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    Hey everyone, I am back and feeling better.

    thanks for the get well wishes. It was just a nasty version of the common cold but it knocked me for a loop.  I took 6 days off running and felt alot better coming back after the rest.  I have only ran like 14 miles since the break but those miles felt pretty effortless.  I wont be doing any long runs this week cause I have two midterms next week and I need the weekend to study the whole time.  I will be back to my normal 40 miles week after that.  Hope everyone is feeling well and running fast!  I have to get back to writing my paper now, cyas



    Hey Nathan, good luck on the deer hunt, No elk but sounded like some good alone time up there in thehills !

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      Hey Gang!


      Just a quick stop while my class is quiet (meaning I have about 1 minute). The Denver RnR half was awesome, even though the conditions weren't what I usually consider awesome. The weather was cloudy and cool, and within 5 minutes of finishing I was soooo cold. The course was fairly hilly, and there were a lot of people running it this year. Even though I didn't PR, I think it's the strongest half I've ever run. I maintained my pace, even when my body really wanted to slow down. I had enough left at mile 12 to kick it up - a lot. I finished in what felt like a sprint. As I crossed the mat I realized that I had given it about everything I had that day. Final time was 1:55:17, so not my best or my worst, but it was my strongest mental race. Best part was that we forgot Garmin, so it was completely by effort.


      The worst part was that my son was supposed to run it with us, but came down with the flu the Friday before, so he wasn't up to running on Sunday. We were all disappointed, but we're planning on trying again next year.

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      If you ask

        Hello to all, new and old...


        I've really been out of the loop as my dad passed away a few weeks ago; I've been spiraling with emotions and feel knocked about quite a bit.


        For the first week or so, running was just too emotional as I didn't want to be in alone in my head as it would just tear me apart.   I did manage a run or two with my brother and it was good.  I also had to change my routes as I am unwilling/unable to run past certain places, like where he lived, where he bought his coffee...  So it's been hard.


        My brother and I had registered for a 10k relay race, where we had named our team after dad's former business, and dad was supposed to come watch.   Well, we decided to run it anyway, despite the heartache.  I had only run once in two weeks prior.   Surprisingly, I ran my 5k half in 24Tight lippedx and he ran a solid 20.  Previous years it would have been enough to place, but we got 4th in our AG (80-89, they combine the ages, haha).


        So last week I had a 20 mile race that I was sure would kill me.  I had only run up to a 14 miler the week before with my bro.  We planned on 16-18 but his leg was hurting so we stopped.  He was sure, at that point, that he was doomed for the 20 miler as well as the marathon.


        Regardless, we did both show up.  His attitude was go slow and accept a DNF.  My attitude was go slow and finish.   It was a beautiful, sunny day, 50 degrees, and the race was on a canal path.    I took it slow in the beginning, running a 10m/m and feeling good.  Many people passed me but I reminded myself that I was not really trained, so I had to be kind to myself.  I saw my bro twice during the race and he was looking good, especially after he had hit the turnaround point and was heading back.   We high-fived and we were smiling.  Anyway, at the turnaround, 10 miles, I picked it up and was running a comfortable 9ish m/m.  Was only passed by 2 ppl, but I did pass at least 10 runners.   I did start to crumble at 18, felt like I was laden with iron legs, however, my pace had really only decreased to 9:17ish m/m.


        So my bro finished 2:50, feeling healthy and happy, 26/107. I finished 3:11, 61/107.  I now know I can run the marathon on Nov. 17.  Hoping to still beat my PR of 4:22.  Would like to beat 4:15, honestly, but I'm not going to kill myself.   Today I'm heading out for 15 miles, and next week will be a another 20 miler (But not a race).


        Congrats to all off you who have done quite well with your races recently.   I will add the personals when I have a bit more time and energy.  Love to all of you, dear friends.

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          Guys, guys, guys.


          I WON A RACE TODAY!!!


