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    Bluerun = Tough effort on the 5k.  I felt the same way the last 5 runs or so. It hasn't even been really THAT hot here but the humidity is crazy. I found it hard to breathe as well, like my lungs were only about 60% capacity or something.  I kept thinking "wow I lost so much Vo2max conditioning in 2 weeks rest??"  It is the humidity for sure.  I haven't figured out how to beat it yet.... LETS FIND A WAY!


    Hector = The trail runs sounded nice. I want to get out there this Summer and find some local trails that are good for beginner trail runners like me Smile


    Jan - Hey,  I went for a hike that was supposed to be 210 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.  I only made it about 3 days / 40 miles and had to get pulled off the trail due to food poisoning which led to dehydration and literal starvation after no food or water barely for 2 1/2 days. It was cool but depressing a bit.  I was happy to start running again and take my mind off it for now.  sounds like your training is going very well, even in the AZ heat !!! I know where Surprise is, my sis lives in Tombstone and we drive past Surprise to see her.  I ran in Tombstone and it was pretty fun. Interesting to run past all the old buildings and boot hill etc.  Smile


    Tara - That is a sweet time for a trail 10k geez.  I think you are in the groove and your results are showing it!! Stay cool out there


    Jeff - keep training in the heat and tough conditions. When that cool fall weather comes, that half-marathon is going to feel like a 5k sprint. Good luck brother!


    Me - I ran 5.6 miles on Monday and Tuesday.  I ran Tuesday's run at 11:00pm to avoid the heat but I was still soaked in sweat thanks to the fun humid cloud hanging around.  This week I am working on my speed and breathing, I ran monday 5.6mile at 7.33pace and Tuesday 5.6 at  7.49 pace.  Both runs felt like I was running at 6.00 pace honestly.  I need to get out there on the track again soon.  From the marathon taper before June 2 and after the marathon rest, I can totally feel some of my conditioning gone.  Anyways I love training and running quick so it is going to be a fun week and working on going from 19miles last week to around 25-28 this week. Long run will be on sunday, only 8.6 miles but I will be adding more miles every week. Trying to stay strong and safe. Enjoy the week everyone !!! Smile

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      Hi everyone.  I've read through most of the posts, but I don't even know if I am going to attempt to go back and reply to any of them.


      Just got back from a 7 day Alaskan cruise.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  I think the high temperature on the cruise was around 70 degrees and got home last night and it was 103 and it is 107 right now as I type this so quite a welcome home.


      Been slacking on my miles this month and still need 21 miles the next 5 days to get to my 100 mark for the 16th month in a row.  I may end up knocking some of those out on the treadmill instead of braving the heat.


      If you haven't ever done the Alaska thing, it is absolutely worth it.

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        hector -- my average HR is often in that vicinity during races... I guess I'm a freak?  But hey, at least you got in a good workout.


        Jan -- glad to hear you're getting your miles back up there!


        Tara -- great job!  I'd love that time in a road 10K...


        Wolf -- on the bright side, we're going to be total speed demons come fall, and it will feel like NO effort!


        So, yeah, I submitted a request for a results correction... they supposedly use the finish line video for that.  Which is dumb because they don't know when I crossed the starting line, but whatever.  This is supposed to take a day or two.  So why am I still waiting?!  (Answer: NYRR sucks, and I hate them.)  I'm really annoyed.  I did get a pretty awesome picture out of this race (1/4 isn't bad, right?!), not that I'm going to pay $24.95 for an un-watermarked copy!


        I'm running another 5K on July 4.  I'm expecting it to suck, weather notwithstanding (I'm hypothyroid and have to go off Synthroid for labs next week, and I am a complete zombie without it)... so I may just run it without a watch.  I mean, I'll wear it, because I want the data after the fact, but I'm going to change the display so I don't see my pace.  This should be an interesting experiment, if nothing else.

        chasing 5:59


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          Edith-  This will be my 3rd CIM (knock on wood).  Do you book a hotel for Philly?  (I don't remember if you're close enough to avoid that.)  CIM is a little over an hour away so, in theory, I could drive the morning of but I prefer a hotel just to avoid the stress of 'what could happen on the way to the race'.  Apparently I haven't been treating my shin right.  I'll start your technique.  Sweet nothings, soothing music, candlelight, etc.  Maybe that'll help.  I hope you're still pain-free and your ITB has stopped its silliness.


