Sub 2:00 Half Marathon thread (Read 2394 times)

    Thanks guys, but I have to wait until Sunday.  And figure out what to wear for a 30-36 degree starting temp.  Throwaway sweatshirt over short sleeves?  Short sleeves and arm warmers?


    If you ask

      Zelanie - For the temperature you said, I would think long sleeve tee or short and arm warmers... It depends on how you like to feel when running.  I prefer to have the warmth on top.   Maybe a short sleeve with a long sleeve over that you can remove and tie or hand to a friend on the course?   I would definitely have a throwaway or wear a coat and hand it to a friend who's not running, if you have one there, right before lining up.  I don't see how the mile run before getting in the car will do anything.   I would wait until arriving and try to time it all just right.  Good luck on the race!!!


      Pandora -  I remember feeling just like you do!   I ran many half marathons before tackling the full. Now the half is my favorite distance.


      Bluerun - congrats on the 20%!!!   Happy dance for you!   I've read a lot of different opinions on using a pacer.  My brother LOVED his pacer.  (Actually. I was mistaken; he used the 4 hr pacer and left him at about mile 20.). He said the pacer was chatting with the group, encouraging, and instructive.    I won't use the pacer next year unless I meet him before hand at the expo and like what I see.    I struggle with pacing too, because if I look at my watch and I'm going faster, I just tell myself to just go with it and see what happens...


      Miele -  I'm not a donut person (or a sweets person, really) but an apple cider donut is a must-eat donut of autumn.  Go out and find one as soon as you can.   It's just that good.  I'm starting to think that you seriously need an "eating good junk food while training hard" intervention, meaning you must find a race over here on the east coast, and I must take you out for all the wonderful delights that you have yet to meet.  Whoopie pies, apple cider donuts, and whatever else your diet is lacking...  You are logging some great runs.   Good luck on the 10k!!!


      Paden - I like the idea if the 2013 miles.   Go for it!!!


      Harrier - I ran a marathon in May and then not too soon after started training for the full in November.  I was really sick of training when I started training again.  However, right before my dad passed, I was really psyched to train hard.  So I'm not sure if you should go for the March full or not.  I like not training sometimes and just running (but always enough to be able to run a half marathon well).  Good luck on your decision.


      Hector -rolling ankles on the trails seems to be par for the course.  But our ankles do get stronger the more we run the trails so it's all good.  I hope your friend is okay.


      Me -  ran 20 minutes on Weds.  Then headed out last night for an easy 6 with my friends but my legs still felt tired.  I'm so jealous of you guys logging the high miles!   I may run a 10k this Thursday (Thanksgiving) and so I don't want to run too much before that as I want the legs feeling as fresh as possible.  Then, I may run the DIRTY BIRD 15k trail race on Dec. 1, but then again, that may just be too much.  My friend is running it so I can just hitch a ride with her and run it.  

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        Hi! I hope you guys won't mind if I join your conversation.


        I am a member of the half marathon training group (hi Zelanie!) and have actually done eight  halfs over the last six years, all sub 2 hour.

        But I have not run for 6 months now and am getting older, so need to set myself a target to get back into regular training.

        Two hours sounds like a tough go from where I am now, but with patience and some hard work I am confident I can get back into shape.

        PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                            10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


          Simon, Welcome to this group. Lots of motivation here for sure.  You will be down below 2.00 in no time I am sure.


          Zelanie - Good luck tomorrow !!  Can't wait for a RR


          Edith - congrats on the Race and PR!  I felt I was right there with you reading your report. Good stuff.  I did my first legit trail run today woohoo.  Just training run but my first run on a mountain and crazy terrain like that.  You helped to inspire me to do that so thanks Smile


          Everyone else - its getting cold out there!! get the winter gears out


          Me - First trail running experience today.  ran about 2.5 miles steep up this mountain and maybe 2.25 coming down another path.  It was cool and no falls or injuries thank goodness.  I stumbled once in the first 1/2 mile or so then got it together.  The environment was really pretty and the cold temps helped me a lot.  I don't think I can do too many of these a month but hopefully one every two weeks.

