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    Does anyone else here ever find themselves attending races just because they want to help the charities that the races are sponsoring? I don't mean the hugely famous Race for the Cure, though obviously many, many people do that one to help support the Cure. I mean the smaller, almost mom-and-pop races that sponsor local charities. I got a flier a couple of days ago for a Women's Distance Festival 5-K race and Health Walk here in Raleigh, NC. It's open to women only, and it benefits Interact of Wake County, which is a domestic violence and sexual assault victims' resource and support organization. I'm familiar with them through my work at the hospital. They're a good organization that I'd want to support. So, I find myself looking at my calendar, thinking, "Hmm. I'm running in this 10K the week before, but I shouldn't be too sore. Yes, yes, I think I could do that..." Now, I learned this year that the entry fees to a race don't actually cover all the expenses associated with a race. (That was quite a shocker!) It's the corporate sponsors who make or break the bank. I looked at the brochure, and this race has some good sponsors behind it. So my running in the race or not won't actually make a direct contribution to Interact, not really. They do have this extra little line on their sign-up form that lets you make an additional donation... Yet I want to run in it to help show my support. Plus the more people they have participate the more $ they can get from corporate sponsors in the future. So I'll probably go even though the timing's a little inconvenient for me. What about the rest of you? Does the charity associated with a race affect your decision on whether or not to run in it? What are your thoughts on racing for charities?

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      I feel that races that donation portions of the proceed to charities are merely a gimmick to get more runners because the amount of money that actually goes to charity is tiny compare to the amount of money needed to organize the event. If you want to support a charity, sending a check to them will benefit them a lot more. However, I do run in all the local races, or volunteer if I can't run. Like you said, I want to how my support.

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        That's a really good point. Or maybe you can do something like what I plan to do for my HM. I will run it for "Girls on the Run." All they require is that a participant "raise" a minimum of $262 ($10/mile of a marathon). A person can run ANY race for that charity. I don't know if other charities do this, but I think it's a good system. k

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