          Wolfy-  You're back up to speed.  Nice runs!


          blue-  UGH!  I haaaaate humidity.   Or at least when I'm running in it.  It sucks the soul out of me.  I read your RR and skipped around your blog a little.  I landed on, 'Nobody. Cares'.  I just don't know what I'd do if someone had the gall to say 'we create our reality with our thinking' to me while I'm dealing with a health issue.  I'd be tempted to stick a fork in their eye.  I can't believe the bad luck you've had recently in your races.......and now you're looking forward to another one......but that can't be helped.  I think you have a good idea with taking the watch but not paying attention to pace.  Might be fun.


          hector-  My mileage has been pretty stable at around 40 mpw.  It seems Sacramento and the surroundings have a lot of races of all distances.   It's just a bit too far to go for a 10k or HM.   Maybe your BIL is running CIM with me?  It's Dec. 8th.  It's a good one.   Count that run with your speedy friend as an interval.  Good workout.  Probably not something you want to do every run but I always hear it's good to run with faster people sometimes.


          Jan-  Welcome back to reality!  Glad you had such a great time in Phoenix!  Who knew a nice bike would make all the difference?  You and DH did sign up for the same marathon in CA this year, didn't you?  Or are you still thinking about it?


          Tara-  Does Adidas have a bad rap that I haven't heard of?  I like their looks but never have tried them.  You did great in your race!  I hope you enjoyed it.  I made the mistake of treating it like any other 10k which made for a rather miserable race.


          Jeff-  Training going well?


          Nathan-  I've always heard those Alaskan cruises are amazing.  You'll get your miles in.  No problem.


          me-  I'm out.  No running.  I haven't run since I last posted so that would make a week, I think.  Dr. Google has diagnosed me with a stress fracture.  All the symptoms fit whereas shin splints and other possibilities don't quite work.  Bummer.  I still have a knot which is painful when I press it (right along the inside of my left shin).  Fortunately it's not as bad as it was.  I haven't done any cardio of any type for a whole week.  I've been reading about aqua jogging and how that's a really good substitute while injured so tomorrow I'm checking out a pool at 24 hour fitness.  I already checked out another pool (Olympic, lanes, etc).  Is it just me or are pool fees insanely expensive?!?  A 30 day pass is over $70!  So that's why I'm going to see what 24hr has to offer.  I'm hoping I caught the injury early since I hadn't felt any aches or pains before I actually stopped running (the pain started in the evening after my last 6 mile run and I haven't run since).

          So, if any of you have suffered from a stress fracture of the tibia I'd like to hear your story.  How you cross-trained.  How long before you were running again, etc.  Blue, I'm thinking you must've had one of these (or several).  I'm planning on taking a total of 4 weeks off from running before I even think of trying it out again.  I might take a full 6 weeks off.  What I'm hoping is that I can still start marathon training when the time comes (Beginning of August).

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            miele- No!  I am hoping that it turns out not to be a SF and that it heals quickly!


            me- I had a setback a couple of weeks ago.  Pushed it too hard on a run and after that was barely managing 3 miles with swelling and pain afterwards.  But going in to PT with the knee all grumpy made it easier to figure out the issue.  He taped my kneecap and that was like straight magic.  My knee feels great when I run with a taped kneecap.  And apparently that info is enough for him to really focus in on a couple of specific things- a tight hip flexor and a weak vastus medialis.  So I still have work to do, but at least I'm running!


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              miele -- I'm hoping it's not a sfx!!  I've never actually had a tibial sfx, all nine of my fractures were in the hip/pelvic/sacral region.  There were quite a few times when I was convinced my shin splints were actually sfxes, but I tend to paranoia that way.  And yes, 30 days for $70 IS insanely expensive!!  I bought a city rec center membership just to be able to use the pool, and it's $75 for six months.  Either way, I hope you don't have a sfx!!


