Pooped your pants while running? (Read 1536 times)


    I haven't, but have come dangerously close! I've had to drop multiple roadside loads. Fortunately, these were all night runs and I live in a small town, so it's not as though there were plenty of witnesses to my indiscretion!

    Current PRs:

    5K: 27:06 (11/10/12) | 5M: 44:03 (6/1/13) | 10K: 1:00:48 (7/4/12)

    15K: 1:27:53 (3/17/13) | 10M: 1:30:25 (4/13/13) | HM: 1:59:55 (4/28/13)

    Next race: Ashland 4th of July 10K


      speaking of poop...

        I like my Pad Thai hot. They hey ask if I want it mild, medium, hot, our THAI HOT.  I go for the Thai hot!!!


        I run with a friend of mine about three times a week.  He likes nicknames and even names all our running routes, too.  He lives less than a mile away and there is this short 4mile loop we take relatively regularly.  For some reason we have ended up taking that route very, very often on mornings after I have had my fiery Pad Thai For lunch.  About 2 miles in, I get these gut splitting cramps just bend me over ........ resulting in me doing a scary ass-clinching half-mile slow walk on a b-line back to his place.  I have destroyed his toilet probably a half s dozen times......but have only sharted once.


        he calls this the Thai Sharts route now......

        ✔ Think of setting 2013 goals.

        Stop being a fat slob.

        Run more miles than last year.