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    Good morning everyone, I hope all are recovering and running hard !


    Edith ! : Yes I am a numbers junkie for sure.  I am in love with running when I am out there doing it, I am in love with the numbers when I get back. I use it for motivation really.  However this week I ran new routes and areas so it was all exploring and having fun.  I hope your 1/2mara next week goes awesome. During the busy time, it will be nice to get out there and race. I look forward to hearing the results,


    Stever : Glad to see the knee is still improving well. I caught your post in the sub 4 fullmara thread.  I hope you run the full and are fast and strong by then !!  18 weeks is a good training block.  Good luck brother!!


    Me : Hills hills hills this week. My times did not drop too much on these hilly runs but I definitely felt the difference in my breathing.  I had to do some 5:am and midnight runs to avoid the heat so it was a different week for sure.  Tomorrow I will run another half marathon distance ( my 4th week in a row ) and see how I do.  I have ran three different routes so far so this will be my 4th different route as well.  I am not sure If I will push for a PR, I will be running a slightly hilly course so who knows.  I will see how I feel at the 5k mark and go from there.  I did reach a goal yesterday which I thought would be impossible this training cycle.  I finally  ran 8 miles in under 60 minutes. ( 59.54)  I had been hanging around in the 62 min area since April. It was wierd to go from 62:__ to 59:__   I yelled out when I saw the time on my watch and still kinda buzzing from it Smile  No biggy but it was a little informal goal of mine for awhile now.  ok have a nice weekend everyone, any races today or tomorrow??

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      Hey everyone, checking back in to the land of computers and cell phones.  Spent last week in the mountains of Montana at a church camp we go to every year.  My running suffered, but I got plenty of exercise.


      I had one workout that I originally logged as a run, but later changed to hiking.  It was the slowest mile I've ever logged.  1.05 miles in 1 hour 7 minutes and some change.  The crazy thing is that my average HR was the same as my last 8 mile Tempo run and I actually finished my 8 mile Tempo run faster than I did my 1.05 mile hike!  Of course my hike was straight up a mountain, no trail, started at 5,630' and ended at 6,830' for an elevation gain of 1,200' in just barely over 1/2 mile.  I actually got cliffed out and had to backtrack once or I think I could have done it in under an hour which was my goal.  I waited until the end of the week to try it so I would have a better chance of being acclimatized to the altitude, but I ran close to 30 miles and hiked close to 30 miles with 9,000+ feet of elevation gain during the week before I tried it (including 16 miles and 5,000' of elevation gain the day before) so I probably didn't set myself up for my best chance.  I climbed that mountain when I was 25ish in a hour so I was going to try to beat that.  Maybe I'm not in the best shape of my life at age 45?  I think I'll have to try it again next year.


      Here's the map of the workout if anyone wants to look -


      Not much for me on the running side of things.  Did an 11 mile VERY technical trail run on this same trip.  Started just a smidge under 6,700' and ended up a little over 8,000' so not a huge elevation gain, but enough to notice that's for sure.  Going up I ended up going about what I expected, close to a 15 minute pace depending on how steep things were, coming down I was surprised that I really couldn't get going much faster than a 12 minute pace or I was going to fall.  I did fall once and came very close to falling a couple other times and tripped countless times.  I think I averaged a 14:30 pace when it was all said and done.


      My feet took a beating this week, somehow lost my toenail off my left pinky toe, rubbed a huge open blister on my right heel and stubbed my right big toe on a tree branch on my 11 mile trail run that peeled the toenail back and bled but I don't think I'm going to lose that one.


      The crazy thing is that when it is all said and done I had a great time! Smile  Was a big change from my normal 6 mile flat as a pancake route that I run several times a week that's for sure!


      I might try to post some pictures later.


      Hope everyone else is having a great time!

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        Okay, figured I would share some pictures.


        Here's the first lake that I did the trail run to.  Thompson Lake.  It's just over 5 miles each way to the lake from the trail head.

        Thompson Lake


        Next picture is just the Mill Creek valley.  This is the creek that our church camp is on.  The movie "A River Runs Through It" had several scenes shot in this valley and a few scenes shot on the camp property.


        Mill Creek


        This is Pine Creek Lake.  It is only 5 miles to and from each way, but you gain 3,400' of elevation getting there.  You start out at the trailhead at 5,600' and end up at 9,000' at the lake.  Pretty steep with lots of switchbacks on the trail.  Worth the hike though.  This year the snow was way low compared to usual.