              Zelanie -- sorry to hear about the setback.  It looks like you're getting something positive out of it though, right?


              me -- still no race results.  La dee da.  Why couldn't this have happened at the 5.43 mile 5K?!

              chasing 5:59


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                miele- sorry to hear about the SF. Hopefully its not that and just something less serious. Be good, and a speedy return to your running.


                zelanie- knees, knees, knees!!! I always fear the day that my knees give out. Let us know how it works out with the PTs advice.


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                  wolf - Sorry about the food poisoning ruining your hike! Are you ok now? Judging from your runs, I'd say you're fully recovered.


                  Nathan - Sweet cruise!! Almost everyone I know (except me) has been to Alaska. How was the cruise? After all the recent problems with cruise ships, I'm afraid to get on one. Glad you had such a good time.


                  blue - That absolutely sucks! I'd be going psycho on those race people, so obviously you're much nicer than I am. I really hope the July 4th goes smoothly, and I'd vote for not looking at the watch. I tend to psyche myself out when I look - if I'm going faster than I think I'm capable of, the old brain shuts the speed right down.


                  miele - Nooooo!! I'm so sorry about the stress fracture. Are you going to have it check out? I know they're difficult to see on an x-ray, but best-case scenario, could it be something else? My son thought he had one when he was training for our half last year, but it ended up being a bone bruise. Same symptoms, but he was only off for 7 days vs. 6 weeks. As for the CA marathon, we're going back but just doing the half this year. Hubby still isn't over his painful finish last year, so we figured we'd make a nice little beach vacation out of it and run 13.1 miles while we're there just for fun. In fact, I don't see another full in my future for at least another year.


                  zelanie - Not you too! I'm glad the PT was able to better isolate the causes of your knee problems, and hopefully the taping and fixing the actual cause will get rid of them permanently.


                  stever - Hi! Remind me again when your next race is?


                  Me - It's been almost a week since vacation ended, and I'm ready for another one! At least it's been hot here - in the 90s most days. Runs have been good, and I'm still able to run without my knee strap!! I think I've finally figured out the magic formula - run 5 days/wk, cycle 2 days, strength train 2x and core whore workouts every other day. Next race is in Missoula on July 14th. The lesson here is to never sign up for a race while you're still basking in the post-marathon glow, especially one in Montana!

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                    Zelanie-  Sorry to hear about the setback but it sounds like some good came out of it if your PT was able to pinpoint the cause and start appropriate treatment.   Keep up the good recovery!


                    blue-  Race results yet?  I've heard of RDs accepting Garmin info in order to establish time.  You could ask about emailing your race info and see what they say.   I hope you never, ever suffer another fracture!  You've had enough for all of us.  No mas!  I didn't join that pool after all.  Ended up at the 24hr fitness.  It's about $50 a month (I only wanted the 1-2 months and not a contract) plus, if my leg feels up to it, I can do spin classes.


                    stever-  How's training going?  Are you getting some heat up there?


                    Jan-  It's funny you mention a bone bruise as the thought had crossed my mind earlier today.  I don't think that's what I have since there was no discoloration and I really think I would remember if I had banged my shin that hard.  After reading up about sfxs, I decided not to have it checked out by a doctor.  This is the scenario I imagine:  First I'll be sent for x-rays which will be inconclusive (most don't show up on x-rays) so then I'll be sent for an MRI which will be inconclusive which will leave me with a bone scan.  After all that I'll be told not to run and return in however many weeks for follow up xrays.   I decided to treat it as a sfx since that's the most conservative approach.  It's been over a week and I still feel the bump and when I press down it still hurts although it is noticeably better.  Is your race in Missoula a HM?  As for you CA race, I think you guys will have a lot more fun running the HM.   I can relate to your DH's reluctancy to do another one.  It took 7 years (or was it 8) between my 1st and 2nd marathon.  I was traumatized.


                    me-  Started pool running.  It was only my 2nd day today so I'm still tweaking the form but it feels like a good workout.  You wanna know how to make a TM workout feel like time's flying?  Try aqua jogging......boooooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!  You'll be hugging your TM and sending it flowers.  The leg is feeling much better but I still feel it so Monday I'll be back in the pool.  Can't wait.

