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    Hey Darlene what's with the motivation slump? One thing that could help, which is doing the rounds in the UK. Is ditch the junk miles. Google the runners world training pace calculator and find out fast you should be doing your training runs. Your soon notice the difference.

      Thanks for the advice Sipcillins! I will have to check that calculator out. I never had to train for speed until now I guess. My best full marathon was a 3:27 which qualified me for boston twice and my best 5k was 20:10.  That was about 3 to 4 years ago and I never trained for speed. I don't know whats going on now. Anymore advice? I would like to keep in touch if that is okay with you.

        Nathan : great race and pictures. Congrats on the award(s) for you and the Wifey.  I hope your upcoming ultra is going to rock!


        Darlene : My first steps to motivation are : pick a WHY!  Why am i training, why do I want to win, Why do I want to eat right, Why now??

        These are simple things that reinforce your motivation which will build.  Second, set some goals you can reach, and maybe a couple you cant reach this year, that will keep you going for awhile.  Your old training habits and your inner runner will start coming back for sure. Good luck and welcome to the Sub 2er's.


        Darlene : here is a youtube link of a video I made talking about success goals and motivation, its kinda long at 15 minutes, but I think it may have the spark to the fire you want to build, check it out if you think it will help Smile


        Success Goals and Motivation Video


        Me : Rained yesterday all day kind of hard for southern calif. I will go running today, not sure how many miles or where, just cant wait to get outside. Have a great weekend everyone.  Any races coming up???

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          Nathan- That sounds like a fantastic race!  Thanks for writing it all up in the race report- I loved it!  And congrats on the AG award!  I am so dependent on my GPS that it would be a huge challenge for me to pace myself on a course like that.


          Wolfie- Can't wait to hear about your new PRs once you have your races picked out!


          Lurch- Ouch!  I am glad you got a diagnosis, though, as that's always the first step in working to get better!  And good news about the strong bones of the formerly obese. Smile  I am hoping that I was able to develop them, too.


          Darlene- Welcome!  It looks like you should be in good shape to run sub-2 if you're doing hilly 10.3 at a 9:50 pace now. Smile One of the interesting things about running is that even though there are some basic principles, the ways that work for each of use to get to our goals is so different.  My take on training is pretty much the opposite of sjpcollins, I think.  I like to run relatively higher mileage, with plenty of easy miles.  Maybe that just gives me confidence, I don't know.   In any case, check in often!


          me- Still doing well.  Mostly good runs, although I did have a crummy LR again last weekend.  I think it was mostly mental, especially since I was running alone in the dark on a Friday after work.  14 is long enough to be a challenge, but the distance is not new enough to me to be exciting or really motivating.  It was just a LR in the dark, and I was cold and tired and overdressed for the temperature.  This week I just planner 12 for my LR and will run during daylight hours.  My MLRs are still going well, so I really just have to run it like a MLR, then throw in a few more miles at the end.

            Hey everyone! This is great! I really appreciate all the advice. I finally figured out how to work the communication part of this training log. I am on here checking things out more then on facebook. Although my facebook is all about health, fitness and running of course. Feel free to friend me! I am always looking for running friends. I do have to ask myself lately "why" I'm running..... Well I do have a half marathon coming up in May that I would like to finish in under 2:00 hours. That would be a good reasonable goal I think. Lately I just haven't had the desire to make myself uncomfortable in my runs because my life has been so stressful. I guess I just settled for my runs to be my relaxed or meditative time if that sounds right. I've ran a couple of timed fun runs the past 2 weeks but just wanted to be relaxed and comfortable. I have 2 more. One this week a 2.50 miler and next week a really hard and hilly 6.5 miler. I think I will try to push a little in the 2.5 miler and see what happens. It's not a long distance and It will give me an idea of what I can do. I did the 5k  2 weeks ago in 25:23 and I thought the time was wrong because I thought I was going about a 27 or 28 pace. But that's just it, lately I really am off in judging pace. Sometimes I feel good and other times I don't. Stress! It will do that to ya! Take care everyone and if you live in the northeast be careful out there in the cold and slippery conditions. Looking forward to hearing from some new runnier!


              It can be very easy to get comfortable running and stop pushing yourself. If you enter a race a month regardless of how small a race it is, that will keep you focused.


              Your find lots of good advice on runners world it's forums and its runners hub is cert worth joining as they have monthly and yearly challenges.