        This is actually a little run out pond from the main lake.

        Pine Creek Lake


        This is the main lake.  I took a panoramic picture with my cell phone.

        Pine Creek Lake Panoramic


        I had been to all the places in the previous pictures several times, but this was my first time to Elbow Lake.  It's an 8 mile hike (each way) that starts at 5,600' and the lake is at 8,600', but there are a couple ups and downs along the way and my GPS showed a total elevation gain of just over 5,000' on it.  Worth the hike.


        Elbow Lake Panoramic


        Obligatory picture of me at the lake.

        Elbow Lake Nathan


        And I thought this was a pretty shot.  We went up the valley in the middle of this picture and over the ridge in the very back to get to the lake.  This picture was on the way out.


        Elbow Lake Trail


        Last picture.  This is taken from the top of T-Shirt Mountain which is that 1.05 mile Tempo Hike that I did.  The picture is a bit overexposed, but I was in a hurry.  All of the pictures were taken with my cell phone so not the best quality, but you get the general idea.

        Camp from Tshirt


        Oh well, thought I would share.  It was a fun week even if it didn't fit perfectly with my training plan!



        Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

        Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


          Nathan - Those pics are absolutely beautiful! I doubt your training suffered at all, and the week away probably did amazing things for your stress level.

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            blue-  How's the running going?  I hope none of the parts are hurting.


            Wolf-  Good job on the sub-60 8 miler!  That's quite an improvement.


            Edith-  Now I've graduated to jogging!  Swogging turns into slogging which turns into jogging.  Heck, I might actually get to running before too long.  Glad to hear your Dad is healing up.  What a scare.  Have you gotten the new Garmin yet?  Do you like it?


            stever-  Way to tough out a difficult run.  I hope the knee is completely better.


            Nathan-  Great pics!  Sounds like you had a wonderful time.  Please tell me you had trail running shoes and you didn't run in those boots you're sporting in the pic.  Of course, that might explain the lost toenail, blisters, etc.


            doc-  Meant to ask you whatever happened with your Garmin battery?  Weren't you having problems with it?


            me-  Been busy for a while with a friend visiting.  I've been getting in my runs and the leg feels OK (although I'm still paranoid about it).  I had to take a couple of days off last week due to a new pain in the same shin.  It was a bit lower down.  I still feel some pain when I press on it but it doesn't hurt at all when I run.  So I run.  Thursday's the big day.......First day of marathon training.  We'll see how that goes.

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              miele- Good luck today! Hoping for a good run and no pain!  That's good to know about the yurbuds.  I've never been able to keep earbuds in at all.  I have a pair of Sennheiser (also bought on clearance) that go around the back of your head that are great, but will keep my eye out for yurbuds.


              Wolfwalker- You are making some serious improvements, and quickly!  Do you ever just go out and run easy, or do you prefer running with a challenge?  I know I could never in a million years do what you do, but I am happy that it's working for you!


              Docjen- Huge congratulations to you!  Sounds like you had a great race, owies and all!  And I also love the matching shoes and socks.


              Stever- Congrats on the 27K LR!  Hope your second attempt went well!


              Jan- Sounds like a great idea just to run "naked" for a while and bring the joy back into your running.  How is it going?


              bluerun- Hope the hip is improving!


              Edith- Good luck this weekend!


              npaden- Those are some fantastic pictures!  I bet that you will be an even stronger running with the "XT"!


              me- Just got back from a vacation to SoCal.  I got lots of running and walking in, and the weather was lovely.  All my runs were on concrete, no tape, no trouble from the knee, so I don't think I'll be taping up any more unless something changes.  I finished July with 135 miles.  My plan for August is to stay in the same ballpark, but add some quality work.  I started by adding a "LR" this week, just 8 miles.  It was honestly pretty tough, but I think that was because of the heat.  Hopefully I'll have that up to 10 by the end of the month.

                Hi everyone!


                Nathan - Those pics are awesome, stamp the back of them and postcard them out !!  Those panoramic shots look like something out of sierra magazine, no doubt.  I am sure it was so refreshing to be out there in the middle of it.  It makes me want to go hiking/camping again soon Smile Sounds like your running is still staying strong as well.  Thanks for sharing the pics!


                Miele : good to hear about the improving conditions.  I hope today kicks off a sweet training cycle and the legs stay tough as well.  When do you plan to run the mara?