          I mean, I'd normally be a little annoyed since I missed my 5K PR by thirty seconds, but I won a race!!  And by a huge margin, since the second place finisher was more than a minute behind me.  Obviously this means it was a slow field, not that I'm so fast, but still.  I'm too excited to do anything else now, will be back later for personals!  (And maybe with a RR...)

          chasing 5:59


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            Miele: a PR is always a PR. I think we both have the goal of getting to a 1:49:59 one day, and if it has to be a few seconds at a time, then so be it! Good luck for the CIM


            Edith: enjoy Philly, have an excellent memory from last year, haope the weather is as perfect as it was then (and good luck for the PR attempt)


            Jan: Nice HM!


            BlueRun: a winner's medal! What race was it? Question: I know you run the NYCRuns races from time to time - are their courses USATF certified? Reason I ask is because they have a Half Marathon end of November, and I may be tempted to give it a go to improve my PR, if certified.


            Me: I'm trying to keep up a moderate 30-35m per week mileage and some intervals for November 5K, 5 mile, 8K and 10K races. Feel confident I can PR at 8k-10K, but not really hoping for much at 5K.

            I'll then wind down in December and try to take a complete 7-10 day break from running before starting marathon training on December 22nd (my 49th birthday......) Has anyone took a complete break like this (not dictated by injury) ? Was it hard? Was it beneficial? I am expecting zero loss of form, but hope it will make me quite a bit stronger to attack the marathon training. Should I go to the gym a little, or stop even that?

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              Edith-  I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad.  Horribly sad.  You and your brother are fortunate to have each other for support. Hugs to you.


              Hi everyone.  I'll be back later for personals...

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                Edith - Hugs to you. I'm so sorry about your dad, and hope you're doing better each day.


                Blue - Congrats on the win!!!


                2ft - Hi! You've got quite a full race schedule coming up. I've taken a few weeks off running here and there, but when I came back to it I didn't have any races scheduled so I guess I didn't pay much attention to it being beneficial or not. When I got into physique competitions I took about a year off from distance running, and would only run sprints for quick cardio. I've read that elite runners take a complete break from running for a few weeks every year, and it doesn't seem to hurt them. I think you'll be fine if you do, and your body will probably appreciate the break.


                miele - You're doing great with your training and racing. Watch out CIM - miele's coming for you!


                wolf - Glad you're back and recovered. Some of those bugs going around are nasty.


                me - It feels strange, but kind of nice to not have any major races looming in the near future. DH and I are running a local Turkey Trot next Saturday (5k), but I'm not expecting any sort of time that I'll want to post. It's been about 4 years since I've run a 5k, and this course is horrible, out and back with the back being uphill and usually into the wind. Our forecast sounds like crap, but I figured it benefits  the homeless shelter, and those people spend a lot longer out in the cold and wind than it will take me to run the 5k.

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                  Wolfy- Glad you're feeling better!  Hope the rest was just what the legs needed, too. Smile


                  Jan- Congrats on running such a strong HM!  That is excellent that you got the mental aspect of the race down!  I hope to run enough that I can say that one day. Smile  Hope you enjoy your race next weekend!


                  Edith- So sorry for your loss.  My heart goes out to you and your family.  I'm glad that you were still able to race with your brother.


                  Bluerun- Congrats on the win!  What an amazing experience!


                  Two-foot- Somebody I know from another group took a full week off, and seemed to come back strong afterwards.  Not sure if he did other stuff besides running.


                  Miele- Hi!


                  Me- Still plugging along.  4 weeks until my HM (only my second), and I'm starting to freak out a little bit.  It didn't help that my last LR was a bit of a slog.  And I looked at my log from the spring, and saw that I was running them faster than I am now.  Am I just lazy?  Am I better at taking easy runs easy?  Or am I still not in close to the shape that I was in last spring?  And how is that possible when I only ran my first 10 miler in late December?  It's too early for taper madness, so I need to get myself together.


                  Part of my deal is that I didn't use a plan this time, I've just been building up depending on how I feel.  Now I (finally) feel like I have a solid base, so it's getting to my best in time for the race without overdoing it and screwing things up.  And I don't know how to do that! Tongue  At least, that's the part that I think I messed up on last time- recognizing when I need recovery.  My legs are supposed to feel tired at this point, right?  But how tired?


                  Definitely need to get over it and just run, or this will be a long 4 weeks, hehe!