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                      Hi All,


                      Long time since I posted, but I do come on here occasionally to see what everyone is up to


                      Miele, sorry to learn about your possible stress fracture, but shouldn't you get an x-ray or an MRI to be sure (health insurance permiting)


                      Either way, hope you get better some. Why not give up running all together for the 4-6 weeks and swim. You may come back even stronger...


                      Run the Brooklyn Half in May, missed PR by 2 seconds. But was very pleased because I didn't expect to be anywhere near PR pace.


                      Other than that, ran a nice 5K around the Meadowlands Stadium with the finish in the end zone. Visit of the Giant's locker rooms after the race. Would have prefered Candlestick Park. I now have a Giants T-shirt that I don't know what to do with..........


                      Time was 25.30, more than a minute of PR form - this Brit does handle the heat and humidity very well (at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...)


                      Good running to all

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                        Hey 2ft!!!-  It's good to hear from you.  I was afraid you were suffering from injuries so it's nice to hear you're still running/racing.  Hopefully without PF or achilles problems.  Congrats on your near PR HM!  I had a race like that recently so I know the feeling of having a surprisingly good race.  Did you realize you were so close in the final mile?  I had no idea since I didn't set my watch to overall time.


                        About the possible sfx.  You're right that I should go get it checked out but everything I've read says it won't stop at just x-rays.  I have catastrophic insurance which means everything would be out of pocket right now (high deductible).  And the pockets are running low.


                        I've decided to treat it like a stress fracture and take 4 weeks off at the very least.  Longer if I feel any pain testing it out.  Until then it's aqua jogging and maybe at some point I can incorporate spinning.


                        Humidity is bad, bad, bad.  You'll do much better in the fall.  It sounds like it was a fun race ending up in the stadium like it did.  I guess your daughter isn't a Giants fan, either?


                        There's a race here that finishes in ATT park.  You could possibly get another Giants shirt.  Not very convenient for you but it's there.  I don't think there are any races finishing in Candlestick.  I'll have to do some research on that......

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                          Jan -- it's not about being nice, I'm just a pushover.  Which is why when I get mad, I get really mad ... I'm making up for lost time!  Hey, I thought the best time to sign up for a race is during the post-race glow!  (Don't look at me... I like to register as late as I possibly can.)


                          miele -- nope, nothing.  I'm going around in circles with them.  There is a results correction form in which you can tell them your Garmin time, but I've already filled out the damn thing twice, and now they're directing me toward it a third time.  I mean, seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!  ENOUGH!!!  I was always curious about pool running -- do you actually move forward, or are you running in place?  And yes, a sfx wouldn't show up on an X ray this early anyway, so you'd probably have to get an MRI or bone scan afterward.  (My insurance insists on X rays before authorizing MRIs, because the former are cheaper.  Never mind that if I KNOW something won't show up on it, it's cheaper to not bother...)


                          Two-Foot-Shuffle -- oh, hey, you got your results from that race?!  Luck you.  Joking


                          me -- I ran a little over 7 with a friend this morning... 89% humidity.  Heaven help me.  It's not that bad when I'm not racing, because running slower requires less oxygen, but still not exactly pleasant.  I hope this is just Mother Nature getting the humidity out of her system so I don't have to deal with that on Thursday!


                          Oh, and so we're clear, no, I still don't have my results.  They're telling me to search using my last name instead of my NYRR membership number.  Hello?  How will that help?  First of all, I never searched using my NYRR membership number in the first place, and second of all, it doesn't matter how I search if my chip didn't register!  (And I searched using bib number, name, NYRR membership number [now], as well as looking through the overall results for my general finish time.  I'm not there.  Why is this so impossibly difficult to understand?!)

