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    Wolfwalker- Good luck tomorrow!  Attempting to run at PR pace solo is quite a challenge!  I am impressed that you are able to do that.  I need race day magic for sure to be able to run at race pace.


    miele- I'm glad you've found a couple of different ways to stay active during your down time!


    Jan- Good luck in Missoula!  Are you doing the full or the half?  Somebody I know from another group is doing the half tomorrow.


    Stever- Glad the knee is improving!


    Two-foot- Nice job in the rain!  Was the bath towel totally soaked by the time your daughter got it to you anyway? Smile


    me- My trail run went great, but it was super challenging!  I didn't realize that "straight up the ridge" seems to be the standard run out here, so we gained about 900 feet in less than 2 miles, then ran down close to 1000 feet before leveling out for a total of 6 miles.   And I don't know that I have ever "run" as slowly as I did going up the hill!  I did walk one small portion, and we had to stop right after the top because my dog insisted on a rest.  She was good the rest of the way, though, especially once we got to what was left of the stream.


    My knee did not even complain one little bit on the downhill, which gives me a whole lot of confidence in it.  That's with it taped, of course, so it might be time to try running with it uptaped for my shortest, flattest weekly run and see what happens.


    So the biggest challenge to my running now seems to be my current fitness, rather than the knee.  Sometimes I still feel frustrated that my longest run is still only 6 miles, because I know it will be work to get the distance back on my LRs.  But I would have given a lot even a month ago to be where I am now.

      wolf-good luck with the HM, get that PR!!


      2foot-that's so nice about your daughter thinking about you in the rain. I agree, I'll take rain over crazy heat, but snow over rain. I live in Canada you see, eh!


      zelanie-are you using KT tape for your knee? Glad it's feeling better.


      me-planning a 13.5k today. probably in the evening, too hot and humid right now. Hope the knee keeps up, will make it a slow pace (around 6-6:30 per km).


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        Stever- I use Leukotape, following the McConnell taping method (though actually I just use one layer of Leukotape, not 3, because that seems to be enough to do the trick in my case).  Good luck on your run!


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          Edith -- heat is hard!!  I know this, but my ego doesn't, which just makes it even worse.  I don't run the day before a race unless it's on the AlterG, because I'm a delicate little creature who can't run two days in a row... but I think that the races in which I HAVE run on the AlterG the day before were all good ones.  So if I weren't so fragile, I'd probably do it.


          Tara -- I don't know anymore!  I can't find a half, so I might end up  having to wait until February for Tel Aviv.  I just don't know.  Congrats on winning your AG, that's an awesome time!


          npaden -- cute picture!  I love how they're scattered all over the road like that...


          miele -- I've been holding myself back from buying the PureConnect2 men's version... because those are my favorite shoes ever, and I NEED them in red.  Can you imagine, I had to race in Ronins today because I needed red shoes to match my team uniform!  I NEED RED CONNECTS.  I'm glad to hear your leg is doing so much better.  Also, froyo?!  I'm jealous.


          Jan -- a cold race sounds like heaven to me, what are you talking about?!  84% humidity today.  I wanted to die.


          Two-Foot-Shuffle -- yep, there's one on Labor Day... I'm either going to run the 5K or volunteer, depending on my race schedule.  I don't decide these things until the last possible second most of the time!


          Wolf -- how did it go??


          Zelanie -- yay, the knee is behaving!  Baby steps.


          me -- So my pelvis has been scaring the crap out of me since last week... it just doesn't feel right.  If I didn't have the tri relay today, I probably wouldn't have run.  It seems to have held up okay, but it still doesn't feel normal, so I am taking a massive cutback this week, no non-AlterG runs.  It may extend to next week, since I would seriously sooner kill myself than fracture my pelvis again.


          But oh, I did snag a 10K PR.  It doesn't feel very satisfying since I half-assed the entire race -- I NEVER walk during races, but I walked a lot during this one because I just didn't care.  Somehow I wound up with a 13-second PR (50:22).  I look forward to smashing my sub-49:00 goal in the fall, but I really don't think I like the 10K distance very much.  It's too short to run by the hope you won't drop dead, but not really long enough to be LONG.

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            Stever = Good luck on your long run today.  I think you will be rocking it out.  Just dodge the fireballs and flamethrowers on your hot day lol


            bluerun - Congrats on the PR!  I am in agreement with you regarding 10k distance.  It is one of my least run distances and probably for the same reasons you mentioned.  I would rather run a 9k even which is my "everyday " run or a 15k before choosing a 10k.  At least I don't feel weird now not liking 10ks lol  Hope you get the pelvis issues worked out. That has to suck really bad.


            Me : Well I got my Half marathon PR today wooohoo  by ..... wait for it........   2seconds Smile  My old time 1:42.28 and this one 1:42.26 !!

            The data =  first 2.8 miles = 21.36 ( 7.42pace) through 5.1miles = 39.36 (7:45pace) last 8 miles I ran in 62.50 = ( 7.51pace) all of this equaled 7:48pace for the total.  I made a mistake on my old pace for my Pr saying it was a 7:47. it was really a 7:48 pace like today.


