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    hector -- I'll join you in the funny walking; it appears ice baths work since I'm more sore now than I was after my last couple of half marathons!  I don't actually know my max HR... I have topped 200 before, but it's usually in the 190s when I finish a 5K.


    Tara -- well, I might be much faster if I weren't such a fragile delicate creature!  Good luck with your half this weekend.

    chasing 5:59


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    If you ask

      Blue - I LOVED the pic of you blowing in the wind.  I know that kind of wind.  Congratualtions on a well earned PR! 


      Nathan - what a great race!   It is very cool to run a course record.       


      Pandora - so you've learned one of the many secrets that runners know... Thanksgiving food is really enjoyable after running.   That extra piece of pie is almost guilt-free, teehee!!  


      Lurch - with all of the hardcore training that you're doing, you will certainly get that sub 2!  Isn't it funny how running with others wearing bibs helps us kick it up more than when running alone?  I sometimes surprise myself with how hard I can go during a race.  Way to take advantage of the race, without taking advantage of the race, if you know what I mean...


      Miele -  the bagels were delish.   I haven't run with my nieces before.  They are both slower, and were planning to run the 5k, while I was going to run the 10k.   I'm trying to convince my niece to train for the Diva Half.  She runs up to 5 miles now, and she is such a girly girl that she would love the pink, AND the VA race is in a winery so win-win.  Im offering to run it with her.   Anyway, I am not running the 50k because I just do not have the time to continue to keep the miles up right now.   There is a 12 hour race in Sept that may be more practical.   Congrats on the shoe deal.  I'm loving me some Kindrunner right now, with the free shipping and other deals.     Are you ready for your race?


      Wolfie - Whoot Whoot what!?   nice race!  Great hill!   And mom there too!   enjoyed your RR.  


      Twofoot -  Philly was great this year. Nice weather, great crowds.   Congrats on the new 5 mile PR.  I love when we surprise ourselves in a race!   Way to go!



      Welcome Tim!


      hector -  I sure could use you around my house, with all that you are able to do!   Is the tree decorated?  Please don't tell me that your cards are all sent too.   AND time to bike and run!   Wow!


      Tara - good luck on Sunday. 


      Me -  I ran the Dirty Bird 15k trail run on Sunday.  The paths were rocky so my ankles were working hard.  The uphills were long, but not as steep as some races I do.  It was a beautiful, crisp day AND, registering day of, I snagged the LAST size small long sleeve tee,  yay! 

      So I ran a pretty solid race, didn't push it too hard as I haven't been on the trails for a while.  But I passed many runners during the second half, so I guess I ran smart.   Finished in 1:40:50.  Not too shabby.   Sore today but it's all good. (I'm walking funny too, hector, especially down the stairs).  Now I'm off to watch "Charlie Brown Christmas".    

      • Charlie Horse Half Marathon - May 25
      • PA Grand Canyon Marathon - July 27
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        Pandora-  Ha!  It's bad enough we have our own anxiety dreams but you've gone and appropriated Wolfy's hill to add to the drama.


        2ft-  I'm not sure about a tracking app but it seems like a lot of races offer that nowadays so I wouldn't be surprised if CIM did, as well.  I must admit that I'm almost completely technologically illiterate but I'm working on it.  Actually got a smart phone last year and have started texting a little.  What a pain in the ass.  I need to get that app that lets you talk into the phone and it'll write out everything for you.  Yep, that's how lazy I am.  And a huge Congrats on a a great 5 mile Trot!  Those unexpectedly good races are the best!  I predict great things in the upcoming races.  Did you find any great Gore-Tex deals?


        blue-  I hope the body cooperates and you can run the 5k.  Took the Riders out for a short run and I think those are my new favorite shoe for everyday running.  I need to get back into the heart rate thing.  I think my monitor was flaking out so I just stopped using it.  Will start up again after the race just so I can have more numbers show up in the download.


        Tim-  Welcome and well done in your sub-2 HM!  Does Atlanta have any flat races?


        hector-  It seems like Sports Basement always has 10% coupons floating around.  Check out their FB and maybe they offer coupons to people who 'like' them.  Did you find anything interesting?  Hope you're walking a little easier today.  That was a busy weekend you had.


        Tara-  I do not feel ready!  My legs are tired and heavy.  But this happens every time.  I think it's just nerves but I'm taking the day off just in case...I'm hoping you get great weather for your race.


