run to test it out, too, but I'm prolly not the go-to girl for injury advice ...


                Wolfwalker - good luck Sunday!  I know you'll be great!  I like the idea of running with you in spirit, especially the idea of being able to keep up with you that way!


                Zelanie - I'm glad your PT is going well and you are running pain free!


                stever - good luck and enjoy your race this weekend.  Good luck to the dw, too!


                me - The leg situation is steadily improving now.  I was really freaked for a few days there.  One of my friends put it in better perspective as I was panicking about not getting better with rest - she said, "what, cause you gave it a whole 36 hours?" and I realized it was only 48 hours total without running!  Today was the first day I stepped out of bed completely pain free.  It still hurts after I sit for a while, but is much improved, and I can run without a change in my gait.

                I'm running the aptly name Hospital Hill Half Marathon tomorrow morning.  I'm running it just for "fun", and not really for time.  I'm on call, so I'll call for the night float check out at 6 am, run at 7 am, and be to work to round by 10 am.  Patients and my residents will have to put up with me unshowered ...   I don't have a hard and fast time goal.  I'd like to break 2 hours if I can (my half PR is 1:48:13, but I've been injured, it's likely to be hot, and this thing is hilly as can be.)

                I'm thinking of taking complete leave of my senses and running a trail 50K in July.  It's at the same location and put on by the same folks that run the 20 miler I ran in Feb.  They have a 10.35 mile loop course, 1 loop for the 10 miler, 2 loops for the 20 miler, and 3 loops for the 50K.  I'd treat it as a long slow run/hike.  Lots of my friends are doing it, one race or the other.  It has the most fabulous aid stations, and lots of fun trail runner camradrie.  It would be 16 weeks prior to a marathon for me if I decide to run the marathon.  I'm insane, right?

                If training goes well, I think I'm going to use my frequent flyer miles and jet in to Indianapolis for the Monumental marathon on 11/2/2013.  The race typically doesn't fill, so I'll start training, and probably wait until 4-6 weeks before to make the call.  If a 3:45 doesn't seem possible, I'll probably run something else, maybe a half, who knows.


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                  Jan -- hmm, longer runs... what's not to love?!


                  Zelanie -- hopefully your limit hasn't been reached yet, but sounds like it's all going well.


                  Wolf -- good luck!  You're going to crush it.


                  Edith -- have fun on the trails!  I've only done one trail race, I'd love to do another one to improve on my time.  (It was HARD.)


                  miele -- I have it taped up, but it's not a very obvious HURT... it's hard to describe.  It just doesn't feel right.  It will be a week on Sunday, but since my PT says it can take up to five weeks, I won't freak out just yet that it's not 100% better.  I always try to err on the side of caution when something is potentially injured, but whether or not you ran, I hope you're back to normal now!  And good luck in your race.


                  docjen -- I'm very familiar with the "freak out after a few minutes' rest doesn't help" thing... glad it's improved, though.  And hey... crazy is what we do, right?  Go for it.


                  I'm running a four mile race on Sunday.  I'm kind of grumpy about it, but oh well, whatever.

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog

                  CT JEFF

                    Hi All - just popping in again. Did my first FM Sunday, 4:40. Pretty pleased. My goals were: (1) finish a FM. (2) finish under 6:00 - they stated that support would end at 6:00, but there was no sweeper team. (3) Expected finish from training 5:30. (4) finish near 5:00.


                    So, I met my goals, although looking back, dont really know how I got some of the times I got on some of those miles.


                    Well tomorrow is my first HM. What? Yeah, I signed up for FM first, and this HM was too perfect to pass up, even if it was 1 week later. Its in the next town over, and its got great support, and (although I didnt like it at first glance) has a GREAT route! First, its pretty flat. I ran the 10K River Run about a month ago, with several of the same roads. Also (heres the weird part) Its got 3 loops. If you are a spectator near the finish, you get to see 3 passes of the runners! I figured out of 13 miles, almost 9 miles have the racers pass 2 or 3 times. Not to mention the SIZE. 1200 HM, 600 10K, and 600 5K? - TONS of prizes. Every 5 yr AG! Winners last year were 1:39 ish times. But still.