          Trying to keep healthy for the turkey5k coming.    Doing 20 miles tomorrow but it will be at a relaxed pace for sure.  I have only a month left before the marathon so I can't afford to skip the long runs.  I look forward to tomorrow though. The weathers cool and the wind/rain is gone for now.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend and good running to you all.!

            5k  = 19.48 10/1/13

          10k  = 45.28 4/16/13

          Half Marathon = 1:38.53  Summer Sizzle 7/13/14

          Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/12  4:39.11

          Solo O Marathon 06/02/13  3:52:10

          Operation Jack Marathon 12/26/13 3:40.34


          Super B****

            Well, I'm joining Zelanie in the "frigid race" category... apparently tomorrow I will get to contend with temperatures that feel like the low teens, with wind gusts up to 40 MPH.  This should be fun.  I mean, I don't want to race this, which is both good and bad -- good because those aren't exactly PR conditions, bad because I AM GOING TO DIE OF FROSTBITE.


            I will be back for personals tomorrow, assuming I don't actually die of frostbite.

            chasing 5:59


            because i never shut up ... i blog



              Zelanie-  That's chilly.  I'd definitely go with gloves.  Throwaway sweats to get rid of at the starts.  I don't know if you tend to run hot but, if you do, arm warmers would be good so you could roll them down if you need to along with a short sleeve shirt.  Otherwise juts a long sleeve would work.  Also, like Edith, I don't see the purpose of running before you get in the car unless it's to help 'take care of business'.

              Good luck!


              Edith-  Ok, you got me searching for Apple Cider donuts.  Krispy Kreme has a pumpkin spice donut which sounds good but I can't find the apple cider ones.  Be careful what you might find me knocking on your door expecting some culinary delights!  Sounds like you've got some fun races lined up.  If you're concerned about being recovered enough for the 15k, I'd say that's over a month away and you should be good.  But listen to your body, as always, and make a decision later.


              Simon-  Any friend of Zelanie's is a friend of ours!  Welcome!  I know you feel like you're starting from scratch right now but I think you'll get up to speed faster than you think.  But patience is always good.  Do you have a particular race coming up?


              Wolfy-  So maybe you'll be another trail runner?  I'd be afraid to start running trails this close to a big race.  I'd break, twist, sprain, hurt, bruise, smoosh, squash, crush, snap something vital.  But I'm clumsy that way.  Happy trails!


              blue-  Somehow I missed that you were racing tomorrow, too.  Did you tell us?  Is it a HM?  10k?  Anyway, please do not die of frostbite.  Those wind gust sound downright nasty.  I hope they give you something warm after the race.  Like hot soup or something.


              me-  Ran an easy 4.5 on the track with some strides.  Conditions look to be perfect for tomorrow morning.  I think at the start is should be 50, no wind and sunny.  So if do poorly I can't blame the weather.

              10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                Good luck tomorrow, miele, and Bluerun!  Hope that you both have great races!


                I think I'm just going to go with the short sleeved tee and the goodwill sweatshirt and knit cap I bought.  I'm usually cold when I run but hot when I race.  I'm going to wear my oldest gloves that already have a hole in them, so if I end up tossing them, too, nothing to fret over.  But I'm not going to be making any fashion statements.  And I won't run before getting in the car.  I just worry that I will be stiff *and* cold when I start my warmup, but it will probably be fine.


                Edith- I hope that you have a good race on Thurs!


                Simon- Hiya, and welcome!  Glad that you're back to running!  Is your son still running as well?


                Wolfwalker- Good luck on Thurs!  Hope your 20 go well too!

                  Good luck miele and blue.