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                    Edith -- I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.  It's great that you had that experience with your brother, if it brought even the smallest measure of comfort.


                    Two-Foot -- it was a charity race at Floyd Bennett Field; doesn't attract a super speedy field, which is why I like it!  Though I wonder if having someone to compete against might have spurred me to PR (the second place female was more than a minute behind me).  As for NYCRUNS, their courses are accurately measured, but I'm not certain if they're USATF certified... but you could always ask them!  Are you doing the Chanukah Chalf?  I'm registered for it, don't plan to race it at all, but I just love the name, I think it's hysterically funny.


                    Jan -- sometimes those races end up being great experiences; at least for me, it's nice to have some of the "pressure" of posting a good time removed.  And hey, if nothing else, it's for a good cause.


                    Zelanie -- so many questions!!  If you're anything like me, you over-think everything... it's normal to have a sucky period from time to time.  They tend to pass if you just go with it.  Usually.


                    me -- my pelvis is sore.  This is annoying me.  And my knee is tight.  This is also annoying me.  But I do have a RR, if you want to read my rambling.

                    chasing 5:59


                    because i never shut up ... i blog

                    You Rang?

                      Greetings all!  I thought drop by and I'd stick my head in here and wave. <waves>  It's been awhile since I've read this thread.  I'll get caught up and write responses to y'all in the next couple of days.


                      Bluerun - Congratulations on breaking the tape!  I've always wanted to do that.  I'm not that fast either.  My 5k pr is three minutes slower than yours, so thanks for the hope that I too may break the tape.


                      Edith - I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of your father.  I understand your desire not to be alone with your thoughts when running.  I have found running to be emotionally cathartic.  I would't run any great distances.  Perhaps just a few miles.  Run far enough to get the heart rate up for a reasonable period.  If you think you might be too lost in thought to be a danger to yourself or others, perhaps a treadmill might be a good place to run.  I was sitting in the middle of the fog of  dysthymic depression when I started to run.  Running changed my brain chemistry so that I had a sharp focus on my life.  The fog was gone, and so long as I keep running, it hasn't come back.  Perhaps you could benefit from this?  Think about it.


                      Me- I've finished week six (or is it seven?) of marathon training.  I ran 50 miles this week with a long run of 18 miles.  Both of those numbers are new distance records. Those records are going to stand for one week as this week has 55 miles on tap and a long run of 20 miles.  I think I know just how I'm going to train for a sub 2:00 half….. keep running this kind of mileage.


                      I've also lost 5 lb. in the last two weeks.  11 lb. to my last intermediate goal (of 150 lb. lost) and 22 lb. to final goal weight of 199.9 lb.


                      I'm glad this week is behind me.  I'm equally glad that today is a rest day.  I took a board certification exam in San Francisco last Tuesday.  I'd plan to run while on the road, but between American Airlines' inability to operate flights on time and the California Bar's decision to start this exam at 7:00 am, I got no running in while on the road.  The 50 miles I ran last week were all done in the last four days. My legs need a break.


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                        edith-I am so so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. My condolences to you and your family. When my mother passed away in May, we had a 10k that was planned from a few months ago. I ran it with my DW, and both our minds were in another universe, but the runs helped little by little. I hope that they helped you as well.

                        It's good that you ran with your brother, I'm sure your dad was looking down on you that day. Keep strong and sending wishes from up north.


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                          hector-  So did you say yes to doing the half marathon?  Finally saw the last episode of the Badwater series.  I felt so bad for the people who had to drop out.  There was one guy over 70 years old who had completed the race in previous years but he had to quit around mile 70.  DH asked if I was going to do that race.  Nope.  Not on your life.  No way.


                          Nathan-  I think if you never have another successful hunt (which I don't think will happen) you can always enjoy the memories of your last epic hunt.  Are you going to make it to 100?  I think you will...


                          Wolfy-  Glad you're feeling good again.  Good luck with the midterms.


                          Jan-  So glad you had a great experience in Denver.  Such a strong race you ran after having run a good race only a week ago.  DH didn't stop for a snack at mile 10?  Donut holes, perhaps?  Hope your DS is feeling better.  That was bad timing but it can't be helped.  You might surprise yourself at the 5k.  You've been doing the distance thing for quite a while now.  That should translate into faster 5/10ks, right?


