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    Edith -- yeah, I wasn't too fond of NYRR in the first place.  I never would have paid to do this race, but I won an entry to it.  Still, even if I didn't pay for it, I'd like to be able to claim credit for actually having done it!  If you don't want to do this July 4th race, why are you??  (...says the person who is putting her affairs in order in anticipation of a July 4th race.)


    2ft -- someone I know did that race this year (Marathon of the North) and said it was wonderful.  Then again, she won the damn thing, so...


    miele -- not really a Giants fan, I just like free races!  Until they cause untold grief afterward, anyway.  I know for a fact that they want an X ray first because it's cheaper; they told me so.  And they didn't seem to care when I told them that new stress fractures don't show up on X rays.  Anyway, I hope you keep not having pain!


    me -- I am happy to report that it only took eight days, twelve emails, five phone calls, and numerous social media messages to finally get my official time listed!  How they decided on this, I have no idea, but it's only three seconds off my Garmin time so it seems about right.  24:08 -- not a PR.  Surprise, surprise.  But it really would have been a surprise if I were able to PR in that pea soup.  Ugh.

    chasing 5:59


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    If you ask

      Miele - I don't remember a knot, but the area was quite painful when the Chiro pushed on it.   It was a nagging type of pain that prevented me from running over 3 miles.  I sure hope you are better soon, although pool running at this time of the year isn't the worst thing to be doing.  "Spirit of the Marathon 2" was good...not great.  The first one, IMHO, was better, as I liked how it started with the people in training and ended with the marathon.  The second one jumped around a lot.  The guy I know, Cliff Scott, was a high school cross country coach.  The student I worked with ran CC (she is deaf, I was her interpreter). He was always trying to get me to run.. I started the year after she graduated.   Don't stand on the bike if you do that spin class.  Buy some kinesio tape (bright pink, heehee) and tape it to your leg so the other  snobby women in the class (yes, I assume most are snobby, running on treadmills with their hair down and flowy, with color coordinated sports bra and socks) can see that you are injured.


      Blue - oh, well if it was free.... Glad to hear you (finally) got your results.  Which do you think was harder, getting the results or running the race?? Big grin    The race I am running is in my brother's town.  It is a 4 mile race with 3 big hills and an incline on the last half mile.  It is a really  an old home town thing with a huge parade... In fact, the last half mile is the main road and people are all set up for the parade so the cheering is GREAT.  Afterwards, we go to my bro's house to watch the parade and eat fruit and bagels.  That's what I look forward to. I was hoping for a PR but right now I'm not feeling it.  Good luck with the 5k.

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      • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
      • Labor Pain 12 Hour Endurance - August 31 (50k...or more!)


        wow so much to catch up on- I will miss a few people sorry


        Bluerun- congrats on getting your race results lol It seems it took more effort to get the results than actually running the race...  I am sure the next race will go smoother. I will send you positive thoughts!!!


        Miele - I hope the aqua jogging works for you and keeps you fit and safe for recovery!  Good luck


        Me : just doing my thing in the hot hot weather.  Ran 8.6miles on Sunday and it was HOT geez.  I barely held a 8.24pace and that felt like death on a sandwich.  Finished last week with 28 miles total.  This week probably will be around 36?  I will be cranking the miles up to 40ish the next week or two and holding it there for awhile.  Today ran a 5.6 miler at 7.47pace and it was tough but the heat was ok this morning.  I think my next runs will be at night. I am tired of these Planet Mercury type temperatures Disapprove  Anyways, glad to be back to 4 days a week and looking forward to running more.  HAPPY 4th of July everyone if I don't get to say it later.  I will be hiking up to the mountains about 5-6miles and camping up there for the night to watch the fireworks from the mountain top.  Anyone else doing any cool activities?

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          Edith - Enjoy the race and the bagels.....


          Blue - Glad you got the results, but EGAD - should NOT have taken that much effort.


          Miele - Sorry to hear about the injury - running in the pool would probably make the treadmill look glam....but at least it's nice it feeling better at all given the rest?  Oh and I don't think Adidas has a bad rap as a running shoe, but not very many ppl I know where them...most everyone in my group is on the Asics or Sacony bus and I just happen to like Adidas....


          Wolf - Happy hiking to you.....


          Zelanie - Hope the PT is progressing and you are feeling better.