                  Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                  Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


                  Super B****

                    Edith -- I thought you said you ran 20 MILES, and I took quite a double take!!  I'm not logging high mileage, so you don't need to be jealous of me, if that helps any.


                    Simon -- welcome!


                    Wolf -- trail running is such a nice change!  It's tough in a whole different way.


                    miele -- I mentioned it in passing a while back when I registered, but it wasn't a goal race so I didn't really say much else about it!  Details below... hope you had better weather than I did!


                    Zelanie -- how did your race go??


                    me -- yeah, so I ran a half this morning.  It.  Was.  Brutal.  No RR yet since for some reason the 5K and 10K results have been posted, but the half results haven't ... my unofficial time was 1:58:05.  Which, for the record, is longer (time wise) than I've ever run in my life.  I'm still not sure I'm completely defrosted!!

                    chasing 5:59


                    because i never shut up ... i blog

                      RR- EWEB Run to Stay Warm Half Marathon (cross-posted)


                      Executive Summary- Second Half Marathon.  Chip time 1:55:02, 58 second PR, 38 second negative split, 7/25 AG, 200/496 OA, 76/291 Female


                      Background: I ran my first half marathon this past April, but finished with a knee injury and had to take about two months off.  After a round of PT, I worked on building my base back up to get ready for this race.  I didn’t follow any specific plan this time.  Instead, I first worked on getting back to 30 MPW comfortably with all easy runs.  Once I could do that, I kept my mileage the same, but added a long run and eventually once-a-week speedwork (either a track workout or tempo).  Then, once I felt comfortable at a certain mileage level, I bumped it up.  I averaged just under 40 MPW for the 10 weeks leading up to the race, and peaked at 45.  I just did a one-week taper for this race, although I did cut my LR last week. For LRs, I ran 15 once, 14 once, and a handful of 13s.


                      I wasn’t really sure what to aim for as far as goals, but I did have a couple of good 10Ks about 6 weeks back, and in training the 8:30s had been feeling better and better recently. So I decided that a “good” day would be sub-1:55, and a “great” day would be sub-1:52. I knew I could run the distance, but had no idea how prepared I was to hold my pace for the distance.


                      PreRace- The past few days have been cold in Oregon!  But it was sunny and clear, with very little wind.  I decided to rent a hoody and knit cap from Goodwill for this race, but under that I just went with a short sleeve top, sparkle skirt, and calf sleeves.  I also wore my favorite pair of Kinvaras.  They arrived at my house the day of the Boston Marathon, plus I was injured and wasn’t running, so for a while they just sat sadly in the closet.  I only started wearing them recently, but I swear that every run I’ve worn them for has been a good one.


                      The race was my first down in Eugene, Track Town USA, of course!  It is a benefit for their local low-income heating assistance program.  I got to the race site with plenty of time and did a 2-mile warmup along the course with 4 sets of strides.  It was still in the mid-20’s at that point, but clear and sunny.  I wore hand warmers in my gloves!  The entire course was along paved trails by the Willamette River, and was really lovely.  On my warmup, I saw that there were ice patches along the trail.  It wasn’t too slippery, but definitely required a little bit of attention and careful footing.


                      Start- I had been looking for JDrumm, who was also running the race, but hadn’t spotted him yet.  Then I got to the starting line, and realized that I had lined up next to him!  Perfect!  So we got to catch up a bit while we waited for the race to start.  We wished each other luck, and then were off.


                      It was very, very crowded at the start since you go from a parking lot to a bike path.  And maybe I started too far back.  I realized that I had to focus on getting clear because going with traffic at that spot was not going to get me to race pace.  It was about a half mile before I had any control at all over how fast I was running, and a mile before I was really in the clear.


                      I ditched the hat a 0.2 miles, and the jacket at the first mile marker.


                      Mile 1- 8:54


                      We crossed the Willamette for the first time and went into the park.  I felt pretty good, and was easing into my race pace.  We passed the 5K turnaround, but since the 5K started 15 minutes later, they weren’t there yet.


