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The Running Stan

    welcome aboard Stan. Good time on your first HM. Any more down the road?


    Thank you.  Just a 10K on May 26 and possibly a full in December.


      Hey all -


      Havent checked in here since fall. Last HM was my PR of 1:57! Loved it! Didnt think I could do it. Now Im shooting for sub 4 FM. My realistic goal is 4:20, but you never know. One week after my FM, I'll be doing my next HM. Last year's race was horribly hot and my 2:13 wasnt where I expected to be. Hoping for better weather and maybe lower that HM PR. And the Fall HM was barefoot, so thinking about doing that at my June HM.

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        Hi all - sorry it's taken me a while to post  - Boston was an amazing experience.  I absolutely LOVED the training, loathed the taper, and felt great on race day.


        If you are interested here is my RR - RaceReport


        Tim - Great PR - Enjoy the recovery and hope all continues to go well with your running.


        Zelanie - how are you feeling?  Did you run a recent 10K or is that coming up?  The weather at your half sounded tough...and especially after training in such a cold winter.


        Miele - What's next on your race schedule?  Seems as though your training is going well - and lots of projects to boot!


        Edith - Congrats on the AG place!  hope all continues to go well


        Nathan - great mileage - 50K?  Wow!  Great to hear!   You are amazing with that shoulder!


        Congrats Jeff!


        I'm just recovering - quads are almost pain free - but my feet are a mess.  Got  a few miles in this week - but mostly shuffling :-)  I have a half at the end of May and am hoping to break 1:35 so have to get back at it :-)

        Ready, go.




          Zelanie-  I guess I'm just not used to getting up close and personal with snakes.  I'd rather not interact with them at all.  Although one beautiful night we had the door open to enjoy the cool evening air and I was reading a book all comfy in my chair with a cozy blanky when something brushed my leg.  There was a slight delay in my thinking because I just kept reading then it occurred to me that nothing should be brushing my leg.  I slowly lifted my feet while lifting the throw and a snake was looking up at me.  Freaked me out.  DH decided it was a good time to take pictures of the snake instead of getting it out of the house.


          stever-  Good luck tomorrow!!  You and your DW will do great!


          stan-  Welcome and congrats on the sub-2!


          Jeff-  Congrats to you, too, on the new PR!  Was that your first sub-2?  I have to say you're very ambitious racing a HM one week after a marathon.  I can't imagine doing that.  Will this be your first marathon (sorry if you've said and I don't remember)?  If you've run a marathon before then you know what you're in for as far as recovery.  Just be careful.


          Tara-  Fantastic race!  Way to push through the wall like that.  Just think what you'll do next year when you're in the proper Wave.  With a solid training cycle behind you, as well.  I tried to comment on your RR but it kept taking me to a Dailies group I had to join.  I was thinking about how you hit the wall so suddenly and kept going.  Really, your pace dropped but not by a huge amount.  Or at least that's my thinking.  A minute per mile slower or thereabouts.  So you didn't let the wall totally devastate your pace.  Excellent job!  I'll let you in on a little secret (ok, it's not really a secret).  I booked a hotel in Boston already for next year just in case my measly BQ gets me in.  I hope to see you (and docjen) there.  I don't have any races scheduled.  I'm just base building till marathon training starts in June.  I'd like to maintain 40-45 mpw till then.  Maybe even get up to 50 mpw.  We'll see.


          2ft-  Tomorrow's the big day!!!!  I'll be thinking about you and wishing you a strong race!  Hope your taper went well and you're fueled and hydrated.


          me-  About to go for a 14 miler.  I skipped my run yesterday.  It was raining and so nice.  Really perfect running weather, if you ask me.  But I got into a cooking frenzy and just enjoyed the day.  Listening to the rain.  I made Lemon Pound Cake, Lemon Blondies, Ginger cookies and Hoppin' Johns.

