Sub 2:00 Half Marathon thread (Read 2394 times)

    Wolfwalker- Congrats on showing that course that you mean business!  Are you going to race the course again in an "official" race?  Love the shout out, too!


    TaraC- Congrats on your race, and hope your HM training goes well!


    Edith- I've been running the track lately for its cushiness too.  Good luck this weekend!  As for the 2 halves in 2 weeks, I don't know how long you've been running, but I'd say no.  Or at least, is it really worth $20 to risk maybe running when you're not fully recovered vs. waiting until after the first half to see how you feel?


    Miele- Haha @ the Dr. Google diagnosis.  Hope you're feeling better!


    docjen- You have done your community service in honor of the sub-2 goal!  Smile


    bluerun- Good luck in your race!


    JeffCT- In different conditions, I'd say you've got sub-2 in the bag!


    npaden- Good luck this weekend!  If it's going well at the halfway point, are you going to try for your age?


    Stever- Very sorry for your loss.


    me- Still making steady progress!  I'm up to 4 mile runs and down to once a week PT.  Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will run my first 5-miler since my HM.  I'm also hoping to hit 20 MPW, also for the first time since my April HM.


      Miele – sorry to hear that you back was hurting. I am sure that you know this: when we run longer and get tired and loose our form. It’s hard to maintain a good form in a long run after a while. And this could cause a back pain. You are running regularly and I hope form is not an issue.


      Bluerun – I didn’t even know that it was a national running day yesterday. Due to this fact and the fact that I haven’t ran this week at all, I am not a runner officiallySmile


      Wolfwalker23 – break is helping and my legs feel fresh today. Cannot wait for a long run this weekend.


      Zelanie – its awesome that you are improving and back to 4 mile runs


      Me – though I am not running this week, my right foot had mysterious pain. Apart from a tiny burning sensation on near pinky toe right foot, I was feeling fine on Tuesday. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, that pain got worse and it was hurting noticeably. It got spread to three toes. I was limping yesterday night. Work up this morning pain was relatively mild. Right now it is very negligible and I feel like I can run without any issues if I want to run right now. It’s so strange that I didn’t even feel like going to doctor. Top of my right foot was bruised a week ago and side of inside arch of right foot was hurting 3-4 days ago and it was causing pain in the leg. Then it went away and got this burning sensation from nowhere. I hope I am done with foot and leg pain and can run without any issues from this weekend forward.


      If you ask

        Paden - I've had that indifferent feeling towards running before.  Don't beat yourself Up.  You are running incredible miles, so maybe your mind just needs a break.  I'm sure once the training begins you will vet the motivation.


        Hector -  oh the pains!!!   And you've had such strange pains.  You and miele should start a club!


        miele - good to know tha you don't have tuberculosis.  I know how you feel as I felt such relief that time I did not have malaria.


        Blue - I'm terrible with getting lost too.  I hate not having a runner in front of me on the trails.  I've gone the wrong way in at least three trail races.


        Wolf - so what movie did you watch??


        Zelanie - cool to see you increasing the miles!!


        Me -  I ran a flat (rail trail) yesterday.  We ran 7 miles at a faster pace than I had planned but it felt good.  I did reg for the half which means I will run a hilly half on Sat then the following Sunday I will run another. And then I remembered that I did this once before; I ran the R&R Philly half and the following week ran a trail half.  I just won't be gunning for any PR.  So I have the 10k trail race on Saturday. It may be muddy.


        hey, anyone planning to see "spirit of the marathon 2" on Weds??  I actually know one of the runners!

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        • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
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          Hi Everyone! One and a half more days of school then I'm free for 3 mos. This end-of-year crap is kicking my butt, and getting set to teach a new grade level is really piling it on. Oh well, it's done now and tomorrow we're playing every teacher's favorite game - SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!


          Zelanie - Woohoo for the progress. I can't remember exactly what the PT diagnosed you with, but it appears that you're on the upswing.


          hector - Your feet just aren't being kind to you lately. I hope the pain in our toe disappears quickly.


          Edith - Great job on the trail race! Sounds like you've got a busy racing season coming up. When's your next marathon?


          miele - I hope your back is feeling better by now. Your Dr. Google diagnosis made me laugh - I do the exact same thing, and so far good ole doc google has been pretty accurate.