                          Edith-  Your running doesn't seem to have suffered with your time off.  That was a strong 20 miler which, to me anyway, indicates a 4:15 marathon is possible.   I can understand being overwhelmed by sadness during a run.  Hang in there.


                          blue-  WoooHooo!  You won a race!  That wind sounds absolutely horrible.  Wind sucks.  Big congrats on a great race! Is your trophy in a place of prominence, I hope?  I think my Garmin is flaking out, too.  I just hope it holds up through the marathon as I really don't want to buy another watch right now.  And I'm really glad I didn't have coffee in my mouth when I read about the Chanukah Chalf.  It would've been all over my computer.


                          2ft-  I think a break like that would be good both mentally and physically.  Then you can jump into training with a fresh mind and fresh legs.  For me it's not hard to take a break when I put my mind to it.  It's kind of a relief to be rid of the pressure I put on myself. It is hard, however, to take a forced break when you really want to go out and run.  I think you'll be OK.  Maybe skip the gym, too, kind of like a mini-vacation from working out?


                          Zelanie-  Get a grip, girl!  It's way too early to start freaking out.  Leave that for later.  Like, say, at least till taper.  You've got solid training and I believe you've trained very smartly by listening to your body.  You're going to do so well.  You're in the toughest part of your training  (i.e. more miles) so your legs are feeling the fatigue right now which is normal.   How tired they should feel is hard to say.  I was just thinking about that the other day.  My legs are feeling really tired during this training but I never dread a workout and I actually feel stronger which is different to how I felt this time last year.  My legs felt really, really, extremely fatigued and I would absolutely dread certain workouts and I had to skip a couple of speed workouts.  So, for me, it's a comparison between the two training cycles that tells me I'm doing fine this time.  Just get your easy miles in and don't worry about pace.  Once you taper you'll feel great and be ready to go.


                          Lurch-  You're knocking this training out of the park!  'Grats on the new PRs both training-wise and weight-wise.


                          stever-  Is it snowing up there, yet?


                          me-  Blue's not the only one who can win a race!  Yep, I did, too!!!!  Well, I was 1st female so I didn't win the whole race.  I also didn't get a shiny trophy like blue but, oh well.

                          The Monday night running group had a raffle and both DH and I won free entry into a Hella-Ween 5k in Oakland.  Since I had never raced a 5k I thought it would be fun.  Costumes were encouraged but I declined.  Fortunately my racing colors are orange and black so that fit the theme.

                          I decided to try and keep a pace I thought I would be able to maintain for 5k.  I didn't look at my watch until mile 2 when I did sneak a glance.  Since my reading sight has gone to hell in a hand basket, I wasn't able to make out more than the first number so not much info there.  I hadn't felt well all day so I was really just hoping to hold my 10k pace which is about 7:49.

                          Gun goes off and I'm dodging Kim Jung Il and Dennis Rodman, a clown, PacMan but the tall, lanky guy in a green leotard kept getting farther and farther away.

                          Mile 1:  7:10    Very surprised when I checked the data.  The first part of this mile was slightly downhill so I pushed it a little knowing I'd have to run back up this section coming back.

                          Mile 2: 7:20    Excellent.  Although I still need to work on pacing.

                          Mile 3:  7:25    Not so bad considering I had that slight uphill the final .25 miles or so.

                          Last .15 (per garmin):  7:25   Funny how you give it all you got only to find out you've only managed to maintain the pace.


                          I heard the announcer say something like, 'First female' then my name but I was sure that couldn't be right.  Then people were congratulating me at the end.  I couldn't believe it.  Pretty slow bunch but I'm OK with that.  The next lady was about 2 min behind.  Probably the first and last race I'll ever win so I'm basking in the glory.  Only 218 runners, I believe.  DH did well, too, but he stopped for a beer around mile 1.5.  What beer?  There was a beer stop I completely missed but I never see what's around me during a race.


                          Finish time:  23:01  Woot!

                          I'm thinking I can do a little better when I'm not in marathon training.  No prizes but it's all good.  It was a lot of fun and I can see doing 5ks in the future.