                          chasing 5:59


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                          If you ask

                            Miele - I had a pre-stress fracture once, a few years ago.  Yes, had the bone scan (had insurance).  I wore a boot for about six weeks.  When it came off, doc told me to run a mile, every other day for three runs in a week, then build to 2 miles...   I went home, ran three miles, then ran normally until my half Marathon 5 weeks later.  Didn't PR, but didnt try... I think I ran a 2:07ish.   I kept the boot, and actually used it again, after I turned my ankle at last June's trail race (Didnt go to doc) Couldn't walk on it so wore the boot for two days, then was fine.  I just read an article about the benefits of pool running. Do you use a noodle or a Vest? We take the train into Philly on marathon morning, walk about 3-4 blocks to the race.  It's not bad, except the train steps coming home.  My advice for you is to continue the soft music, and buy chocolates.


                            Blue - stupid race...stupid chip... Stupid stupid.  If that happened to me, I would probably just walk away and never participate in any events held by that group.  I heard that a lot of runners prefer to run races, like 5k, without a watch.  I'm thinking of doing the same for my 4 miler on July 4.  Wear it for info, but not look.  Ugh I'm dreading this race!!


                            And a big "HEY HEY" to paden, wolf, jan, Tara, shuffle, hector, and Stever.  Zelanie, I hope you are better soon!


                            Me - not running as often, but only because I finished the marathon on May 26, and start marathon training in two weeks so I'm chilling while I can.  Ran 9 miles last Saturday, then a 6 mile somewhat speed workout on the track on Sunday. It was soooo humid for two miles then it just poured rain and it was great!   Ran a hilly 6.25 miles on Weds, a tempo 6 miles yesterday, and a 7 mile "death march" today. It was so freaking humid!!!   4 miler race is this July 4, then bagels while we watch the parade!  I can't wait to be eating that bagel.  I don't really like this race...

                            • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
                            • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
                            • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)


                              Hi Miele. Glad to say the PF and Achilles is not giving me too much grief at the moment. Post-run stretching seems to be helping a lot. But we shall see how things go when I increase mileage over the summer. Not yet commited to doing a Fall marathon, might just do HM / 10K races.

                              I should be an automatic qualifier for New York 2014 (9+1), and am also tempted by  a Spring marathon in UK: Marathon of the North in Sunderland. More about that later.....

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                              Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 



                                blue-  You need to just put that race out of your head.  They suck.  Not worth the energy it takes to think about it.  So you and 2ft ran the same race?  Are you a Giants fan?  About the pool running.  I'm trying not to move forward so much since I have a limited range before my feet start hitting the bottom.  Today I did better since I figured out I can use my hands to push against the water without disturbing my arm motion too much.  I'm sure there's some rationale behind ordering x-rays first instead of going straight to the test we know would pinpoint the problem.  Maybe to discount something?  I don't know.  I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt but it's tough when it's all out-of-pocket until you reach your deductible and you just keep getting sent for tests you know aren't going to pinpoint the problem.  Good luck on the 4th!


                                Edith-  You made me laugh when you said you ran 3 instead of the 1 mile the doctor recommended.......but, hey, it worked out, right?  Did you have the bump/knot thing along the side of your shinbone?  Was it painful when you pressed down?  I'm hoping it's just a bone bruise like Jan suggested but since there was never any discoloration I doubt that's the case.  The gym has an aqua running belt which I use.  It rides up a bit since it's a large but I'm making it work.  I feel like I'm 4 years old again when I put it on.  I need to find a race next year with a prize of a year's supply of chocolate (like your race but closer) so I can have a constant source conveniently located in a drawer near me.   Good luck on the 4th!  Sorry you don't like that race......Oh, and before I forget again, how was the movie?  Was your friend in it a lot?  I checked out the website and I can buy the DVD which I'll do closer to my marathon.


                                2ft-  Why Sunderland?  Are you from there?  I'll have to google it and check it out......Ok, just checked it out.  From the looks of the spectators it would seem the weather is nice and cool.  They did mention that the conditions weren't conducive to fast racing so I guess it must've rained.  Course is pretty flat.  Could be interesting!


                                me-  Sat. night was the first time I felt absolutely no pain when I poked and prodded the shin along that particular spot.  So that's good.  I 'ran' again in the pool today 55 minutes.  IF my leg still feels good on Thursday I might try a spin class.  I might not stand up on the bike.  We'll see.  Has anybody else been watching the bloodbath of Wimbledon?  Kinda crazy.

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