            I only slept around 4 hours so i was tired but I pigged out yesterday on carbs so I had plenty of energy.  The weather was around 70' and super humid. I didnt check the dew point or anything but it was raining on me for a few minutes so you can imagine.  I enjoyed every minute of the run.  I had a smile going, waving to people, checking out the birds flying around.  The sun was peeking through the heavy clouds making the sun rays which shine through, and I love to see that.  It was just a sweet run and even sweeter to PR on it.  Other than my marathon in beginning of june I haven't set any PR's since May and that was for 8 miles.  The rest of my PRs were all set back in April as I was running pretty quick then.  I wasn't sure if I could pull off a PR today.  I was checking my watch until the 5.1 mile mark and I knew I had to run my hardest to beat my old time.  The last 8 miles I didn't check my watch until I finished the run.  Then I forgot my old PR and didn't even knew if I beat my old time.... I had to wait 4 hours until I returned home to find out.  So anyways, long story short, I am happy, set a new PR, feeling recovered and feeling strong.  I hope everyone enjoys the warm weekend and is safe. Cheers!

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              Hey All.  I'm skipping the personals because things are a bit hectic here.  I had my race today, but prior to today, my dad went into the hospital on Thursday, and had open heart surgery on Friday.    So I've been crazy at the hospital; not getting much sleep.


              Anyway, he is doing pretty well today.   Once I saw, on Saturday night, that things were progressing well, I decided to run Quadzilla to take a break from everything and get out and RUN.  I decided to put no pressure on myself.  I actually ran a PR (unofficially, 9 minutes) and had just an amazing run, feeling quite strong despite fatigue, humidity, heat, and hills.


              Take care all.   Be safe and be well.

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                edith-God bless, I hope all turns out well for your dad. I know it's very hard to focus when a family member is hospitalized. Be strong and have faith, all will work out.


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                  Edith-  So sorry to hear about your Dad but glad to hear he's progressing well.  BIL had open heart surgery last year and he's better now than he's been in years.  Sending positive, healing thoughts to your Dad.  Hang in there.

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                    managed my longest run since my knee injury last month. Did a 13.5k in 1h15m, about 6minutes slower than the training plan. At this point, my knee was not too bad, only had some stiffness and slight pain behind the knee when lifting my foot. The knee itself felt OK, no pain in the joint. Have a PT appt tomorrow, so will wait to see what she says.


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                      Edith- So sorry to hear about your dad, but glad to hear that he is improving!



                        Jan- How's Missoula?  I'm sure you did better than you expected in the race.  Looking forward to hearing about it.  (hopefully you didn't get too cold).


                        stever-  Glad the knee held up for your run.....I would think that's good news which I hope the PT will confirm tomorrow.  Just thinking about a rolling pin on the shins is making me cringe (that kinda rhymes).  I guess I should give up any aspirations of starting a career in karate.  Darn it.


                        2ft-  Is that the daughter in your avatar who rescued you with the towel?  For some reason I'm thinking you have two daughters.  That was very thoughtful of her.  I love running in the rain, too, unless it's a monsoon but that goes without saying.


                        Wolfy-  Well done!!!!  You never cease to amaze me with your solo races.  (still think you'll do even better on race day in an organized race with the ol' race day magic).  Did your Mom cheer you on in this one?  About the aqua jogging.  I think it's good for when you're injured but I  hope you're never injured.  I guess you could use it as a cross-training day.  You might be able to fit a regular, store-bought noodle around your waist.  You're very slim so it might just work (28" waist?).  You have to really work the noodle into place but it doesn't move once it's there.  I have a 25-26" waist and there's a little leeway to play with.  I don't know what to suggest if the standard length noodle doesn't work unless you got a regular aqua jogging belt.  Those are kind of expensive ($30-$50?).


                        Zelanie-  If your knee didn't act up after that tough trail run then I'd say you're very close to being as good as new!  That's great!  That was quite a test for the knee.  You'll get your fitness back.  Patience.  (feel free to throw that 'patience' thing back in my face when I start running again).


                        blue-  Ooooooh, Ronins.  I've been curious about those shoes, too.  They've always kind of intrigued me for some reason.  And, heck, if you NEED red connects don't fight it.  Your mental health depends on it (I think I've actually said that to DH before about a pair of running shoes).  So to stay sane I suggest you get the RED connects ASAP.   Congrats on the 10k PR!!!!  Sorry you didn't enjoy the race, though.  If you dislike 10ks just don't run them....too many other distances out there.   Treat the pelvis kindly over the next week or so.  It would be awful if it turned into something serious.  I know you're sick of being hurt.


                        Edith-  Excellent job in the Quadzilla!!!!  I knew you'd do well.  Nine minutes is huge!  You probably needed a distraction from all the stress and worry you've been going through with your Dad's situation.


                        me-  I'll be back in the pool tomorrow for more exciting swogging.  It's Ok, really, since I tend to go into some kind of trance.  Friday I did another spin class and I must admit I was a little bad.  I stood.  With tension.  My poor butt was still sore from the previous class so I couldn't stand the thought of spending an hour seated.  Fortunately my leg felt great.

