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    Ok, gang, I have decided to give up on catching up and just jump back in.  I read along intermittently, run short of time, feel guilty if I don't have time for personals,  and then don't respond!  I decided I would just jump back in and keep up from here, rather than keep trying to get caught up.


    This is me as well, almost to a word.  I guess I'll take that tack as well and thank Jen for the idea.  Big grin


    Congratulations to Nathan on getting that sub-45 10k!  I know you've been chasing that for a few months now and running your age in the 10k (I think) is quite an accomplishment.


    As for me, I've been plodding away at my marathon training; I'll do the OBX Marathon on November 10 (last time I'm going to change my mind about which race to do).  The week before last I had a 15 mile long run which I felt comfortable doing at or below the Hansons' recommended pace; I even had enough left in the tank at the end to cover the last two miles at a brisk 7:44/mile pace.  That left me pretty wiped out most of the rest of the day, but I also feel like I accomplished something with that run.  The first of three 16 mile runs is set for this Saturday so I'll see how that goes (although I don't think I'll be doing a fast finish this time even if I feel up for it).

      Wow so much good stuff happening, where to start?

      Good luck to everyone on their training and of course weekend races/runs!!


      Lurch : The marathon I am running in December is called Operation Jack. They also have a half which seemed to be really popular.  It is a cheap race and is ran from manhattan beach to marina del ray area.  It benefits autism. Here is the link for you. It might be a nice tune up before your full :


      I start school tomorrow. I am wondering if and how it will affect my running days.  I will probably be doing runs in the afternoons or night for a while. I skipped a day last week because of a nagging ankle pain which seemed to disappear now.  The day off worked well.  Hill training always kills my ankle so I don't do it too much.  Ran a good 17.2miles on Sunday and plan for a 20 miler on this Sunday.  I am hoping for cool weather and some good paces.  See you all soon!


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      Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

      Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34



        I'll be back later but I just wanted to say:


        blue-  Good luck with your mile race!


        stever-  Looks like the weather is going to cooperate!  At least on the weather site I checked out.....I hope that's true.  Good luck to you and DW on Sunday!!!


        Gotta go.  Sushi tonight!

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        CT JEFF

          HEY ALL - I keep training, next Satuday is the HM to beat all HMs! LOL - its such a beautiful course. The town it goes through is barely a town (quiant). about 75% of the course runs through state forest land, or near it. And, theres a net 100 ft drop to the course! Of course, you have to climb uphill at the end, but its not too bad (about 0.5 miles)


          Here's where the real excitement comes in. I did one HM so far, not quite as hot as DrJen's but, damn hot right after a cold snap. So, my time was 2:14. Since it was my first, I chalked it up to "now I have something to try and beat". Just after the upcoming 9/28 HM, I am going to DISNEY! I'll be running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler! (spooky!) - The corrals are broken down for every mm. Right now, Im in D, with 999 other runners. If I can give proof of sub 10:00, I'll be in C with 499 others! My best time so far on this HM course is 2:08. Im thinking (dont laugh) that if I can shed a couple more pounds over 7 days - (2-4 lbs for 5-7total) I might be able to shave a total of 18 seconds off my time, or 3.9 minutes... and maybe...


          Maybe I can break 2:00 in a race this year? - If I could, Id be in B in the top 1000 out of 11,300.


          My last training run I did in 2:11 :*( I went out too fast. I like this sub 2:00 goal.

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            hector-  Good to see you again!  I hope all is well and you're taking it easy just because you want to and not because of an injury.  Your avatar is intriguing.


            blue-  How'd the race go?  Hope it went well.  When's your HM?


            Nathan-  Have a good trip and stay safe.


            doc-  Good to hear from you, too!  Don't worry about personals.  Just drop in when you can.  I can't believe you're getting in the mileage you're getting in being as busy as you are.  Way to go.  Yeah, I'd say it's probably a good time to pick a race.  Don't let that HM time get you down and definitely don't take it into account as a race predictor.


            pc-  I'm about 4 weeks behind you in the Hanson's plan.  I tend to run the LRs slightly faster than called for, too, but no way would I ever be able to bust out 7:44s at the end.  Good job.  What's your goal pace for the race?