        Edith-  Wise decision not running the 50k.  Maybe next year?  Funny, I was talking to a guy in the running group last night about a 50k race.  He put his name in the lottery and is hoping not to get picked.  He succumbed to peer-pressure.  Got me thinking that I could maybe run a 50k.  Hmmm.  Something to ponder.  But does that mean you won't be racing in Dec?  You've raced every month this year except for this month, haven't you?  I hope your niece runs the Diva with you.  Sounds like a fun race even though I don't like pink (although I'm not nearly as anti-pink as I used to be) but the possibility of wine is definitely a positive.  Checked out Kindrunner and what a great idea!  I've bookmarked it.


        Jan-  Where are you?  What're you up to lately?


        me-  I must've misspoken before but just to be clear...I got my shoes the Monday before Thanksgiving/Black Friday.  Not a chance in hell I'm going out on Black Friday.  I barricade the door and watch the chaos on the evening news and congratulate myself for avoiding the mess.  Two women got into a tasing fight?  Really?  Anyway,  I ran 4 last night with the group and was planning to run today but my legs feel tired.  So to be cautious I'm taking the day off.  I think I'll get my race playlist in order today.

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          SBPRC represent! Woohoo!


          (This is Jennifer btw Wink)


          I haven't posted in this thread before. Just ran my first half marathon on Thanksgiving - the Atlanta Half Marathon. I would have been very happy with anything under 2 hours and 1:55 was my ultimate goal. I ended up finishing in 1:53. Considering the amount of hills I am amazed at my time. My next half is the Publix Half Marathon in late March (also in Atlanta) so hopefully I can improve my time by then.




            Hey Jennifer!! Big grin


            I'm enjoying a week off from running, but at the same time anxious to get back out there!


            SBPRC represent! Woohoo!


            (This is Jennifer btw Wink)


              miele - have you decided on a goal time for Sunday?


              I think if you actually get a good weather day and things work out you have a sub 3:45 in you.  I think you are a lock for sub 3:50.


              What's your BQ?  Is that something you are thinking about?


              No matter what, don't go out too fast those first few miles, you can't ever get those back.  (Not that I know much about running marathons, I've just run the one, but I read a lot about pacing and fun stuff like that).


              I used this calculator to help me think through my pacing and it really worked for me.




              You don't have to do the HR stuff, but I think their pacing is spot on.


              Good luck!!  Hope the weather actually turns out good for you!!

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                Half an hour on the indoor bike today because of ice on the roads in the morning.

                Working afternoon shift this evening.

                PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                    10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


                  Tara and Miele -- Good luck on the upcoming races!


                  I am getting excited for a 5k this weekend, my first in a long time, so yay.  But on the negative side:  (1) Despite the T-day speed workout, I then went on to lose all control with eating over the long weekend and then during some traveling I did at the beginning of the week; am kind of feeling heavy during my runs now but that may be psychological.  (2) This week's speed workout was aborted, as I locked myself out of my car and got too pissed off to focus on intervals.  I did manage to get 5 miles in though as I had to run home and back to get my spare key.  Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh.

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                    Hello from the frozen tundra of Wyoming! We've been having such decent "winter" weather, then bam! Last night our low was -19, wind chill of -27. Right now it's a blistering 0 degrees. Last week/weekend I got outside to run 4 times. This week - my TM and I are best friends. I've been focusing on shorter, faster runs with the intention of setting a new 5K PR this spring/summer, and maybe a 10K too. I can only hope...


                    miele - Only a couple more days! I hope the weather forecast improves and it won't be so cold, but I guess cold is better than the torrential rain and hurricane winds from last year. You've had a great training cycle, which is going to result in a fabulous race!


                    Hello to everyone else. I need to go back numerous pages and see what's been going on before I can do personals that make any sense at all.

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                      Miele:  I'll echo this advice from Nathan.


                      No matter what, don't go out too fast those first few miles, you can't ever get those back.  (Not that I know much about running marathons, I've just run the one, but I read a lot about pacing and fun stuff like that).


                      I too only have one marathon under my belt, but (as I wrote here) I went out way too fast and I have very little doubt that I paid the price for it in those later miles.  Good luck with your race; we all know you've put in the work to do well so don't let yourself forget that when you're out on the course.



                        Nathan-  Have you been in the peyote again?!?  Just the thought of being capable of a 3:50 makes me smile.  A 3:45 is just crazy talk (but nice to dream about).  I've played with numbers (don't we all?) until I've convinced myself that a 3:55 is a possibility.  BUT I still want a 5 min. PR.  It's silly, really, since it's just a number and I would be happy with any PR.  My old chick BQ is 3:55.  Don't get me wrong, I would be ecstatic to BQ but I would be ecstatic-er to get a 5min. PR.