                        The spin room has a glass wall through which you can see the cardio machines and tvs on the other side.  I was admiring a guy's shoes (Orange pure connects or flows) when I realized he was doing some weird things on the TM.  He'd crank up the incline and grab the bar in front of him so he could lean way back.  Doesn't that undo the whole point of going 'uphill'?  Then he'd run without incline grasping the bars on either side to support almost his entire weight with just his legs moving.  It was quite fascinating to watch.

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                          Back for personals later -- I just wanted to send my sympathy to Edith.  Good to hear that your dad is improving, though.

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                            I'm back from Missoula, and had a great time there! It's a beautiful town, and the race was amazing. Great organization, support, volunteers, and the course was fantastic. First 3 miles were downhill along a river, then we wound through residential areas before finishing over a bridge. My quads are screaming sore from the fast downhill running, but it sure was fun. Our time was 1:54:26. However, we stood by the side of the road for a little over a minute (yes, DH was timing it and he wasn't a happy guy) trying to get our GUs out the my arm pack, so if you deduct that, we had a 10 sec. PR. But I guess there isn't an allowance for stupidity, so no "official" PR. I highly recommend the race! I really noticed a difference in my endurance and ability to maintain pace, and I think it's from all the biking I've been doing.


                            miele - It sounds like you had quite an entertaining spin class. You should have recorded the guy on the TM and posted in on youtube. How's the leg? I hope when you run on it the pain is completely gone.


                            stever - I'm glad the test run went well. What did you find out at the PT today?


                            Edith - I'm sorry about your dad, but glad he's doing well. Big congrats on the Quadzilla PR!!! Sometimes worry and stress can result in great runs.


                            wolf - Another big congrats to you!! I'd love a half time like that.


                            blue - One more for you!! That's a nice PR for half-assing a race. I've heard that well-timed walk breaks can rejuvenate the legs and help you run stronger. I agree about the 10k distance. I used to love it but now, not so much.


                            Zelanie - Great job on the trail run. I felt the same way about my shorter long runs when I was coming back from my hip/IT issues this spring. You're right - the distance will come back and you'll run it even stronger than before. To answer your question, I ran the half in Missoula. I might consider doing the full sometime though - the course sounds great.

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                              Edith - Glad that your dad is okay.  Very scary times I'm sure.  Hopefully he's on his road to a full recovery!


                              I'm starting to get back to getting some miles in again.  Motivation is still lacking though.  Previously I've had solid big goals that everyone could understand and helped me get out of bed in the morning like my Sub 2 hour HM goal last year and my sub 4 hour marathon goal this spring.  I think part of why my 45 minute 10K goal is so hard to get motivated for is that I'm afraid that I might not be able to make it.  Also it is pretty hard to describe to someone that I my PR 10K is 46:59 and I'm going to work my tail off for a few months to try to get that down to a 44:59.  Even if I accomplish it, it really isn't going to mean much to anyone but me.  Oh well.


                              Finally getting some color in my training log with a yellow bar this morning for interval training.  First time in a long time I've done intervals and it showed.  Doing 12 X 400m intervals with 400m recoveries and ran the first 8 intervals at an average pace of 6:48 when I was supposed to be shooting for 7:15, that left me pretty beat for the last 4 intervals and ended up averaging a 7:35 pace on them although one of those was a 7:55 pace where I was responding to a co-workers text message about a job that was going out that morning and I was going to be late for work because of my run so I went ahead and responded to the text.  Overall I still averaged 7:04 pace on my intervals which was better than the 7:15 the workout called for, but it seemed harder than I expected.  I guess that's why you run intervals and Tempo runs, to get faster and tougher.  I do know that a 7:15 pace is pretty fast and I'm thinking that holding it for 6.2 miles is going to hurt.  A lot.


                              Hope everyone else is doing great.  Jan - I was hoping you would end up liking Missoula, I've heard that was a great race.  Wolfwalker, I just can't fathom going as close to all out as you do on nearly every run, I really need my easy days, but I guess I've got about 20 years on you so maybe you will too 20 years from now.


                              Better get back to work!



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                                Wolf -- congrats on the PR!  No matter how miniscule, still counts, right??


                                miele -- I'm not crazy about the Ronins, actually, because I bought the women's version.  In Mizuno, if I want to buy the women's version, I'm not as comfortable in B width as I am in wide.  I usually just buy the men's version because of that, but these were my first Mizunos so I didn't know that yet.


                                Jan -- sounds like it was a good race, even if you can't count it as an "offical" PR, so congratulations anyway.


                                me -- so I decided to pay my sports doctor a visit because this pelvis is going to send me into a full-blown psychotic episode one of these days.  Turns out she's on vacation and everyone else is completely booked, so I need to call back on Friday to see if there's been a cancellation.  Fantastic.  And I have to go to some really boring work-related conference for three days next week, so I won't get a chance to go to the doctor until who-knows-when.  I want a new body.

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