                      Mile 2- 8:42


                      So far, so good.  There was a group of three chatty girls near me, talking about the housing market, and home renovations, etc.  Everyone else was quiet or had headphones on.  There was a guy who had my same calf sleeves plus Saucony shoes that looked like Kinvaras.  I decided to try to keep him in sight.  Right before the third mile marker, we got to a turnaround point that was also the first water station.  Danger!  I was happy to be through before it was too crowded.


                      Mile 3- 8:50


                      I saw JDrumm on the out and back section, he looked good.  Then I happily pulled away from the chatty girls, but my equipment twin guy had pulled ahead of me and was out of sight.


                      Mile 4- 8:41


                      I took my first gel.  I know I don’t need them, but at least they are a confidence boost.


                      Mile 5- 8:49


                      Somewhere in here we ran into 5Kers and 10Kers.  The path was wide enough that it seemed to work.


                      Mile 6- 8:43


                      Still feels pretty easy, too easy even, but I don’t have enough experience to know whether to push or not.  They had a mat for the halfway split, which was nice.  I realize that I’m behind pace for sub-1:55 and had better step it up.  But I’m honestly scared that I will crash and burn, and know I feel good at my current pace.  I caught sight of equipment twin guy again, and focused on catching him.


                      Mile 7- 8:46


                      I pull almost even with equipment twin guy.  Close enough that I can see that he also has the same kind of Balega socks that I am wearing.  His shoes look like they have many more miles on them.  He also looks like he’s a bit behind pace himself, since every now and then he glances at his watch, speeds up, and then gradually slows down.  I can’t quite pass him.


                      Mile 8- 8:35


                      I take my second gel, and instantly get a strange cramp in the bottom left of my abdomen, almost down in my hip.  I don’t know whether it’s the water or the gel or just random, but I back off my pace just a bit.  I pass a woman who is calling her doctor on the phone.  I hope that she’s doing OK, but not sure how much mid-race help she is going to get via telephone.


                      I slowed down enough that the chatty girls have caught and even passed me.  At least they aren’t quite as chatty anymore.


                      Mile 9- 9:05


                      I realized that this is exactly what I did in my first half.  Maintaining the same effort as I was during the first half is going to get me slower and slower paces from here on out.  I realize that I have a choice- I can let that happen, or fight it.  So I fight.  I gave a little surge just as we’re crossing the second footbridge to go back to the other side of the river.  My surge takes me past the chatty girls, and I find that I am back on pace and seem to be able to hold it.  Equipment twin guy looks like he’s speeding up, though.


                      Mile 10- 8:44


                      Just a 5K left, but it is a fight between my brain and my legs.  I’m still on pace for sub-1:55, but barely.


                      Mile 11- 8:48

                      Mile 12- 8:44


                      Now my hip decides that it has had enough for the day.  And it is pretty serious about things.  Not injured, it would just rather slow down right now thank you very much.  I know there’s not much left, but it still feels like an eternity.


                      Mile 13- 9:01


                      I see the 13 mile flag and just go for it.  And according to Garmin, I have an awesome kick.  Where was that 25 second ago?  I don’t know.


                      Last 0.12- 6:50 pace.  But it sure doesn’t look like that in the video that DD took of my finish!  I wonder if the truth is somewhere in between the numbers of my last two paces.


                      Final thoughts: I crossed the mat in 1:55:3X gun time, and was happy to see 1:55:02 chip time.   Three measly seconds off my goal!  Still, I think I ran about as well as I could have today, judging by how those last 3 felt.  No regrets!

                      My husband and DD met me at the finish, and we got to say hi to JDrumm and meet his wife.  We went to the after party at a nearby restaurant, but it was not all that exciting, so we went out for waffles instead.