          Me - I'll be attempting a 5 miler on the 4th - the weather in Boston is steamy - but I have a hard workout to do anyway, so I figured why not.  Also trying to decide whether or not to commit to a full marathon in October......any opinions, input would be appreciated....

          Ready, go.


            Hope everyone has something fun planned for the 4th.


            Sounds like several of us will be running.  I'll be running a 10 mile Firecracker race.  Weather is actually looking pretty good especially for July 4th in Texas.  Race time temp is forecast for 66 degrees climbing to right around 70 when I should finish.  Moderate humidity and moderate wind so hopefully it will turn out like the forecast.


            Been running low miles the last month so not planning on trying to set any land speed records, but am thinking I will shoot for something around an 8:15 pace.  Last year my official time was 1:32:59 for a 9:18 avg pace on a warm windy day, so I think a good starting point would be to try to beat that time by 10 minutes for an average pace of 8:18 or better.  If the weather turns out like it is forecast I think I should be able to pull that off without too much pain and suffering.


            Will be a good test of where my fitness level actually is one way or the other.

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              tara-enjoy your run on the 4th! I'm sure there will be many doing the same thing.


              jan-next "big" run is my first marathon, Sept 22. There are a few 5 and 10k peppered along the way.


              miele-how's recovery? Hope you feel better soon.


              me-I did my first Spartan race with my son this Sunday. It was a 13km (maybe more) run in the hills, filled with neck-high mud pits and 20 obstacles. The race went well, until I slipped off the monkey bars and did a twisted landing on my left leg. Knee Pain!!! But was able to continue without issues for about 2 more hours, until I scaled a 6 foot wall and landed the same way on the same leg. Sh*t!! That one hurt a lot. Was in fetal position for about 5 minutes. But was able to do the last few obstacles, a short swim, fire log jump, 45° wall climb and rappelled down. Next day my knee swelled like a balloon and it was stiff and sore.

              My biggest fear was a torn ACL or similar.
              Just came back from PT, and it seems nothing more than a severe bruise around the knee. Ligaments felt intact, as she pulled and pushed, and nothing seemed to be out of order. That's good news. Bad news, no running for 2 weeks, or karate for a bit longer. Back on the bike to get the knee in shape.

              Going back to the Spartan race, it was extremely challenging, as some of the hills were like 30 minute climbs, straight up.
              Towards the last legs of the race, there were some gravel paths, perfect for running. I ran those paths at a decent pace, just behind 2 other runners. Everyone else was walking this section. As we passed the walkers, the looked at us and in amazement said "look at these guys, still running after all that". I had a big smile inside. Big grin  And these guys were 1/2 my age and from an earlier heat.

              The best part of the race was starting with my son, and running together for most of it. When I got hurt, I told him to go ahead. But towards the end, I caught up to him, and as we crossed together. He beat me by 1 second. I don't mind getting beat like that at all.Smile


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                Hi folks!  Good luck to all of tomorrow's racers!


                Bluerun- Glad you were able to get your results finally.


                Stever- That sounds like quite a race!  Congrats on finishing it, and I'm glad the knee was just bruised!


                Jan- Glad you've found a routine that works for you!


                miele- I was literally LOL about sending flowers to my TM after pool running!  I hope that it gets more interesting for you with time.


                Two-foot- Sounds like everybody ran that 5k!


                Edith- I hope the bagel is fantastic!  What flavors are there?  I don't treat myself to bagels very often, so I might have to enjoy your bagel tales. Wink


                Wolfwalker- Enjoy the camping trip.  We finally sat down and tried to schedule one here, before all of the summer weekends fill up!


                Tara- Good luck tomorrow!


                npaden- Your pace improvement over the year is so inspiring!  Love to see how much faster you have gotten!


                me- My miles are coming back thanks to the magic of tape.  I'm hoping to get to 30 MPW soonish and then hold there for a bit until it feels normal.  I figure that's a level that I could run a HM on.  I prefer more, but it's doable.  Thinking more and more about an October HM.  I won't have time for a solid training cycle, but hopefully will be at the point where I can run and enjoy it, and if the knee isn't complaining, could probably PR anyway.


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                  Edith -- well, the race was over a lot faster!  So there's that.  I hope your race went well.  I know that at least you enjoyed the bagels, right?!