                    So, I have done 2:00 on the TM, but its been a while since Ive tried for this speed. Mainly been distance FM training. Weather should be good, but heat and humidity will come in quick. Race starts 7:45, in the left lane of the road, and 7:46 they let the 5K loose on the right side of the road. (sounds a little crazy) . I'll be happy with 2:10, but really want to beat 2:00.


                    Wish me luck.



                    RUN SAFE.     Barefoot 1st: 6/9/13. PR: 5k=22:50 10k=47:46 HM 1:51. FM 4:28 Oct 2015 joined RUN 169!


                      Good luck Wolfwalker!

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                        Surviced my "just for fun" half and actually had a good time. I hadn't put much thought into even a goal for this race since I wasn't racing it, ahad knew I'd have to rush to work right after. My running group did a group picture before the start and a friend mentioned she was trying to go sub-2 for the first time, so I offered to pace her. She took it out a little too fast, but managed to settle down fortunately. The hills in this thing are something, but she hung pretty tough, even up the last steep one just after mile marker 12. She was pretty miserable the last mile and kept telling me she was going to die, alternating with saying she was going to puke, alternating with various swear words. Her gait was looking smooth, though - and once I talked her out of moaning/grunting with each breath she sounded less desperate!  I told her she could puke at the finish line and we kept going. Ended up crossing at 1:56:32, a 6 minute PR for her!

                        My hamstring held up pretty well, although its pretty tight now. It feels better today, though, after a half, than it did last week just walking, so I think it will be ok.



                          doc-  Nice job!  That's a great time on a tough course.   Had you not helped your friend with pacing I'm afraid she would have had an entirely different race.  Congratulations!  Glad to hear the hamstring held up well.  I don't think you're crazy for doing a 50k.  It would be at the beginning of marathon training and I'm assuming you would have the mileage to support the distance.  The only concern would be recovery.  Would you be able to bounce back quickly enough to resume marathon training? It does sound like a fun race and, well, all your friends are doing it....... I always think that a marathon would feel like nothing if I ran ultras regularly (a theory on my part which I have no interest in testing out).  Oh, and I did run the easy 3 and all went well.  I, too, took off a grand total of 48 hours for my issue.  It's funny how the mind works.  I get so caught up in weekly mileage that I think my entire training is wasted if I miss a couple of days.  I just kept telling myself, '2 days off now might prevent 7 days off later'.  That seemed to work.


                          blue-  Good luck tomorrow!  Isn't 4 miles an odd distance for a race?  I went for the 3 mile run with the understanding that if I felt anything wrong I was going to stop immediately and walk home.  Fortunately that wasn't necessary.


                          Jeff-  Welcome!!  First of all, Congratulations on your first full!  You beat all your goals with room to spare.  Secondly,  What'reyounuts!!!!  A HM a week after a full?  Do you feel recovered?  I would strongly suggest that you listen to your body and be prepared to slow way down if you feel anything out of the ordinary.  The marathon distance is special and not to be under-estimated and recovery can take longer than expected.  I would hate to see you injure yourself long-term from this.  I appreciate the enthusiasm, though, and I wish you the best of luck.  Be sure to let us know how it went.


                          Nathan-  Howdy!


                          me-  Chip time:  52:51.  Considering the course and heat I'm very pleased with this.  The race is put on by a local RD whose name is Sam.  Sam has a beard.  A long one.  There are loyal followers of his races and they like to show up with fake beards in his honor.  It's hysterical.  The race started at 8:45 (they staggered the start times for all three races) and is considered pretty tame for a trail race.  Not too hilly, not too traily.  But I found it difficult since I usually run on rollers and the rollers in this race were steeper and longer. (Although Edith would've laughed at the speed bump 'hills') I was struggling from the first mile.  I think it was about 70 at the finish and not much cooler at the start.  The venue is beautiful.  A regional park that is basically a peninsula.  Lots of views of the bay.  I've decided that if I ever run another trail race I should just enjoy the local and not even think about trying to hold a pace.  I think that's the right way to look at it.   Post race we hung out for a while and ate ice cream sandwiches and watched finishers coming in.  It was fun but I really felt the effects afterwards.  Took a 3 hour nap.  The legs are trashed.   My time was good enough for 3rd AG.  So I got double bling.  I was clanging like I had on a cow bell.