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                            wolf- glad you're feeling better. Good luck with the midterms.


                            jan-sounds like the RnR was fun, and I like the fact that you didn't use the Garmin. Running by effort is so hard to do, but once you figure it out, its like autopilot. I often run with DW (she has a Garmin 10) but I don't and we always bet on our pace. Sometimes I win..


                            blue-awesome, good for you!! I'll never win a race or even place in top AG, but Cry maybe one day....You guys so inspire me.


                            2foot-After my first full in Sept, I took almost 12 days off from running. I came back with a new HM plan, and I am doing my runs even faster than before. For me, the break was worth it. My legs felt refreshed and some injuries disappeared.

                            But I did do some karate in between.


                            zelanie-stop freaking out, you remind me of my DW before her last HM. Its normal to second guess your training and the upcoming race. If we didn't do that, then we would be prepared.


                            miele-snow you say??? Not yet, but on my 9k yesterday, the first 10 minutes I was pelted with frozen rain, almost small hail. But running in snow and even when its snowing is so magical. I always look forward to it. And nice race, another winner!!Big grin


                            me-my next official race is a HM in April, but this year, I decided to start HM training plans rather than running without a plan over the winter. So I started a bunch of 9k's last week and this week, and then up to 13.5k on weekends for a while. Legs and knees feel good so far, was able to extend the onslaught of slight knee pain past 7 and 8k so far. Hope to get rid of all pain by the winter. This HM training plan ends on Dec 22, so it will give me about a month before the real training plan starts for my HM ins April.


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                            2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45

                              Wow!  Two race winners here!  Congrats to you both - - winning a race - no matter how small just AWESOME!  you both deserve it - have been training solid and should whoop it up!


                              Edith - so sorry to hear about your father - glad you and your brother were able to connect and run - it really is one of the best ways to deal with emotions -  I feel sorry for non-runners that don't have our coping mechanism.  Hugs to you and your family.


                              Miele - Great splits - and great race!


                              Blue -  Good for you!  That is a great race report - hope you are healing - have you always been plagued by injury?  it sounds as though you have been able to be fast even though something is always bothering you.  Kudos to you!


                              Stever - I feel like I always need at least some sort of plan.  how often are you doing karate?  is the knee fully healed now?   What race are you doing in April?


                              2ft - taking time off in the off season can be beneficial IMHO - but not too much time....a few weeks maybe - but I don't know if I'd trust taking off more than that....Resting your legs and resting your mind from the grind of training could def be a great break.


                              Lurch - great job with the marathon training - are you losing weight due to the increased mileage or do you have to change your diet too?  Which marathon are you planing to run?


                              Zelanie - Welcome to my world.....I over think everything - - and in the end you just have to trust and believe.....I know you have been working hard and your training will pay off in the race.....take a deep breath and know that you are strong, you are fit and YOU GOT THIS!


                              Me - Whew - - Sunday is my half......and I am excited, nervous, and terrified.  I have no idea how this race will go and it's hard for me to even imagine running as well as I did in my previous half.  I ran my last hard workout yesterday - a 4 mile @ hm pace and it went well....but I am just in my head WAY TOO MUCH!  Did I do enough speed, did I run enough will I feel on race morning?  Am I getting a cold, my calf hurts.....LOL - and I know I do it - so I try to laugh at myself - but how can I get so worked up - I'm a 44 year old women running a half marathon - I need to get over myself....

                              Ready, go.


                                tara-I'm sure your HM will go fine, with your PR at 1:35, you're no slouch. Tapering is like an itch. When you stop and think about what itches, all of a sudden, you're scratching every part of your body!! Looking forward to you RR. As for me, my banged knee from June is still a little weak when I do sudden turns or twists. Running and walking are no problems at all ( I even PR'd in a 5K a few months after the injury). Next time is see my doc, I'll ask for an xray or MRI.

                                I have been doing kyokushin karate for over 6 years and try to do a class 2-3 times per week. At 90 minutes per class, it's my x-training.

                                My HM in April is the Scotia Bank Running Series in Montreal. It's a super flat course but can get windy as it is on a man made island in the middle of the St-Lawrence river!!


                                5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
                                2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45