                  Wolf -- yeah, I'm pretty tired of this weather too.  And it's only the beginning of summer!!


                  Tara -- hope your race went well!  I tend to keep my mouth shut on marathon matters since, um, I know nothing and have never run one.


                  Zelanie -- isn't tape a miracle?!  I've never run a HM on more than 30 MPW, which my coach tells me is not ideal, but... I figure it's better to do that than be broken and not able to run at all.  I'm becoming a big believer in getting the most out of the least amount of running, which sounds weird, but, you know.


                  me -- I RAN A 5K PR TODAY!!  Don't ask me how it happened, since the weather was absolutely brutal (75°, 94% humidity), but it happened.  23:20, a 35-second PR.  If I were two years older, I would have placed in my AG.  But I'd take a PR over an AG award any day.

                  If you're interested in my random rambling, full RR here:


                  Hope everyone has a fantastic July 4th!

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog

                    Congrats bluerun.  Fall racing season should be really good for you if you are setting PRs in this weather.


                    I did better than expected on my 10 mile race this morning, although the weather ended up pretty nice.  Low 70's and humidity in the upper 40's.


                    I thought I went across the line at 1:20:55, but the tentative results showed 1:21:05.  Either one is a HUGE improvement from my time of 1:32:59 last year.  Average pace this year was 8:05 compared to 9:18 last year so very happy with that.  I did get first in the fat boy division, after the cruise last week I qualify pretty easily, back up to 207 lbs!


                    Had a big first for me today....  I didn't get chicked!  Wink  I think it was mainly because the woman that normally wins the female overall ran the 3 miler instead of the 10 miler and the woman that usually gets second was volunteering today, but hey, I'll take it.


                    Pretty consistent splits.  Fairly flat course, one small valley in mile 3 and mile 8.  You can actually see a tiny fluctuation there.


                    Splits (GPS Interval)
                     TypeDistance Split settingsDurationTotal DurationPaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
                    1 Manual 1 mi 8:10.88 8:10.88 8:11 164 179  
                    2 Manual 1 mi 8:04.32 16:15.2 8:05 172 176  
                    3 Manual 1 mi 8:04.07 24:19.27 8:05 172 178  
                    4 Manual 1 mi 8:05.67 32:24.94 8:06 174 178  
                    5 Manual 1 mi 8:02.98 40:27.92 8:03 177 183  
                    6 Manual 1 mi 8:01.95 48:29.87 8:02 177 182  
                    7 Manual 1 mi 8:01.2 56:31.07 8:02 178 182  
                    8 Manual 1 mi 8:09.77 1:04:40.84 8:10 181 196  
                    9 Manual 1 mi 8:00.34 1:12:41.18 8:01 182 188  
                    10 Manual 1 mi 8:03.57 1:20:44.75 8:04 185 196  
                    11 Manual 0.04 mi 0:17.25 1:21:02 7:12 189 189


                    Not sure the heart rate readings are accurate, I thought my max HR was 194 and I've been having some issues with my HRM the last few times I wore it.  It seemed to be reading correctly but I didn't notice the 196 readings until I downloaded the results just now.


                    Our son ran the 1 mile fun run and he improved from 13:24 last year to 11:24 this year so that was pretty cool.  He could do a lot better if he actually tried, but I'm not sure I could have run a mile when I was 6 years old.


                    Here we are after the race with our bling.


                    Nathan and Eli

                    Oh well, had a good time and ready to light some fireworks off tonight.


                    Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

                    Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                    Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)



                      blue-  Yay for the PR!!!  Finally a race that worked out for you.  The distance was accurate, right?  The results are official, right?  And, yeah, too bad you're not older......I'm going to read your RR once I've posted.


                      Edith-  We're having some kind of freakishly hot weather.  It's been in triple digits for over a week now.  Usually these spells last a few days before the temps drop a little so I'm glad the pool is inside since I'm not a big fan of scorching, blistering sun.  Too bad about the film.  I guess I just assumed they'd follow people through the training which I would find interesting, too.  Good idea about taping the leg.  I've got some KT tape somewhere (and I do believe it's hot pink.  Blech.  But it was all they had in stock at the time).  What's up with the women with long hair who don't put it in a pony tail or something?  I can't even look at them because the loose hair bothers me.  And don't forget the full makeup.  And God forbid there's perfume involved.  I could tolerate/ignore just about anything but a cloud of perfume choking me.  Ok, I'm going to stop now 'cause you got me started........I won't stand up on the bike.  How was the race?  The bagels?