              And sometimes it's motivational to follow some of the many running blogs on wordpress and read about those at the top on things like athletics weekly


              We all have off periods, as long as your enjoying running that's all that counts.

                I'm a big believer in plenty of easy miles as well.


                I really like a quote that floats around here that is something to the effect of "run a lot, mostly easy, sometimes fast".  I think it is pretty accurate.


                For a half marathon you are pretty well served just running plenty of easy miles.  You can do some speed work and tempo runs if you want to, but really they are more to break up the doldrums than anything.


                If you've run a 3:27 marathon and a 20:10 5K you have plenty of speed, just get your aerobic engine back into shape and you'll knock out a sub 2 hour half marathon with no problems.

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                  I just logged in for a quick visit and read the most amazing race report with great pictures!

                  Congratulations- great time for the course you ran on, well done to both of you.

                  Trail runs can take you through some beautiful scenery, one of the things my son enjoys about being an ultrarunner. Last spring I paced him in from midnight to 6 am on a hundred miler, we crossed streams, went past a sleeping horse, through forests with our headlamps shining on huge tree trunks, it was amazing. Maybe you can go back and walk the course some day.

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                    Nice to see some new "faces"in this group. Hope that all your training is going well.Any of you folks getting hammered by the storm today?


                    me-a few weeks into my HM training plan, have some 18k long runs coming up next week. Have a fast 9k for tonight. yay. Cant wait for quitting time fast enough.


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                      Well, my running plans are on hold for a bit anyway.  Broke my collarbone skiing over the weekend.


                      My 100+ mile month streak is in serious jeopardy.  I've made it for February, but going to be touch and go whether I can heal fast enough to make 100 in March now.


                      My trail marathon in 25 days is looking really iffy.

                      Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                      Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)



                        Nathan-  Dangit!  And OUCH!  You're the 4th person I 'know' (I actually do know the other 3). who has broken their collarbone recently.  One mountain biking, one road cycling, the other one I don't really know how he managed to do it.  Two needed surgery. (All guys, I see.  Hmmmm......) Now skiing.  I don't see how you're going to be able to run your trail marathon.  What do the doctors say?  I know you want to keep your 100 a month streak going but sometimes there are more important things at play.  Like healing.  Take care of yourself.


                        me-  Been kind of running along.  Got burned out after the marathon but I've been reading all your posts.  I've only managed to get my MPW up to the mid-30s.  I've got a HM coming up in a few weeks but I don't feel I've had a good training cycle at all so I don't expect much.  I'll just enjoy the race.


                        Hope everyone is doing well and running happy!

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                          Hi Everyone,


                          I just wanted to "run" in and say hello and see what's been going on. I'm sorry to read about the injuries, and I hope you guys heal fast. Hello to the new faces, although since I've been away so long, I'm probably in that category now too.


                          I'm still running, 3-4 times a week, mostly on my TM because the snow and cold just won't quit. I got outside maybe 5-6 times in the past couple months, and it was wonderful! My next race isn't until May, so no formal training plans happening with me, and I'm loving that.


                          Stay well everyone!

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                          Super B****

                            Hey, long time no check-in!!  I'm in Israel now, my goal race is on Friday… and I have tendinitis.  Wah wah wah.  I'm actually not going AMA by running it, since my doctor told me I could… and that I should take two weeks off after it.  I don't like THAT.  I mean, I had enough pressure on myself with my ridiculous pie-in-the-sky time goal, I really didn't need this to complicate matters!!

                            chasing 5:59


                            because i never shut up ... i blog


                            If you ask

                              Well I was doing just fine until I met up with Mr. Flu...

                              3 days of fever and only being able to sip water sparingly left me dehydrated and weak.   So I've not really run in about 2 weeks.  I missed my February race so I've given up on a race per month.  I do, however, have 3 races planned for May, and another 3 in July, as well as many others, so I will be back to training soon.

                              I went out for 5 miles on Saturday and managed 10-11 minute miles, but at least I could go the distance.  It left me exhausted so decided to wait a bit more to run again.   I will probably head out tomorrow and if all goes well, will be back to my regularly scheduled running life this weekend.

                              Stay healthy, all.

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                                You guys are killing me!  Jan's snowed in, blue has tendonitis (at least nothing's broken?  Trying to look on the bright side) and Edith is recovering from the flu......and it looks like my Garmin isn't much longer for this world.


                                But it's really good 'seeing' you guys again.  And HI to all the new faces.  Don't bail out just because the thread died there for a little bit.  Seems like everyone needed a little break.

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