            Wolfie-  I have no doubt that you'll be able to work in your runs around school and homework.  Be nice to your ankle.


            Jeff-  Be careful about weight loss so close to the race.  You don't want to be weak on race day.  I hope you make it to corral C!


            stever-  We're waiting to hear!  The suspense...........


            me-  Finished the week with 56.25 miles.  The Hansons' LRs are interesting.  Usually I just run really slowly for the 'time on your feet' effect with no thought of pace.  With Hansons' I actually have to pay attention to the pace which is faster than a normal LR.  Today I ran 14 a little too fast but not fast enough to say I blew the intention of the workout.   My legs are tired but it never crosses my mind that I might not be able to finish a run so I guess that's good.

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              Howdy folks!  Took me a while to make some sense of my 5K last weekend.  The course was short and the satellites untrustworthy.  So I spent the whole race thinking I sucked and could barely hold tempo pace, then saw the clock say 24:25 at the finish and I was wondering what happened.  A week out, I'm pretty sure the truth was in the middle.  Mapmyrun say it was a 3 mile course, so my pace would have averaged 8:08.  Not quite my goal, but only like 10 seconds/mile off.  Still- I found out that I do not have stamina at the moment.  I realized in the first mile that I haven't done any tempo runs.  And the longest interval I've done at the track is 1000m.  So I have some work to do.


              But in the mean time, my legs were feeling a little run down.  I did get my LR up to 11.5 miles this week, and finally today I felt strong and comfortable on my run.  Next week- 10K.  My goal is softer than last week's goal.  If I have any sense, I will start conservatively.

                Quick RR for my first full Marathon.


                weather was cool and wet, rained for the first 30 minutes and puddles throughout the first 2-3k. But it was ideal!!


                Full and HM runners started at the same time, over 17,000 in all.


                Started in corral 4 out of 24, and the first 20k went beautiful at almost 5:30/km pace. I ran the half at 1:54, which is about 9 minutes off my HM PR. From that point, I was looking at running at 5:20 to 5:15/km as the race progressed. But at about 30k mark, by good knee started to misbehave. On the downhills, it was very painful, and i had to almost slow to a shuffle. The uphills and flats were not too bad.

                Throughout the last 12k, the knee was off and on, thankfully it was tolerable in the last 5k,. I tried to push it to make up the lost time, and even sprinted the last 100m.


                In the end, I finished with a 4:07 time. I was hoping for a sub 4, but my knee didn't want to hear that. I placed about 1450 out of 2900 runners. Overall, I had a blast doing my first full marathon, as the crowds were sooo supportive.


                The good thing is that my legs and breathing were great, and the fueling and hydration worked out well.


                DW finished her HM with a 11minute PR, at 2:09. She was so happy with that, and me as well. We both had a great day!


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                2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45

                  Congrats, Stever!



                    Zelanie-  Oh no!  Not a short race.  Oh, how I hate that!  Sounds like you've analyzed the situation and know how to continue with training.  I think you did really well considering your time off and rehab.  But why do you say the course was short?  Did the RD acknowledge that it was short or are you going by your GPS device?


                    stever-  Congrats to you and DW for a great race!  So strange your 'good' knee decided to cause problems.  Sounds so painful yet you managed to power through.  You've got a much faster marathon in you if all the parts behave.  Now it's celebration time!

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                      My GPS said the course was .15 short, it was a small race (I was 6th OA, 3rd woman), non-certified course.  I couldn't find anybody else who had a watch on for the race, but the guy who won (in the low-20's) said he usually ran closer to 21:00 himself.  Satellite coverage was terrible that day- the only other person with GPS couldn't get a connection, plus we ran under a bunch of bridges.  But if I put the route into mapmyrun, I come up with 3.00, which sort of splits the difference between what my watch says and the course.  That sort of feels right.