                      Wolfy-  It must be even hotter down there.  Good job getting your runs in.  You're almost back up to speed as far as mileage is concerned.  Enjoy the hiking!  I know you didn't have any fast food before the trip.  We're not doing anything special here for the 4th but I will make a festive watermelon margarita (red).  I might put a blueberry on top (blue).  I don't know what I could put on it for white...cream cheese?  I don't think that would work.


                      Tara-  I say yes to the marathon!  Why not?  Do you have the time to train?  Is the race convenient?  My leg feels as good as new but I'm afraid to test it out since it's only been two weeks.  I would definitely try Adidas if I found a bargain.  I've always liked the looks but, as we all know, that's not why we should buy running shoes.


                      Nathan-  Great race!  Congrats to you and your DS!  Nice pacing, too.  You gained 7 lbs. on the cruise?!?!?  Wow.  I've heard they have great food and drinks pretty much constantly available but that's a pretty impressive gain.  No worries.  You'll lose it quickly in the summer heat.


                      stever-  Holy cow!  I hope your knee is OK.  (you could always pool run, couldn't you?) Nice that you were able to finish with your son.


                      Zelanie-  That's great news about the knee.  You should definitely run the HM in October.  As long as your knee is cooperating, that is.


                      me-  Another day of pool running.  I had a little panic since the aqua jogging belt seems to have disappeared from the gym.  I took a deep breath, regrouped and tied a noodle thing around my waist and it worked perfectly.  Then I tried to swim some laps.  I've got to loosen up the goggles cuz they're leaving me with raccoon eyes.  Attractive.

                      Happy 4th!

                      10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                      If you ask

                        Wolf - the hike/camping sounds really cool.  Unlike the weather...


                        tara - if you have the time to build up the miles, and you have the time to train, then I say, "yes!"  you should run a marathon.   But this is from someone who doesn't really do things logically.  I'm not a numbers gal, monitoring my HR, pace, etc., ad nauseum, nor have I ever exactly followed a training plan. BUT, I haven't totally screwed up anything with my running, so...


                        stever - what a great race with your son!  Glad you were not too badly injured.  I did a few of those mud runs, but I just prefer real trail runs, the only obstacles being God's mud, downed trees, hills, and/or streams, nothing man-made. Although, one time at a trail race the RD had to cut out part of his route, and bc it was the part with the water crossing, he had us run through a kiddie pool. Haha. It was funny.


                        Zelanie - I think, for sure, you can train for a HM on 30 mPw. My brother trains for everything up to marathon distance, but only can run 3 -4 days per week, most often 3.   I had a French toast type bagel with a cream cheese spread my SIL makes, with walnuts and raisins and such.  Delish!!


                        Blue - congrats on the PR!!  I saw that if I had run a 5k with my friend instead of my 4 miler, I would've won my AG. Oh well...


                        Paden - what a great pic!  Congrats to both you and your son!!


                        Miele -  ugh, make-up and perfume?  I must admit to wearing mascara to races, as it helps me look (a little) better in pics.  I've stood at starting lines with guys and's just awful!!   I have to laugh at the pic of you I have in my mind, running in a pool, wrapped in a noodle!!   And with goggles!!  sounds so lovely!   Add your "race-face" and we have a FANTASTIC photo op.


                        me - I am thinking that I need to remove my self from this forum, as problems and/or injuries seem to be contagious.   Yesterday I thought I ran the WORST race ever, it was so hot and humid and hilly, but I had a PR by almost 45 seconds. I crossed the finish at 33:04.  Today the results are listed at 33:10 (still a PR but WRONG, I remember the freaking :04 as I almost beat 33). My brother ran a PR of 26:12 and today his results are listed at 26:22  HUGE DIFFERENCE.  His PR was 26:21.  So now I need to contact someone. So frustrating.  I didnt wear my watch, and it was great to just run by feel.  I believe my 1st, 2nd, and 4th miles were run at about an 8 m/m, the 3rd is the hardest, almost all uphill, was my 9m/m.  Now i need to find a flat 5k. But after the race the bagels, fresh fruit, coffee, lemonade, while watching a terrific parade,  was fun. Oh, and I think I found my marathon training plan.  Yay.