          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




          If you ask

            Jeff - I, too, would like a sub4 marathon; maybe this year.   My best is 4:14 and that was with screwed up training after a horrid year.  So anything is possible.


            Welcome, Stan!


            Tara - congratulations!   Loved reading your report and way to power through!   I'm sure you will do great at your next race.


            Good luck to twofoot and Stever!


            Miele - I've seen many snakes whilst trail running, as well as geese, deer, and spiders.  Spiders are the worst.  Well, actually it's just the process of running through the webs.... Blech, shudder.  And bugs can be bad.   But snakes are cool.    I haven't run 14 miles in some time.  I've been training for this 10 miler, and after that the full marathon training begins.  Please send lemony goodness my way.


            Me -  I'm not sure I will PR at next Sunday's 10 miler (NOT BROAD STREET!!)  My PR is 1:22Tight lippedx and I'm not sure where I am at, fitness-wise, but if I ran the trail race (if it was anyway near the 9.3 miles; legend has it that trail races are not as accurate as road) in 1:36Tight lippedx, then 10 flat miles should be at least 10 minutes faster...and if I can eke off 5 more minutes....   Guess I'll have to wait and see.   It will all depend on how I feel on race day.  I ran fewer miles this week as my legs were pretty shot after the race.


            Stay safe, all!

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              I've definitely been out of the loop for a while.  I decided to take some time off from looking for PRs and make 2014 a year of running for other people.  So, I've been more relaxed about training and haven't been checking in much.


              Edith - I was wondering why you had those strange faces in the middle of your times, and then I realized :X gives you those!  Good luck on that 10 miler.  That's a distance I've never raced, but it sounds appealing.  I've done a couple of 15Ks and that's a nice distance, too.


              miele - I don't mind snakes all that much, but I might need to be hospitalized if one was looking at me in my chair at my house!  and bad DH taking pics instead of rescuing you!


              TaraC - congrats on Boston!  I hope to be there next year!


              Jeff - congrats on your sub-2!!


              stan - welcome!  what full are you looking at in December?


              Good luck to our racers this weekend!


              me - In the theme of running for others, I had my first pacing gig yesterday, pacing the 4:20 group at the Garmin marathon.  It was a lot of fun!   I was a nervous wreck at the start thinking about trying to hold a steady pace, but I did fairly well with it.  I had 2 people who ran the entire thing right on my shoulders, and a larger group that came and went at various points of the race.  There was a surprise thunderstorm with a downpour in the early miles, followed by a couple of miles of wind gusts that served sort of like a blow dryer.  My shoes still aren't dry today.  They were calling for hot and sunny, so actually the rain was a nice relief, even if it kind of freaked me out since I had to take my glasses off and was afraid I'd get lost!  My 2 runners that stuck with me the whole time were feeling good in the last few miles so we picked it up a little and I finished a little under goal at 4:19:05.  The one guy with me told at 26.1 miles that he was about to run a 1 HOUR PR.  I was pretty excited that he managed that!  Today I am sore and tired, but not as much as the last few marathons I've actually raced.  I think I'll run tomorrow without too much trouble.  The pasta dinner the night before featured as speaker Meb Keflezighi!! (He's sponsored by Garmin)  And this happened:

              Meb and I

              My signed bib

              I'm a back up pacer for a half in June (so won't know until close to it if I'm running it) and I'm pacing a 10K-5K double race in late June.  I am going to run the 50K I ran last year again this July.  And I just registered for the Marine Corps Marathon as a charity runner for a medical charity.  Hopefully, I'll make it into Boston next year and will likely train hard for that one.  In in the meantime, I'm enjoying running just for fun.

                doctorjen-you met Meb!! Awesome, thanks for posting the picture.


                5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
                2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45

                  Montreal Scotiabank Half-race report:


                  The day started off at 6:30 am, quick shower, changed, had breakfast. Temperature was just above freezing, and would only get a little warmer over the day, rain was supposed to stop around 9am, just before the start of the race.