                      But really, if I cared that much, I'd run certified courses.  For a 5K, a little bit of distance can have a huge impact.  It was just a fun community event, and I won a bunch of swag, so I'm not going to go gripe to the RD.  My 10K is on a certified course.  So we will see how that one goes!


                      Super B****

                        miele -- How are you liking Hansons?  I'd love to do that but I really can't handle the mileage.  Too bad because I know some people who have gotten incredible results with it.


                        Zelanie -- ugh, few things are worse than a short course!  (I suppose a long course would beat that... ha.)  Good luck with the 10K!


                        stever -- congrats!


                        me -- I'm not pleased with my mile race at all... I was aiming for 6:45 (which is completely realistic considering I ran a 6:50 time trial), but my knee didn't get the memo that it wasn't supposed to hurt until I was done and started acting up before the halfway mark.  I finished in 6:54, which I'd probably be less pissed about if I hadn't run a faster time trial than that!!


                        My half is on October 13 -- I have no intention of PRing at all, I'm only doing it because I won an entry, but I need two functional knees to run it, and right now I don't have that.

                        chasing 5:59


                        because i never shut up ... i blog


                          miele - My A goal is 3:45 so I've been doing my MP runs at 8:30-8:35/mile.  Long runs are supposed to be at 9:18/mile according to the Hansons pace chart.  This weekend (for the first 16-miler) I made it a point to tone it down a bit from my last LR; it's also the first 60-mile week and I didn't want to overdo it.  I still ended up going a bit too fast (8:58 overall pace), but in the end, much like you, I didn't feel like I wouldn't be able to finish.  I also experimented with fuel on this one, taking a GU before I headed out and one at 8 miles (I had Gatorade in my handheld which I sipped from every two miles or so) and I think that helped.  How are you doing on the tempo runs?  At first I found myself going too fast, but last week I got my pace almost right on goal pace.


                          Steve - Congrats on your first marathon!


                          Zelanie - Good luck with your 10k!  Both that and the 5k are tough ones to race compared to the half, I think.  That last 1/3 or so can hurt quite a bit if you're really pushing it.


                          bluerun - Knees can be jerks.  Not only do they not get memos, but they usually don't turn in their TPS Reports on time either.  Hopefully, the knees will decide to be team players sooner rather than later.

                          You Rang?

                            npaden - Nice finish line face! You don't look like you are all there.


                            Jeff CT - Is that a half marathon in 2:08 barefoot?  That's really good.  A 1:58 half got you into Corral A at Disneyland.  Disney is reworking their corrals for 2014.  More corrals released further apart.


                            Disney does have an elite category.  It only has 20 or so slots and all it gets you is off on the course with the wheelchair athletes.  I worked the elite and Corral A packet pick up at the Disneyland Half Marathon.  The elites are local really fast runners.  Without a purse, none of the professional runners showed up.


                            doctorjen - What do you mean by Baby Docs?  Ob/Gyn,  Trainee Physicians or Haitian dictators?  Best of luck with the BQ attempt.


                            Wolfwalker -  Thanks for the link to the Operation Jack Race.  I'll have to take a look at it and see where it falls vis a vis the training schedule.  December 26th might be starting the taper for my marathon.  MIght not. I'll let you know.


                            Meile -  mmmm sushi!


                            Zelanie - an 8:08 mm is pretty ^%%$# fast to me.


                            Stever - Congratulations on finishing your first full!  Thanks for the race report.


                            Me - Week 2 of marathon training is in the books.  Thirty-five miles  including twenty three miles on the roads and sidewalks of Orlando, Florida.  (One 10 miler, one 13 miles).  The weather was hot, humid, and nasty and my times showed, it.  I'll be happy to be home.  At the Orlando Airport waiting to board my flight.  The mileage keeps growing and growing, with more double digit mile runs than single digit mile runs.  Tomorrow is 10 miles.