                        Quadzilla 15k trail race is next Sunday. I just saw on twitter that it's called the "oh sh*t" race.

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                        • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
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                          npaden -- Nice race!  That is quite an improvement.  And congrats on winning your division.


                          miele -- yes, and yes!  I mean, my Garmin measured 3.19, but I've run this course twice before and it measured 3.15, so... I didn't run the tangents as well as I could have?  I'm glad to hear that your leg is feeling better, but I totally get why you'd want to give it some more time.


                          Edith -- oh, it's your turn now??  Things like that are why I won't race without a watch, even if I don't look at it.  I need proof.  Joking  I hope you manage to get it sorted out a lot more easily than I did!


                          me -- not only did I have my official results within a couple of hours, the pictures are even ready!  I usually don't notice course photographers, but I did this time, and I was expecting some truly frightening shots because dying is not an attractive look.  They're actually not bad!  With the exception of the finish line picture, in which I do look like I'm dying... I've always wanted a finish line picture like that, I usually look like I've just taken a stroll through the park and that just annoys me for some reason.  I'm weird.  Anyway, I actually really like this picture, but I am cringing at the price, so I don't think I'm going to buy it.  (And Tara, I am wearing adidas shoes!)


                          chasing 5:59


                          because i never shut up ... i blog

                            Tara - Go for the Marathon!!! You will not regret it ( except at mile 20-26 where you will be cursing me for telling you won't regret it LOL)


                            Stever- Get that injury fixed quick brother.  Karate and running needs you out there!!  Very cool finish with your son for sure.


                            Zelanie : So happy to hear about your progress.  30mw is AWESOME considering 2-3 weeks ago eh?


                            Blue : Fantastic effort and congrats on the new PR! Great pic and RR.  So happy you found the groove and didn't have some lousy race director screwing something up lol


                            Nathan : Awesome 10 miler.  Tough distance and tough pace.  Now that you are right there, you will be pushing it down to the mid 70's in my opinion!!  I like that your son is out there ripping it up too. I think he will be pushing 40m/weeks soon hehe


                            Miele - Sounds like the aqua jog activities is starting to pay dividends.  I look forward to hearing your story about getting out there and testing out the "new leg"


                            Edith : Nice PR.  I think it was 3/3 for the sub 2 HM racers all getting PRs on July 4th.   45 sec PR is like 15 secs a mile improvement. GREAT JOB!!


                            Me : I ran 5.6 miles on tues and weds with paces of 7.47 and 7.53.  They were both steamy slogs through 90' heat but somehow managed to keep both below 8.00pace.   Still can't believe how tired one feels during the heat. Such a weird physiological side effect. I will try to push another run tonight, maybe another 5.6er then running 10 miles on Sunday for my long run.  Didn't get many miles in this week but add the 10-12 miles for my hike last night and it will be close enough.  Last night's hike went great.  It took my 1 hour to walk 3.2 miles uphill with my pack on.  This is all blacktop roads.  The last 2 miles or so are all trails straight up the mountains.  Add another 40 minutes.  Felt great despite the heat and arrived / setup my tent by 800pm.  At 8:30 the whole valley was lighting off fireworks and by 9:00pm the big shows started.  I could see a 180 view of the cities stretching for probably 75miles. Visibility was perfect and I was way up there.  Woke up at 5 something this morning and left camp at 6:05am.  Enjoyable night, one of the best ways to watch fireworks in my opinion. I had the best seat in the house I think.   The elevation was fun my house is around 1300 feet and I was at a point around 3100 or so.  Fun vertical hike and great payoff.  Next year doing it again for the 3rd time Smile  Have a great weekend everyone

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                            10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                            Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

                            Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

                            Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                            Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


                              Happy belated 4th of July everyone!


                              wolf - What an awesome way to watch the fireworks! That's a very cool annual tradition.


                              blue - Great race pic! I say go ahead and splurge - you deserve to have it. There's some serious air under both of your feet, and that just doesn't happen very often in race pics!


                              Edith - Congrats on your PR yesterday, but how frustrating about the incorrect time. How can things get so screwed with chip timing? I hope they get it corrected.