                      Overall, it was a good race.  I’m back to about where I was in the spring, but I think that I have a more solid base under me now.  Today was a 58 second PR (and, according to the results, I also negative split today’s race by 38 seconds).  I am registered for next year’s Corvallis Half Marathon in April, but don’t really have any firm plans until then.  Until today, I was just focused on being able to finish a half uninjured.  I am pretty sure that I accomplished that, but the next few days will tell.


                      As far as training goes, I think that I had the speed and endurance that I needed for my race today.  I did not have the stamina, which honestly I suspected going in.  I did more pure track workouts than tempos, and I didn’t do any longer tempo runs.  I sort of ran out of time in my training to get to them.  I have been looking at some plans that include faster miles in the long run, and think that something like that would really help me get to the next level as far as racing goes.


                      Thanks for reading this far- it was a long one!  Hope that you enjoyed it, or at least skipped the boring parts. Wink


                      Photos: I will edit with official photos once they are in.  My DD also took a video of the finish that she posted on Facebook, but because it's "hers" and not "mine" I don't think that her settings will let me share it.  I think if you are my friend on Facebook you should be able to see it.


                      At the finish.  Working hard.  And heel striking.


                      This is what your face is supposed to look like at the finish, right?  I think I have scared that guy over on the sidelines.


                      After I'd had a chance to walk it off a bit.


                      And finally- here is the waffle that I had. Cool



                        Zelanie-Yay!  Congrats on a great race and new PR!  You really got your training back on course after your setback and it paid off.  Great pics, too.  I think you're in for a huge PR in April once you go through a training cycle uninjured.  That well-deserved waffle is quite impressive!  I bet it was tasty.  I'd say you had a very successful day!  You know, I'm still considering running Newport next year.  You'd have plenty of time to train for it...just throwing it out there...Big grin.


                        blue-  Oh no!  What a horrible experience.  I absolutely hate being cold.  Hate, hate, hate.  And your race sounds like pure misery.  Drink something warm (that always helps me).  I think you did well to run in those conditions.  I was hoping the predictions were off.

                        10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48





                          RR-  Berkeley Half Marathon, 10 mile and 10k race.  I ran the 10k.


                          Short Story:  47:12 (new PR!!! by 1:13)   1/83 AG, 10/928 Female, 85/1396 OA, 1/356 masters, 69.62% Age Grade (don't know what that means)


                          The weather was absolutely perfect.  47 at the start and I think 56 at the finish.  No wind.  Sunny.  Heaven.  I wore a sports bra tank with arm warmers and gloves.  I could've done without the arm warmers but those are easy to roll down.  Shorts and Kinvaras.


                          Pre-race I gave myself a good talkin'-to.  I was to go out no faster than 7:50-8:00.  This was to be an exercise in pacing for me.  I felt I could at least match my old PR from a year ago but, more importantly, I wanted to run a smart 10k for once.


                          Chatted with a new running friend I had met in the Monday night running group (she was running the 10 miler). Ran a little over a mile for a warmup then lined up.


                          Mile 1:  7:48  What?  I was so happy with this mile.  I checked the watch a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't doing anything crazy.  There was a slight uphill in the first mile.


                          Mile 2:  7:22  I don't look at my watch but run by feel.  The next 2.5 miles are downhill and I want to take advantage of that so I go by effort.


                          Mile 3:  7:16  Still downhill.


                          Mile 4:  7:34  Downhill until the overpass then it flattens out.


                          Mile 5:  7:39  Here it got a bit confusing at one point since 10k runners were merging with 10-milers and Halfers but then would break off again only to re-merge.  This happened several times and at one point runners were going different directions but I didn't see a sign saying which way 10k-ers should go.  Had to stop and ask.  Not a huge deal but I hate stopping (turns out either way was good.)  Also, this is where the course went onto a single track with packed dirt and gravel.  I find it hard to transition and can't get into a good stride.  This continues till the finish.