                            PR: 5k 25:01 (10/15) 10k: 57:44 (7/14) HM: 1:57 (5/15) FM: 4:55 (1/15)


                              Hey Everyone,


                              Looks like I've miss a bunch of happenings in here, as usual. If only I'd win the dang powerball I wouldn't have to mess with things like work and I could stay caught up!


                              pcaharrier - It sounds like the Hansons plan is agreeing with you. I've heard such good things from people I know who have tried it.


                              wolf - How the ankle? Good luck with school - have you thought about running early in the morning? I know if I waited until later in the day, most days the runs wouldn't happen. No one wants a piece of you at 5 a.m. Smile


                              miele - Whoa, 56+ mpw - nice running! Which Hansons plan are you following - the one that caps the LR at 16 miles? I think that would be the one I'd choose. Have you had any more trouble with your leg? I hope it's completely healed by now.


                              Jeff - Good luck in your half on Sunday. The course sounds beautiful, and you gotta love an elevation drop!


                              Zelanie - Nice job on the placings for the 5K! We have several races here that aren't on certified courses, and since I don't race with Garmin I honestly don't know if they're the right distance or not. Stamina is my issue with 5k's - my first mile is awesome, 2nd one isn't too bad, and the 3rd one is hell. I really need to work on better pacing. Good luck with your 10K.


                              blue - I know you're not happy with your mile race time, but I think it was pretty dang good. I hope your knee straightens out before your half in Oct.


                              Lurch - Nice job with the marathon training so far. What plan are you following?


                              Me - Seems like I've been gone from here forever. School is better this year. My new teaching partners, and older students make it more tolerable. (I still hate teaching, though). My hip flared up again a couple weeks ago, but after a couple days of rest it was fine. The Long Beach half is 3 weeks from this coming Sunday, and I can't wait to be in California and blow out of this crap hole! I'm not looking forward to the race as much as I am spending time with my son and time on the beach. The race is just an excuse. The weekend after Long Beach is the Denver RnR Half, which DH and I are running with my other son. Should be fun if the weather stays decent. Right now I am so sick of long runs, and my runs haven't even been that long. My longest since my half in August has been 12 - the rest have been 9'sand 10's. I have no goal for Long Beach or RnR, other than to enjoy them and not hurt anything. My goal for this winter and next summer is shorter races - mostly 5 and 10k's. Not that I think I'll be exceptionally speedy at them, but I'm just sick of the longer ones.


                              Happy running and racing to everyone! Hopefully I'll get in here more often.


                              stever - Huge congrats on your marathon finish (and to DW also). I'd say 4:07 is pretty awesome. I hope your knee has recovered along with the rest of your body. What's next on your race schedule?

                              PR's: 5k - 23:33/ 10k - 48:30/ 5 mi. - 39:21/ 13.1 - 1:53/ 26.2 recent - 4:34


                              Upcoming races: Resolution Run HM 1/1/13

                                                          Phoenix R&R    HM 1/20/13


                                Bluerun – it’s a bummer that you didn’t hit your goal pace in your race. Hopefully you will feel great and do well un upcoming half.


                                Doctorjen - Great week of running. 60s miles a week is awesome! Are you going to jump into ultras while preparing for BQ?


                                Wolfwalker23 – have fun at school!


                                Jeff CT – good luck with your race next Saturday.


                                Miele – I had strange dead skin on my foot and thought that would be a better avatar than the empty one. Also I am not running much these days and I thought at least my avatar would make me come across as serious runner! Good job in running 50s miles a week.


                                Zelanie – nice 5k! its good that you are aware and know that tempo runs help you a lot in running quicker races. Good luck with 10k next week.


                                stever1966 – congratulations in running a great marathon!


                                Lurch – congratulations in completing your second week of training successfully!


                                Jan26.2 – its cool that you are running a couple of half marathons for fun and not taking it very seriously. Have fun in California.


                                Me – ran two hours for the entire week.