                Zelanie : It seems the last week or two, even when I wanted to "take it easy" I was still running sub 8 paces. I don't have a pace watch so I have to figure out what I ran when I return so I am rarely trying to beat a time or a clock. I just run how I feel and lately it seems to be faster.  I am accepting my new pace is around 7:45ish with highs and lows around there.  I have been staying fairly healthy, although I had some weird ball / socket hip pain going on but it seems to be healing up fairly quick.  So glad to hear you are back to full miles and staying strong.  The weather has been nice the last week or two here in so-cal, you came at just the right time hehe.


                Me :   Last week went really well, I cashed out around 35 miles total. I ran another half mara distance on Sunday and actually Pr'd again on a course I typically hate because of the steep hills.  My new record is now 13.1miles = 1:39.32  (7.35pace) This week is pretty much a mirror of last week.  I am doing 3 hilly runs and one regular run.  I think instead of doing a half marathon again I will be cranking the miles up to 15 on Sunday and see how it goes.  Other than that, it is business as usual.  training hard and getting ready for University starting in a month :P Have a great weekend everyone, good luck on your races if you are running them !!!

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                10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

                Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

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                Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

                Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


                Super B****

                  Hey, hey... it's been a long time!!  I'm still out a computer at work.  (It's getting really ridiculous.  I can't work without a computer!)


                  Nathan -- amazing pics!!


                  miele -- it sounds like an improvement... hoping for more of the same.


                  Zelanie -- vacation sounds nice, hope you had a good time... and so happy to hear that your knee is behaving!


                  Wolf -- wait, you PRed on a training run??


                  me -- well, I guess my pelvis didn't break, because I've been able to run on it... it feels kind of "off" sometimes, but not really painful.  I ran a couple of easy five milers last week, then 8 this past Sunday and a hard five mile tempo today, and it feels a little sore, but that happens pretty much any time I run, so... yeah.  However, the shin splints are back with a vengeance.  I guess that's better than a fractured pelvis, at least!

                  chasing 5:59


                  because i never shut up ... i blog


                  If you ask

                    Wolfie - congrats on the sub hour 8 miler.  Nice.  I'm happy when my 7 miles are under an hour.  Can't imagine 8!  Hill work of feels best when you get to run a flat course and see the results!


                    Nathan - thanks for sharing the pics. I would love to run there.


                    Miele - happy to see you jogging, although with the humidity we have had, I feel I've been slogging.  Garmin company is great.  I paid $59 for a refurbished 110.  Actually, I paid $118 and they sent new watch out right away and will be given the $59 back when they receive my old watch.   So I have it for my race tomorrow, which I really only use to have an idea of my miles.  Pace not important on those hilly trails, although I must admit (only here, only to u) that I'm hoping for a better time than my best which is 2:45. Shhhhhhhhh


                    zelanie - Yay!  You're running!!!!!  (Happy dance)


                    bluerun - please be careful...


                    me -  marathon training, week 3.  Doing pretty well. Today called for 10 but I'm resting before the half marathon trail race tomorrow. Weather says 70 degrees (at start) with 70% humidity.  Sweet!!!!

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                      zelanie-SoCal sounds like fun, nice weather and all. Getting jealous...


                      edith-happy training, how many weeks do you have left?


                      wolf-your getting faster and faster. Is sub 1:30 in the cards this year?


                      me-ran my second 27k last weekend, and did it in 2:28, that's 13minutes faster than the last time I did the 27k. The knee is feeling better, didn't bother at all, and the shin split was hardly there. The run felt great, as I experimented with GU gels and water at fixed intervals. I think I found my magic formula.

                      Next week I am in Boston, and Woburn. Any races going on there??


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                        Zelanie-  Sounds like you had a pretty nice vacation.  So happy to hear your knee is behaving!  That's excellent mileage for someone rehabbing an injury!  It sounds like we're on similar paths as far as LRs are concerned.  Tomorrow I'll have an 8-miler which will be the furthest I've run in a while and I should reach 10 miles by the end of the month.


                        Wolfie-  You keep my head spinning with all your PRs!  Hopefully school won't disrupt your running too much.  My marathon is Dec. 8th.


                        blue-  Glad your hip didn't break but sorry to hear about the shins flaring up again.  Dangit.  You're getting some good runs in despite the discomfort and pain.