          Nathan - After the amazing streak you had, I think your body might just be asking you to give it a rest. You'll get that running fever back soon.


          Me - My mileage is slowly increasing, last week I hit 27 and this week will be in the low 30s. Trying to do one speed/tempo/hill workout per week (I pick one), and one negative split run, with the rest easy. I had a little scare with my hip, but it's fine now. My knees have been killing me, and I don't know why. The past couple days when I roll my quads and hammies, I can feel it all around my knee, so maybe when things loosen up the knees will stop complaining.



          Hello to everyone on the other page. After I hit post, I'm going to read backwards and see what/who I've missed.

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            blue-  Oh, for some reason I thought they had a lead bike for men and a lead bike for women.   I was so wrong.  Well, now you just have to beat all the boys, too.  The back has finally started to feel better.  I think I just pulled a muscle somehow but I can't imagine how.  I was sitting on the couch when it started.  Doing nothing.   Dr. Google just kinda sucks you in and leads you to all sorts of possibilities you never even knew existed.  Best to be avoided but I still end up trying to self-diagnose.  I have to admit I didn't know it was National Running Day.  Good thing I ran.


            Wolf-  Your shoulders feeling better?  About your cramping......I've been thinking about it and I'm just going to throw something out there to ponder.  Feel free to disregard.  Cramping can be caused by a lack of conditioning.  I'm not saying that's what the problem is necessarily but you might want to consider it as a possibility.  I know you lose a lot of fluids so hydration/electrolytes could very well be the problem but I also recall that you run your long runs very fast.  If you were to slow those down on a regular basis that would help condition the body.  At least a minute slower per mile than marathon pace (if not a little slower).  Anyway, like I said, it's just a thought.  I, too, am curious about what running movies you watch.  I don't think I ever watched one come to think of it.


            Zelanie-  Great job with the PT.  I thought of you yesterday when I did my leg workout.  Yep.  The lunges with the elevated leg.  Oh, the agony.


            hector-  I almost hate to say anything since, as previously stated, I rely a little too much on Dr. Google but could you have a stress fracture or a hairline fracture?  All the swelling and pain is a bit worrisome.  I hope it's nothing and you go out and have a great run this weekend.   Don't tie the laces too tightly!


            Edith-  I was wondering what you had decided.  I think you'll be fine if you can control yourself in the trail race.  I took a look at the Pfitz 18/55 when you mentioned intervals and he doesn't really start interval workouts (other than some strides) until week 8 of the plan.  So the 9 weeks prior to that are spent on endurance and LT runs.  For the intervals he has 600 up to 1600s.   Recoveries are 50-90% of the time it took to complete the 600, 1200 or whatever distance you choose.   Every 3-4 weeks he has some MP miles thrown into his long runs.  Hansons, on the other hand, has two speed workouts a week but their paces are slower.  Their tempo runs are actually MP runs.   Their other speed workout of the week starts as a 'speed' workout which then becomes a 'strength' workout later in the program.  I know that was way more info than you care to know about.  Maybe I've thrown you into a coma.  Sorry.   I'll check out that movie.  Which runner do you know so I can look for him/her?  If I don't get back on the threads before your race,  Good Luck!!!  Mud's good for the skin (ok, I'm not sure about that).


            Jan-  Glad that hip thing turned out to be nothing.  Have you been rolling regularly?  Maybe the tightness in the legs and the knee pain are all linked to the hip thing.  You can make it through another day and a half.  I know you can!


            Nathan-  Good luck in your 10k!!


            me-  My back seems to be getting better today.  I did go out for 10 easy miles yesterday and it didn't bother me unless I needed to take a really deep breath.  I'm sure it's a pulled muscle but I have to tell you that story about the woman who had a back pain after her run and then ended up having a baby made me think.........  What a shock that would be.   Today I ran 6 then went to the gym.  I won't do any back exercises this week.

            10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




            Super B****

              Wolf -- is shoulder/back trouble the latest thing in this thread?  Better than falling, in some way, I guess?


              Zelanie -- yay for progress!


              hector -- that's weird about your foot.  I hope it turned out to be nothing.