                              miele - I'm glad your leg is feeling better. I think you should hide the aqua jogger, just so no one messes with it. I can't swim - at all - but when we were in Arizona I got in the pool and kicked around a bit. I became very attached to a large orange noodle, and the day a little kid got it before me I was not happy. The watermelon margarita sounds delicious!


                              Nathan - Congrats on your PR! You ran an excellent race. Congrats to your son too - he's a cutie.


                              Zelanie - I think 30 miles a week is just fine for HM training. Hopefully the tape continues to help. I tried KT tape once - my son and I bought some and tried to follow the video on RW to tape each other's knees. Huge fail!


                              stever - Nice job on the Spartan race!! Very cool how you caught your son and finished with him. Sorry about the knee, but thank goodness it wasn't something that would require surgery. I'm sure you'll be back stronger than ever after your 2 weeks of biking.


                              Tara - I'm with the others - go for the full in October. I ran one last Oct., and training over the summer and early fall worked out great. How did your race go yesterday?


                              Me - Nothing much going on here. The weather is finally hot - yay!! I've been maintaining around 30-35 mpw running and about 50-60 on my bike. During yesterday's 10 miler I realized how beneficial the cycling has been to my endurance. Now that I have a bike that fits (shhh, don't tell DH how much it cost), it's made a huge difference. I don't hate cycling anymore! Next Sunday we're running a half in Missoula. Montana isn't one of the states on my list of places I want to go, and I don't even remember why I thought I wanted to run that race. Oh well, it'll be an adventure, I'm sure.


                              Happy running everyone!

                              PR's: 5k - 23:33/ 10k - 48:30/ 5 mi. - 39:21/ 13.1 - 1:53/ 26.2 recent - 4:34


                              Upcoming races: Resolution Run HM 1/1/13

                                                          Phoenix R&R    HM 1/20/13



                                Edith-  First of all, you can't leave us.  Period.  Just keep repeating, 'I won't get injured, I won't get injured' and you'll counteract any bad juju coming from this thread.   Congrats on the PR!  This running without looking at the watch thing might catch on with all these new PRs.  Sooooooo, what's the plan?  You can't just say you've found your training plan and leave it at that.  Sheesh.  So here's the full picture of me in the pool:  I've got a bright yellow noodle wrapped around my waist, my silver swim cap on (although I don't actually put on my goggles until I try to swim laps), my arms and legs are pumping like mad, I'm ignoring everybody, no eye contact since I know I look totally silly, and my game face is kinda like the expression of Nathan's boy.  I'm fierce.  And of course I have the runner's tan so my upper thighs and belly are even pastier white than the rest of me.  I should have gotten that swim cap I found that was orange and yellow with fish eyes and a fin on top just to complete the picture but I went with silver.  Talk about a missed opportunity.  Oh, and I'm going to get some waterproof mascara to wear.  That's completely acceptable.  The RD of your race might come back with a time adjustment if he gets enough feedback that the time's are consistently off.


                                blue-  That's a really nice pic!  You look so relaxed and you're floating!  Love the red, white and blue.  All of my pics are terrible.  I look like death in every single one.  I try and ignore the photographers.   What adidas shoes do you wear?  They look nice and really light.


                                Wolfy-  That sounds like a spectacular evening!  That's a good tradition to have.  Have you gotten cooler weather the past couple of days?  The heat wave finally broke up here and it's so pleasant now.


                                Jan-  Someone took the aqua jogger.  It's gone.  They've only got blue and yellow noodles.  No cool, orange ones.  Dangit.  You could've taken that noodle from that little girl.  She really needs to learn how to swim, anyway, so you would've been doing her a favor.  I tried to use a kickboard a couple of times and I kicked like mad till I realized I wasn't going anywhere.  How is that possible?  You should work on your swimming because I wouldn't be surprised if, one day, you announced you were signing up for a tri.


                                Tara-  How'd it go?


                                me-  Being lazy.  Friday at the gym I decided to do legs which I haven't done in a couple of weeks.  Just body weight exercises so I didn't feel like I was doing much of anything.  My hamstrings are a little sore so I must've done something right.   I didn't get around to a spin class but I'm hoping Tues will be the day for that.  It's been 2 1/2 weeks of no running so far.  I'm really tempted to test the leg since it feels fine now.  I'm telling myself to be patient.

                                10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48