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    I am returning from a two-week period of non-running, in which I was suffering from foot pain that had kept me from training. Now, new problems seemed to have emerged. When I run, I encounter tremendous stiffness in both knees that make it almost impossible to run even a mile. I don't know if this is a result of merely not running, or if it has to do with injuries still lingering from my last week of training.


    The mistake I made before i got injured was increasing mileage too quickly; I ran 13 mi on top of an already high-mileage week. Thanks for the help.


      Try a walk/run method for a while until the stiffness eases up?


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        Do you have access to alternative equipment?  I find that when coming back from injury....and really any time, my joints really appreciate a 10 minute warmup on a bike or an elliptical - something non-impact. 

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