                  Drove into the city with DW, took the subway the rest of the way. We have a secret bathroom spot that we always use when racing in Montreal.
                  Went there with shorts, decided it was still too cold and put on my tights instead. One long sleeve and short sleeve shirt, no hat or gloves, decided it was cold, but knew I was going to get warmer later.
                  Lined up in our corrals, gun went of at 10AM, we're running. First hick-up was when my GPS clocked the first km lap about 150 meters before the course marker. The GPS never caught up with the course markers, even DW GPS did the same. Guess the course was about 150-150m longer.

                  Kept pace with the 1:40 crowd until about the 10k mark, and slowly dropped off.

                  From 1-16km, all my km were in between 4:40-4:55, but race started to unravel after, as my times slowed down to 5:00-5:12 per km. Ended up finishing at 1:45:16, which is almost 40s faster than last year, but still 70s off my PR. Next time...


                  DW PRd with a 2:08, shaved over 1 minute from last year's time, but was p*ssed that she missed the sub 2hr time. I think she'll get over it in a few weeks. ;-)


                  This is always a fun race, as we raise money for local charities. This year, it was the Children's Hospital.


                  5K/22:33   10K/47:52   21.1K/1:44:06  42.2K/4:07:37
                  2014 Goals: 5K<22:00 10K<45:00 HM<1:40  FM<3:45

                    DocJen - very neat that you were able to be a pacer and that you got to met Meb.  I just finished his book, really good story about overcoming a lot of obstacles!


                    Steve - sorry you didn't PR, sounds like it just wasn't your day.  I bet you'll go sub 1:40 next try.


                    miele and zelanie - you guys jinxed me.  Went trail running for the first time since I broke my collarbone this week and about 100 yards into the run about a 4' long bull snake is just laying across the path.  I had to yell and stomp at it to get it to move off.  It was all good though, haven't seen one of the ones with rattles on it while out on a run yet.  I keep my eyes open though.


                    me - Probably my peak week of training for the year.


                    Saturday did a 20 miler and then Sunday 11.  Avg pace is slower than usual because I did a trail/pasture/brush run around my hunting property looking for shed antlers.  It logged in as 6.3 miles at a 15:27 avg pace so that messed up the avg.  It was a pretty decent effort though busting brush, etc. in 88 degree weather on Friday evening so the 20 miler Saturday morning ended up being tougher than I expected.  That was my longest training run ever.  Walked several times but still kept it under a 10:00 overall avg pace.  It was very humid for me and I only brought 16oz of fluid and it was gone with 4 miles to go.  Took me the rest of the day to get rehydrated.


                    Total for the week:


                    4/21/2014 – 4/27/2014: 68.0 mi 11:33:25

                    10:13 / mi


                    68 miles is my 2nd best week ever, last year during marathon training I hit 71.4 once.


                    My running streak is up to 37 days and 299 miles for an avg of 8.1 mile per day right now.


                    18 days until my goal 50K trail race.

                    Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

                    Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)



                      Edith-  Ok, now you've reminded why I never liked the idea of trail running.  Not only snakes but spiders, bugs, spiderwebs, etc.  It's all coming back now.  And I know there are mountain lions lurking around, too.  Speaking of bugs, I managed to swallow one on last nights trail run.  At least it was a tiny one.  Rest up those legs and get ready for a new PR Sunday!  I don't see a June race listed?  Are you boycotting that month for some reason?


                      doc-   Wow!  Soooo cooooool!  Meeting Meb and perfectly pacing your race!  Not only are you helping others meet their goals but it's great training for your upcoming ultra and MCM.  I woke up early to watch the Boston marathon.  They streamed it live from their website.  Meb just about gave me a heart attack.  I was afraid he was going to let it slip away.  I kept giving DH updates....'he's 1:12 ahead', 'he's :48 ahead', 'he's :22 ahead',  'OMG, he's only  :12 ahead! Goooo Meb!'  Like DH cared.  He didn't but that didn't stop me from telling him the latest.


                      stever-  Sorry your race didn't work out like you had planned.  I wonder what happened?  You seemed to have had a great training cycle.  Maybe just a bad day.  I hate it when bad days happen on race day.  Your DW can use her anger to train for another HM to get that sub-2.  It's a good motivator.