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                            What's this, no RRs yet??  Hmph.


                            docjen -- glad to hear the hamstring is on the mend.


                            miele -- yes, it's odd, but the standard NYRR distance.  I thought it was weird at first too, but got used to it.  Congrats on the AG!  It really is a good strategy not to run trail races for time, but... maybe that's why I prefer racing on roads.  Ha.


                            I didn't PR at my race today -- what a shock, it was 75° with 75% humidity -- but considering I wasn't necessarily out to PR, I got closer than I thought I would.  Official time was 31:43, and it should NOT have felt as hard as it did, but, well, you know... breathing is kind of an essential function.  I'm not necessarily unhappy with this race, I think pretty much everyone suffered a bit in those conditions.  (I mean, yes, it does get hot and humid here, but this happened so suddenly that nobody has really had time to acclimate yet.)

                            chasing 5:59


                            because i never shut up ... i blog

                              Hey guys !

                              Just got back from the beach marathon and I am feeling great.  I finished with a time of 3hours52minutes10seconds. I shaved about 50 minutes off my marathon 5 months ago which was 4:39.11.  I held my 8:00min pace until the last 7-8miles and ran into a little trouble but worked it out.  I was coming in clean for the sub 3:30marathon but my calve muscles had other plans. Still super excited and happy and will post full RR in a couple hours. I shot some video of it too so I will get that posted up for you all as well.  Thanks again everyone for the great wishes, it really helped. Video and full RR to come, need recovery nap! Joking


                              DocJen = sweet time on that HM especially with the hilly terrain and quick sign up.  Speedy recovery on the hamstring challenge, run hard - recover harder.


                              Bluerun - Wow, was your race underwater or what ! 75% humidity is screaming punishment lol.  Nice time on the 4 miles though, despite those hellish Neptune like conditions

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                              Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34

                                I'll get to everyone's RR later today. Need to catch up, way behind.


                                wolf-awesome time, sub 4!!!


                                miele-sounds like a nice run. The ice cream and sandwiches sound nice too.


                                doc-good on you for running with a buddy. And she didn't puke, extra points for that!! Good luck with your hammie.


                                me-DW and I went off to our 10k race this morning. We only registered last week on a whim. The weather was torrential thunderstorms from early morning to about 10am. But the race started at 10:30, so the clouds parted and sun came out, to about 75F and 80% humidity. I would have preferred the rain, looking back. The temperature was about 86F with the humidity.


                                We lined up, only 166 people doing the 10K. Off we went, my first K was at 4:20 (too freaking fast), then 2K marker came at 8:50 (too fast again). I was about 20 seconds behind the first pack of runners for the first few K. Did my 5K at about 23:40 and then lost some time in the next few K, but picked it up at the end and crossed at 48:17. Missed a PR by 21 seconds, but it was my 2nd fasted 10k.

                                I also had my best placing ever, finished 37th out of 166. I'll take that.

                                Went back and waited for DW to come around the final corner, and noticed she hadn't appeared as expected. She finally came around and I ran with her until the finish line. She crossed at 61:50 (she was p*ssed), but the weather was brutal and she felt it. Plus with sports-induced asthma, she decided to to push it knowing she wouldn't PR. I was proud of her for going non-stop and finishing with a smile as she crossed the line, even the announcer noticed and was laughing about it over the loud speakers.


                                We cant complain, as we didn't really train for this race, as we are both in HM and marathon training plans.


                                Going back a few days, my mother passed away on Friday while I was driving up to see her in the morning. She was quiet ill since January, and doctors had given her a few months to live. She was CHF for more than 15 years. So her passing was both a shock and somewhat expected. Suffice to say, running a 10k this Sunday was not ideal, but we needed to clear our heads for a while. I ran for her today, and I'll run for her again next time.


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