              Edith -- muddy trail race?  Sounds good to me!  I was somewhat disappointed that the weather was so dry when I did my trail race, I wanted to get all muddy.  Next time!  I'll wait for the DVD -- I have zero patience to sit in one place for so long.  I have attention issues.


              Jan -- three months of "freedom" sounds blissful... it's what I miss about school.  But that's it.  Hope your knees have started to behave!


              miele -- ha, I don't think I'm going to beat all the men!  I'm just hoping the fast women stay away, that's all.  As for your back... I bet you my crazy ex-doctor (hence the "ex") would say it's a broken rib.  Just because.


              The weather for Sunday is looking oh-so-fabulous... 70° with 80% humidity.  UGH.  I can't technically PR in the 5K in this race anyway, since it's not 3.1 miles -- the area was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, so the course was re-officiated at 2.87 miles.  Don't ask me why they couldn't measure another .23 mile if they were already re-officiating, but whatever.  So I don't have to necessarily run FAST, just fastER than all the other females.  This should be interesting...

              chasing 5:59


              because i never shut up ... i blog


                EdithRevisited – rail trails are fun. I think they are one of the fastest surfaces. We have a couple of those paths next to where I live and I go running there occasionally and it always feels good to see pace there. It is exciting that you are running two halves with only a week in between!


                Jan26.2 – it’s great that you weekly mileage are increasing. Sorry that your knee is not feeling well. Try to rest a bit and I hope it would help.


                Miele – I hope that I don’t have a fracture. My foot feel ok right now. Thinking about going for a long run if I feel fine tomorrow morning and hoping not to feel any pain during or after the run. Thanks for reminding about laces. I really need to remember it every time I go trail running. I am glad that you back is fine. Good job in having two good runs. That story about the woman is weird!


                Bluerun – it’s strange that they are not completing 3.1. Good luck with your race and I hope you are the fastest female in the race.

                  Hector- Strange!  Maybe there was just something in there that needed to adjust or something.  Hope your running this weekend goes well!


                  Edith- Good luck!


                  Jan- I was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis.  I can feel my knee when I roll my hammies, too.  But that does seem to be getting better, maybe from the PT exercises?  Or time?  Hope your knees are on the mend also!


                  miele- Those bench lunges are brutal!  So they must be good, right?  Hope you don't give birth to any unexpected babies this week.


                  bluerun- You can PR pace, even if you can't PR for time!  My most recent "5K" was a full quarter mile too long (and we finished with a lap and a half around a track, crossing the finish line twice, the first time pretty much exactly at the 5K mark, go figure).  So my time is terrible, BUT my pace is faster than my pace from my actual PR.  So I consider that my PR pace, although I use the time from my actual PR race, if that makes any sense.  In any case, good luck tomorrow!

                    Crazy week!  We had a big thunderstorm that ripped off some big chunks off our roof and did a lot of other damage as well.  No power for right at 24 hours and Internet and satellite TV are still out at the house.  Needless to say I missed a few workouts this week.


                    Did manage to scratch out my goal time this morning on my 10k though!  46:59 for a 7:35 avg pace.  Can't upload the details from my phone with the Internet down at the house, but I think I might have a new max heart rate and I gave it everything I had.


                    Will update later with the details hopefully.

                    Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                    Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)



                      blue-  Good luck tomorrow!  I agree with Zelanie.  You could most definitely establish a new pace PR since they can't seem to get the course distance accurate (kinda sounds like they're not interested in doing that).


                      hector-  Have you gone for a run yet?


                      Zelanie-  I was looking at a body building webiste and I found at that that particular move is called a Bulgarian Split Squat.  Who knew?


                      Nathan-  Way to smoke it!!!  Congrats!  You're getting pretty close to your age.  Sorry about the storm damage but glad it wasn't worse than it was.  Can't wait to hear the details of the race.


                      me-  Went out for 12 but stopped at 9.  As I was dragging my sorry butt back I kept thinking, 'it's gotta be 90 out, it just has to be'.  I checked the temp when I got home and it was only 71.  71!!!  I'm such a pansy and it seems to be getting worse the older I get.   So I'm considering this run a good run to help acclimate to hotter conditions.  Because it's going to get hotter.  Oh yes.  Instead of a rest day tomorrow I'm going to go to the track and run an easy 3 to make it 40 for the week.  I'm calling it a good week:  I don't have tuberculosis, I didn't have an unexpected baby and I don't have a broken rib even if blue's ex-doctor would have diagnosed that.  Of course, my running week is over on Sunday so there is technically one more day for all that to happen.  