                          Mile 6:  7:50  What kind of cruel bastard puts a hill at mile 5.8 of a 10k?  I don't know how long it was but I want to say about .25 miles.  Maybe it just felt that long.  It was pretty steep.  I'm getting passed left and right but that doesn't bother me.  I know I'm not good on hills.  I just spent the time quietly cussing out whoever thought to put a hill there.  Oh, but wait, the downhill to the finish!


                          .25 (per Garmin):  7:14  Trying to sprint and that's all I've got.


                          47:12 Chip time!  Now I have to put an asterisk next to this PR since there was a lot of downhill.  I don't know how to translate it into a flat course time.  Got a medal and tried to find DH but there were so many people it took a while.  Turns out he didn't make it in time for my finish since he couldn't find the car after he had left me at the start.  We checked out the results and I was shocked to see I had won not only my AG but the masters, as well.  Apparently a plaque will be sent to me.


                          This was a fun race and I was surprised by the turn out.  Over 6500 for the three races.  They did a really good job with organization.  I was wondering how it would work out with the staggered start.  HM first then the 10 miler and finally the 10k.  I thought the faster runners might have to dodge a lot of walkers from the other races but that worked out well.  It did get a bit congested from mile 4 but not horribly so.


                          Did I mention that my legs were still feeling heavy despite having cut back to 43 miles this week?  But they held up well and I still have two more weeks for them to get their bounce back.


                          So can anyone explain the age-grade percentage?  Also, does anyone know how to convert a downhill course to a flat course time?  There's gotta be a way.

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                            Miele- Wow, AG and Masters win, congratulations!  Nicely paced!  I think you earned that time with the hill at the end.


                            My understanding of age-graded time is that it's based on the world record at that distance in that age group.


                            Here is the chart I've often seen:

                                100%        = Approximate world record 
                                              Over 90% = World Class 
                                              Over 80% = National Class 
                                              Over 70% = Regional Class 
                                              Over 60% = Local Class


                            So you're now almost regionally classy. Smile  Whereas my time today gives me a 58.2%, almost local class.  Which makes sense, really.  At a small, local race like mine, I wasn't quite an AG contender, but wasn't too far out of it either.  3rd place was 3:06 ahead of me.


                            You're the second person who's mentioned Newport to me today, and it does sound like a good one!  I am tempted, although I really feel like I will enjoy it more if I give myself another year before attempting the full.


                            Bluerun- Congrats on the new time-record!  Hope that you've started to defrost.

                              Miele, absolutely fantastic achievement. Even if it is largely downhill, it was downhill for everybody, and you came first in age group and first masters. Do you think your performance is more due to base mileage or specific pace work? Reflects Hanson being better for you than Pfitz?

                              Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

                              Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 


                                Miele – super quick 10k. 1st in the AG and in masters. That’s huge. Congratulations!

                                I wouldn’t think about downhill. Who cares? You won! Regarding converting non flat course’s result to the flat one, try uploading your run in Starava. In splits, it shows GAP (grade adjusted pace).

                                Yes. I recently got Altra. Had a couple of runs in them and I am loving them. It feels good to rotate between shoes with different drop.


                                Zelanie – great race. Congratulations in getting PR in HM! It’s great to see you bouncing back strong form the injury earlier this year. I bet that waffles tested darn good after the raceSmile


                                Bluerun – congratulations in running the HM! I agree with your that running in the rain is fun and standing in the rain is notSmile


                                Wolfwalker23 – how did u like trail running?


                                SimonR – welcome!


                                EdithRevisited – I agree that our ankles keep getting stronger as we keep running on trails. Fortunately my friend’s ankle is doing great and I am excited that he would able to go for friends’ 5k next Sunday. Good luck with your 10k on Thanksgiving Day!


                                Npaden – it’s exciting that you are going to log 2000 miles for the year!


                                Me – had good short speed run on the weekend. Ran 5k in 23:06 @ 7.26 min/mile.