                      Nathan-  Let's see, how to make a 20 miler as difficult as possible.  Put in a hard effort 'busting brush' a few hours before in really hot weather.  Check.  Don't take enough water.  Check.  Did I miss anything?  I don't even want to know what 'busting brush' is.  It sounds horrible.  Then follow that up with an 11 miler the next day.  Your training is on a whole different level.  Almost like you never missed any running time with that should injury.  You're going to have a great 50k.


                      me- Ran about 5.4 on the hilly trails with the group last night.  Or, should I say, I started with the group and then I took a wrong turn when we got spread out.  No problem, though, I just turned around when I was ready to head back.  Another lady said she saw two snakes on the run.  I'm not running today since we had lunch at the Indian buffet.  This is why I shouldn't eat at buffets.  Any buffet.  I eat way too much then feel like I need a nap when I really should go out for a run.  It was good, though.  No regrets.

                      10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48



                        New Jersey Marathon time 3:58:58


                        Could not have done a second faster, and very grateful to the sub-4 pace group I followed, not sure I could have done it without them


                        Taper was actually quite strange. In hindsight, not sure that a week in PR was a good idea: lots of walking, some swimming in addition to the prescribed running, and without realising it in real time, I probably exhausted myself, or at least tired out the muscles without giving them a chance to recover. As a result, final week of taper when I got back, runs were not good, didn't feel fresh at all. Even the prospect of the approaching race left me indifferent....Only really felt normal by Friday / Saturday, and even then, did not have that end of taper feeling when you are just full of energy


                        This strange physical and mental state explains my conservative approach of going with the 4:00 pace group; my initial plan would havce been to run solo, and aim for 3:56 or so. Decided to follow the pace group and hang on for dear life, come what may. In fact, didn't really have to hang on for dear life, the endurance was there and that's what got me through, but definitiely lacking sharpness


                        So now for the race: second half was a positive split: 1:59:37 versus 1:59:21. Held a pretty steady pace of 9:07 average up to mile 19/20. During mile 20/21, my left knee gave in and then blocked, and I had to limp on and run that off for a little under half a mile. As a result, I was detached from the pace group, running those two miles at 9:20 pace. Had the orange flag of the pace group in sight, trying not to let the gap increase and to slowly reduce it. I managed to catch them around mile 24/25 and that made the last mile or so easier - my average for the last 4/5 miles was in fact 8:59, fastest of all.


                        Very pleased and touched by the presence of some colleagues along the course, and my wife and younger daughter. We all met up at the end, when for a great meal, which three pints of beer which did not touch the sides...


                        Lessons / conclusions:


                        - Pfitz definitely gives you the endurance, in particular the hard Friday - Saturday - Sunday sequences towards the end

                        - Note to self: avoid week's active vacation in tropical climate in second week of taper

                        - After the normal rest, looking forward to starting training for NYC Marathon - around July 1st

                        - Think I will do Pfitz again, but with a recovery week every fourth week; do some more racing during the program, at least one half marathon, with a goal of going all out in the HM to PR

                        - Not increase the mileage significantly: ran between 50 and 55 miles per week this time around, may do some 55 to 60

                        - Try to run more at GMP, and earlier in the program (what Hansen refers to as tempo runs)

                        - Set GMP at 8:45, which I belieive is 3:49:30 pace, but as NY is a harder course than average, that will correspond to a race time of between 3:56 and 3:58, so a small PR, but on a tougher course

                        - I will read Hansen's program in detail (have just flicked through it in the book shop for the moment) and may adopt some elements

                        - I really dropped off the core work towards the end - need to figure out how I can fit more of that in to the later stages of program (was ok at beginning and middle)


                        May will be largely recovery, but would like to try some 5K and 1K race in June, before starting training again in July.