                      10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                        Okay, I was able to upload my run from my phone to my runningahead log by using my phone as a personal hotspot.  Pretty cool, although I'm going to use up my data plan if I don't get my internet back up and running soon!


                        I'll try to be brief on my race report.  Weather turned out really good.  63 degrees and 84% humidity at the start, 66 degrees and 75% humidity at the finish. Wind was 6 mph SSW at the start and it was an out and back course and the wind was behind us at the start and then when we turned around to head back it of course climbed to a 16 mph headwind at the finish. Still not bad.


                        First couple miles felt really good.  I had told myself I was going to run those first 2 miles at a 7:40 pace, but I was feeling good and my HR was in line with where I thought it should be.  Mile 3 was getting a little harder, but not bad, just starting to actually breath a little heavy.  At the turn around the wind had picked up more than anyone had realized, everyone was commenting that they hadn't realized the wind was helping on the way out so when we all turned back into it it was a bit surprising.  


                        Started to have to work for it on Mile 4.  Grabbed a cup of water at the aid station that I had passed up on the way out and took a sip and then poured the rest on my head.  To most people it probably wasn't hot, and it really wasn't, but a big guy like me heats up and I could have used 2 cups of water but there was only one guy at the aid station and he had water in one hand and gatorade in the other so I ended up with 1 cup of water.  Started to have to really work on it here.  I'd been passing some folks with the wind against us, and my HR was climbing pretty good.  I was trying to keep my pace up, but it was work into the wind.  Started tracking down some more folks and that really helped my focus.  


                        At mile 5 I was on the heels of a younger runner that I know, and in front of him were the #3, 4 and 5 women.  I set out to track them down. My HR was really climbing now, I wasn't sure I could sustain this to the end, but I was going to try.  When the younger runner in front of my saw me on his heels he started to pick it up and I tried to keep after him, but he started to pull away.  We both were closing on the women in front of us, but not very quickly.  At mile 5.5 I was getting very close to max HR readings on my HRM.  I hadn't ever gotten that high with that far still to go before, but I was going to gut it out and see if I could pull it off.  When I turned the corner there was still .25 miles to go and I tried to pick it up, but it just wasn't there.  The younger guy that had been in front of me was now picking off the women in front of him, but I still had my work cut out for me and it was looking like it might not happen.


                        One more turn and I could see the finish line.  About 100 yards to go.  I don't remember what the clock said, but I remember it had a 46 on the front of it and that spurred me on.  I gave it everything I had and actually picked it up a tiny bit.  I passed one of the women on the way in and went through the chute at 46:5X, but I couldn't read the last number.  Very happy and VERY tired!  I think that was close to the highest level of effort of any race so far, but I guess runners have pretty poor memories when it comes to remembering pain otherwise we wouldn't race over and over again!


                        Here's my splits and HR information.  Pretty flat course, the wind was helping a little at the start and against at the end, but I ended up with some pretty even splits when it was all said and done.  Could have sworn I was sprinting there at the end, but the split doesn't show it.  My max HR is 194 so I was pushing it there at the end!


                        Splits (GPS Interval)
                         TypeDistance Split settingsDurationTotal DurationPaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
                        1 Manual 1 mi 7:31.97 7:31.97 7:32 166 175  
                        2 Manual 1 mi 7:33.97 15:05.94 7:34 173 176  
                        3 Manual 1 mi 7:32.12 22:38.06 7:33 175 178  
                        4 Manual 1 mi 7:37.21 30:15.27 7:38 179 184  
                        5 Manual 1 mi 7:31.05 37:46.32 7:32 183 187  
                        6 Manual 1 mi 7:37.88 45:24.2 7:38 186 192  
                        7 Manual 0.21 mi 1:34.8 46:59 7:32 189 192


                        Don't think I could have run it any harder. Need to trim 20 seconds per mile off to go sub 45:00!  It is going to take a lot of work, but I think I might have a snowballs chance.  I ran a 54:15 on this same 10K race last year in similar conditions for an improvement of over 7 minutes and over 1:00 per mile from last year, so I have been making some serious improvement, that improvement is just slowing down now as my previous PR was from September 2012 and that was a 49:18 so I only shaved a couple minutes off that time.