                        Soooooo.  My GMP is 8:52.  The plan:  Go out with the 3:55 (8:58mm) pace group and stick with them for 2-3 miles after which I'll speed up slightly to an 8:55mm.  That'll continue through mile 10 when, hopefully, I'll speed up to 8:50-8:52.  Mile 20 is where I decide whether or not I can speed up or maintain.  I definitely don't want to slow down.  That should give me the 5 min PR.  Of course, all the increases in speed will only happen if I'm feeling good about.  If I'm not feeling it then I'll try and hang with the pace group for the entire race.

                        As you know, my HM doesn't warrant this pace but I'm going for it anyway based on my marathon PR from 2 years ago and the warm-up races leading up to that.  Also the fact that this training cycle is waaaaay better in comparison.  I've averaged over 20 mpw more this cycle. It's gotta count for something, right?

                        Thanks for that link.  Pretty neat.  Did your race times line up from your tune-up races (the adjusted times not the 13.4 mile long HM)?  From my 10k it says 3:47:05 and from my HM it says 3:52:28 which is the 8:52 pace I'm shooting for.  Now I'm getting nervous just thinking about that too ambitious? Am I going to crawl to the finish line?  Will I regret being so aggressive?  The doubts.


                        Pandora-  Good luck this weekend!  I bet you would've run great intervals.  Being pissed off adds some adrenaline which can be useful.


                        Jan-  Hiya!  Missed you around here!  I don't know what to say about your weather.  It's just insane.  I can't even imagine those temps and what they must feel like.  Drink some hot cocoa or red wine and stay warm!  Good plan focusing on new PRs in the shorter distances.  I know you're tired of long runs so enjoy the shorter ones.  The weather for my race is looking very chilly but, like you pointed out, better than last year.  Actually, I haven't even checked the weather yet but I read other posts about CIM on RWOL and they cover that pretty well.


                        pc-  Yes, you and Nathan are so right about not going out too fast.  Funny, I don't have a problem with going out slow for a marathon.  It's a long race and I respect the distance (unlike the 10k where I can go out like my pants are on fire and fizzle at mile 1.5).  Also, lining up around the pace group and sticking to them should help me a lot.  Now, if I've chosen the right pace for my fitness is another question.  If I'm too ambitious then I'm in for a very difficult time of it.


                        me-   Started the carbo-load today.  So far so good.  Tomorrow I'll go out for a short 3 miler with strides and then Sat. we leave for Sacramento.  Got some new BodyGlide today.  Tomorrow I'll check out Goodwill for a cheapo zip jacket to wear at the start.  I have a half-zip but I would accidently choke myself if I had to try and pull it off over my head while running.  Let's see.  What else?  Got my shuffle loaded with a good playlist for those final miles.  Some Irish Punk (Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys), Beastie Boys, Cyprus Hill, Eminem, Kid Rock.  Can you tell I'm bored?  All this running I'm not doing has left me with plenty of time to write you guys a novel.  Thanks for your patience.

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                          miele - plugging my half marathon in the middle of my training cycle into McMillan's calculator it almost gives me my exact finishing time for my marathon.  (adjusted to take that extra 1/4 mile off).  I plugged in a 1:48:29 HM time and it spit out 3:48:18 and my marathon time was 3:48:09.


                          I think the fact that you ran that half marathon in the middle of your marathon training cycle kind of makes up for the fact that those calculators are usually a little too optimistic.  That's the way it worked for me anyway.


                          There is a setup to track people live during the race -  I need to go back through some threads and stalk you to get your full name or you'll have to give us your bib number for us to be able to track you.  Or you can just make us all wait for you to post your 5+ minute PR time on here after the race!


                          Good Luck!

                          Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                          Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)



                            Nathan-  PM'ed you.  I wish my times lined up as beautifully as yours but they just don't.  I also think that you're still relatively new to running and still have significant gains to make whereas I am not new and any gains I make will probably be small.  And, might I remind you, you ran a great HM in the middle of your training as do many others so I can't really make any rational excuses for why I didn't do as well as I had hoped.   I'm happy with my plan which I think gives me the option of either staying with the 3:55 group or trying to squeeze out a little faster time.


                            Day 1 of carbs is done.  I'm not too miserable.  I found that I need to drink a lot of those carbs in the form of Gatorade and, this time, I got some Cream Soda.  I never have soda.  Don't like it.  But Cream Soda?  I've always loved it so now I'm having a couple a day and enjoying every sip.

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                              This is just a blow-by post to wish GOOD LUCK to the racers this weekend -- miele and Tara, I think??  We expect full RRs!!

                              chasing 5:59


                              because i never shut up ... i blog



                                Tara, 2ft and Pandora-  Good luck this weekend!  Looking forward to hearing all about everything!

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