                        Edith-  Good luck tomorrow and have fun!  I have a feeling you're going to PR on the course.  (don't worry, I won't tell a soul about your PR hopes).  So it was you with the battery issue!  I knew it was someone on this thread but couldn't remember exactly who.  Good to know about the Garmin policy.  Not a bad deal at all.


                        Me-  Day 3 of marathon training in the books.  So far so good.  Next week the speed work starts which I'm looking forward to.  I know I'll do crappy in the beginning but it'll come back eventually.  The weather here has been perfect.  The fog has been rolling in and staying a little longer so I can run in temps of 56-60 with overcast skies if I run first thing in the morning.  Have a good weekend!

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                          stever-  Cross-posted....Nice running!  And quite an improvement in time.  Glad your knee is cooperating.  So what's your magic formula for fueling?  There must be a race or two going on in the Boston area but I can't help you with that.

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                            5 mile race this morning.  Disappointing results for me.  Ended up with a 38:14 for a 7:39 avg pace.  Started out pretty good with a couple of 7:20 miles back to back, but started slowing on mile 3 then blew up on mile 4.  Picked it up a little coming in on mile 5 to finish decently strong but a long way from the 7:25ish pace I was hoping for.  Did get 1st in the fat boy division though.


                            Weather wasn't bad, 67 degrees and 83% humidity, course was tough for around here with some ups and downs and twists and turns, but still disappointing.  Actually ran 5 seconds per mile slower than my last 10K race back in June.  Sub 45:00 (7:15 pace) on my 10K next month is looking pretty iffy, although the weather should be a little better and the course is flat and fast.


                            Good luck on your trail race tomorrow Edith.

                            Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                            Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


                              Hi Everyone!


                              Nathan - I know you're disappointed with your 5 mile race time, but that's still a great time! I think that's a difficult race distance, and hard to get the pacing right. I either go out too fast like I'm racing a 5K or too slow like it's a 10K, and always feel like crap by mile 4. I'm giving you a big thumbs up for your time, and for your 1st place win!


                              miele - I'm so glad you're off and "running" with marathon training and the leg is behaving! Which plan are you following, and you're running CIM, right? Your morning weather sounds about the same as ours, minus the fog.


                              stever - Congrats on the new PR! That's great you're not having any pain. I'm no help with Boston either, but have fun.


                              Edith - How was your race? Remind me again which marathon you're training for.


                              blue - I'm glad your pelvis isn't broken, but I still wonder what's causing the pain. Does it get better or worse the farther into the run you go?


                              wolf - Great running, as usual. I like that you don't use a Garmin and just run by feel. That's what my son does and it works for him. Obviously it works for you too, cause you just keep getting faster and faster!


                              Zelanie - I'm envious of your vacation in So Cal. I love it there. Yay for no pain and no tape. I'd say it sounds as if you're healed up and good as new.


                              Me - I'm savoring my last bit of summer vacation. The 22nd is going to come way too fast. I finally got my 50 mile bike ride in last week. It took just under four hours, and was a blast! Still averaging 25-30 mpw running. Doing one long and one fast run a week, then just whatever I feel like for pace. This weekend we went to Nebraska to visit DH's family and got an 11 miler in on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Pancake flat, but sooo humid - 90%! Even got chased by a wild turkey. All of my body parts are healthy, so evidently the combination of biking and running, with some strength training thrown in is the right mix.

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                                Wolfwalker- That has happened to me before, too, where suddenly my "easy" pace gets faster without me doing anything different.  Enjoy it!


                                Bluerun- Glad the pelvis seems to  be behaving.


                                Edith- How was the race?


                                Stever- Way to ATTACK that PR, nice!


                                miele- Hope the 8-miler went well for you!  Did you hear that they moved the date of the Eugene marathon?  I might run the half next year since I won't have to choose between Corvallis and Eugene anymore.  But midsummer might be pretty brutal!


                                npaden- Sorry that you had a crummy race.  It sounds like maybe it was just bad luck that a bad running day happened to fall on race day for you.  Next one will be better, we're all pulling for you!


                                Jan- Summer is coming to an end way too quickly over here too!  I'm already going into panic mode a bit when I think about all that I still need to do!


                                me- Got a nice 8.5 mile run in today.  Felt really good.  I was actually tempted to go ahead and try for 10 at the end (plan was just for 8 but I kinda kept running), but in the end I decided that the rest of my week would go better if I stopped at 8.5.  I am likely running M-F without a RD because we'll be out of town next weekend, so that seemed more sensible.  I'm feeling good about hopefully going up to 10 next week, though!