                        I for sure think I can shave a minute off and at least have a 45:XX time.  Maybe I could justify that if I was 45 1/2 years old that I could run a 45:30 10K?  Wink

                        Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                        Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


                        Super B****

                          I am too furious to see straight, but -- I didn't place first.  In fact, I didn't even place third, which is what would have happened had the course been clearly marked.  What ended up happening is that I ran nearly 5.5 miles.  Not at a bad pace for that distance, even though I slowed down considerably once I realized what had happened, but for official timekeeping purposes, I ran something in the neighborhood of a 15:00 pace.


                          Except for the first ten finishers or so, EVERYONE had glacial times.  WHY THE HELL IS IT SO HARD TO PUT A MARSHAL AT THE MOST CRUCIAL TURNING POINT IN THE RACE?!

                          chasing 5:59


                          because i never shut up ... i blog

                            I am way behind but I will try my best to get the personals out


                            Zelanie - I will be running the same marathon course again on Dec 26?  I haven't got the official entry form yet but it has been the day after xmas now for 3 years so guessing it will be in 6 months or so Smile Plenty of time to train.


                            Hector : I hope you get through those mystery aches and pains. I watched this video and the guy was saying that during zero days or taper periods, small pesky injuries will pop out of nowhere and it is really your body healing up rather than getting hurt worse.  I don't know if he is right or not, but it made me feel better when my body started creaking and groaning. Good luck man!


                            Edith ! : So YES I will watch spirit of the marathon 2 for sure !!  I have seen #1 about 20 times and I memorized the whole script pretty much by now.  I will be out of town for the premier but I think I can travel down to Los Angeles and see it somewhere in the next couple weeks.  Which runner do you know? I will keep my eyes open for them.


                            Jan : Summer is coming !!!   Enjoy the free time and hopefully you get an upgrade in your student ages next year :P


                            Miele : Feeling 100% now, the shoulder thing took a day each to heal. I think it was from lugging the water bottles around for 26 miles.  Thank goodness for water stations in real races!  As far as my running movie list something like this : Spirit of the Marathon, Marathon Challenge (nova channel documentary), Silver linings playbook, Prefontaine (fire on the track), Prefontaine (1997), Then it usually ends up with youtube videos of certain marathons I like to watch : Houston 2012 Olympic trial marathon, London 2012 marathon Olympics.... etc etc etc...  If you or anyone knows of other good ones let me know, always on the hunt for more motivation! I hope your back feels better, tough one to fix right away.


                            Nathan : great race and great time and great splits too lol.  I liked that you gave it 110% even when you knew your HR was at max rate. Sweet effort and a strong strong improvement over the last time on that course!!!! You will break the 45 barrier soon.  (me too hopefully lol)


                            Bluerun .....  What can I say except $%$#% those officials who can't get their lines straight WTF!  I am angry right there with you.


                            Me : So I haven't ran since Tuesday which has been my longest break since February? It feels good to heal up a bit and have no running plan to follow.  I am getting antsy sitting around and watching other people lumber around the running trails when I drive by.  I will be ok though.

                               Some of you may know I am a hiker as well as a runner and this Tuesday  11th I will be heading out for a 210 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.  I am pretty sure Edith has done it?? But basically I will be starting at the Mexico/US border in California in a small town called Campo. I will finish in a place called Cabazon, Ca  which is kind of near Palm Springs area.  It is mainly a Desert hike so it will be pretty hot and tough. There is one high elevation point around 9000 feet but most of it is around 3600 feet elevation with variations.  These are officially called sections A (110miles) and B(100miles) and I have already hiked sections C(132miles) and D(115miles).  After this hike is over I will have pretty much finished the Southern California sections.