                        P.S Thanks, Miele, for the best wishes

                        P.S.S. Does anyone recall the website of the guy who compares different marathon courses and their theoretical time differentials based on elevation, number of turns, etc?

                        Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

                        Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 

                          TwoFoot, is it  Thanks for the thoughts on your training plan, and congrats on the sub-4!  I think I'm leaning Hanson's for Portland.


                          Jeff- Good luck in the marathon training!


                          Tara- Hope the feet are feeling better.  My 10K is this weekend.  I haven't even registered yet, trying to make it just be a casual show up and run thing.  And get a tomato plant for running. Smile


                          miele- Sounds delicious!


                          Edith- Good luck!


                          Jen- Great job pacing, and what a fantastic experience!  Was Meb sore at all from Boston?  


                          Stever- Glad you and DW had a fun race!


                          npaden- Great job on the mileage!


                          me- Was still kind of in a mental funk last week, plus was really busy with work and some other stuff, so I took it really, really easy.  I needed the mental break from training more than anything, I think.  Back at it this week with two good but slooooow runs.  The heat that had been forecast for this weekend is here now- supposed to be 86 tomorrow.  I have a track workout- yikes!



                            Just wanted to pop in and give a big 'CONGRATULATIONS!!' to 2ft!  You did great!  I bet that beer tasted soooo good!  Well deserved.


                            Back later for more but I've got to go run now to beat the 90 degree temps that are headed this way.

                            10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                            Super B****

                              Oh, hey... I never did come back here after Tel Aviv.  I guess I was too busy sulking and being suicidal because I didn't run for two weeks.  Fun stuff!


                              But I came back because I'm running a half on Sunday... the same one where I PRed last year (still my PR).  And it's going to be windy!!  WAH!!!

                              chasing 5:59


                              because i never shut up ... i blog



                                2ft-  It would be very difficult to opt out of all that fun stuff in PR.  But, just for comparison's sake, I never feel good the week leading up to a marathon.  I seriously question myself during the easy 3 milers leading up to the race.  They feel so difficult.  I always wonder how I'm going to finish 26.2.  You finished really strong which is such a great feeling.  Your positive split was so minimal I would almost call it perfect.  16 seconds slower?  I was planning on stalking you during the race but you couldn't just go the website and type in a runner's name or number, you had to sign up for Facebook, Twitter or text alerts.  Since I don't do Facebook or Twitter and I often forget about my cell phone, I was left waiting for you to report back.  I hate waiting.  Next time pick a race where a complete stranger can stalk you without difficulty, please.  Thank you.  What happened with the knee?  Had you ever had problems like that before?  Amazing how you regrouped and ran the fastest miles in the race.  I think Zelanie is right about the website but when I went back to it I couldn't get it to do anything.  Glitch?  Ancient computer?  Who knows.  Congrats once again on a fantastic race!


                                Zelanie-  I understand the 'mental funk' after a race but yours didn't last very long.  I think mine lasted for, oh, three months.  How was the track workout?  If I don't get back on here before you race...Good Luck!  I predict a solid PR.


                                blue-  I read your RR from the Tel Aviv race on your blog so I know what a mess it was.  I'm happy the suicidal tendencies have passed.  You've got another race!  Who has time for suicide?  Good luck in your race!


                                Edith-  Good luck in the 10 mile race!  Have fun!


                                me-  Been running in the heat.  It hasn't been too bad since I'm leaving earlier but I still feel the difference.  It hasn't been entirely pleasant, either.  The process of acclimating, I suppose.  Was able to return to the gym for my cross-training (much better than yard work, IMO).  Tomorrow I'll run 12 and that'll be it for the week putting me at 40.  A little cutback before I start increasing to 50mpw.

                                Have a good weekend, everybody!

                                10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48