                            Anyways it is going to be awesome. I think it might be a solo hike as most of the people thru hiking from Mexico to Canada have left in May or late April.  We will see though, hopeful for some company out there.  I will be making a video / picture show from the hike of course and will be happy to share it with you all.  It will take me around 10 days to finish or so, maybe 20 miles a day average. I will miss the forum and running as well for almost 2 weeks OMG....  My pack including fuel / food (6 days) / water ( 6 liters) and everything else my total pack weight is about 38 pounds which I am loving !  After day one I am guessing my average pack weight will be around 34 pounds for most of the trip.  Pretty sweet for a 6 day hike.  Anyways I will try to pop in tomorrow and say hi before I leave early Tues morning for the border.  If you guys haven't seen them and want to, I will link my hiking videos from 2012 below from sections C and D on the Pacific Crest Trail. (They are about 14 minutes each)   Enjoy and cyall soon Smile


                            Wolfwalker hiking Section C of the Pacific Crest Trail

                            Wolfwalker hiking Section D of the Pacific Crest Trail

                              5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

                            10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                            Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

                            Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

                            Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                            Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34



                              Nathan-  Great splits!  Turning into the wind at the turnaround is terrible.  I always wonder where the wind came from and then I regret not having enjoyed the extra boost up until the turnaround.  I also have the goal of running my age (you started that, btw) but I'm going to give myself the :59 leeway.  So for me that would 45:59.  You're much closer to your goal than I am to mine.  You'll get there.


                              blue-  I'm joining wolf in being angry with you!  I'm always stunned at how the RD can get this wrong.   And your RD decided to make it a short 5k to begin with and then can't have the course properly marked?!?  Wow.  I can't say don't let it get to you since I'm still ticked off about my short 10k race from last year.


                              Wolf-  Be careful out there!  To be honest, your adventure sounds like a complete and utter nightmare but I understand a lot of people like hiking and wilderness.  I wish I were one of them.   Take some bear repellent.


                              Edith-  How'd it go?


                              me-  Just got back from my run.  I was supposed to run intervals so I headed to the track.  I was thinking, 'oh, this is going to be great.  Overcast, 60, school is out so I don't have to wake up early to get my run in before the students invade the track.  It's going to be perfect'.  Except when I got to the track it was chained up with a sign, 'Closed for Construction'.  Say wha!?  Of course no one was on the track, no equipment, no upheaval.   Which meant a tempo.  Lately I've had a mental block with tempos.  I haven't been running them well.  They all seem too slow with an effort that is too hard.  Anyway.   Off I go for the 4 mile tempo.  I'm going by effort and not looking at the watch.  I glanced at my watch close to the 2 mile turnaround point to see how close I was to the end of the mile and saw an 8:10.  Nice.  Surprisingly nice.  I glanced once again at the very end of the 4th mile to see how close I was to finishing.   I managed to avoid seeing the pace that time.  Splits:  7:58 (downhill), 8:11 (uphill).  Turnaround.  7:49 (downhill), 8:07 (uphill).  This is so much better than my last tempo.  It was hard and I still think I'm running at too high an effort for a tempo but my HR is in the right zone (I only check that after the run when I download all the info).   Averaged 8:02mm.  Now for some lunch and then it's off to the gym for a leg workout.

                              10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                              If you ask

                                "Spirit of the Marathon II" - I am an interpreter for the Deaf/HH and had a student who had Cliff Scott as a teacher and, especially, a cross country coach.  He was always trying to talk me into running. He's a terribly nice fellow.  I actually started running the year after the student graduated...funny to think I ran a marathon before he did.


                                Miele - nice tempo and good to see you hitting such a great avg pace, but more importantly, what did you have for lunch?  Despite your unusual distressing runs, you sure are running great mileage!   Thank you for the speed work info.  I really need to try to make sense of my options.  I suppose just showing up at a track and running really fast until I collapse isn't one of them?


                                Wolfie - have a great hike.  It sounds awesome. I haven't been to the west coast... All my hiking has been east.


                                Blue - ugh.  So sorry! That's happened twice to my brother (he's usually with the front runners) so I understand your frustration.


                                Paden - pretty awesome 10k!  Congrats!


                                Me -  ran the 10k trail race on Saturday.  It had two very challenging hills, one in the first mile and one in the last.  My only goal was to beat my time from last year, which I did by 4 minutes, so I was happy.  Quads were seriously sore on Sunday; wanted to run today but torrential rain plus a tornado watch leaves me waiting to run until tomorrow.

                                • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
                                • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                                • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)