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    When zooming in to my street, I can't see street names, buildings etc. on the Google map layer (I'm from Israel). It would be really great if that layer will be the same as the map I get while browsing http://maps.google.com/



      I'm afraid you'll have to take that up with Google.  The maps here on RA show whatever detail Google provides.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


        Thanks for answering. The maps I see on Israeli websites are indeed from other GIS providers, not Google.



          I added Open Street Map as an option.  It will be available after the next site update.  It should have a more detailed map of Israel:



            That's incredible! Thanks!

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              That's a really good resource!

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                And of course you can add details to OpenStreetMap yourself, if you so desire.

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                  Noticed the OSM choice today and found it very useful, as it has a lot of the smaller parkways and paths I frequently run on. They are mostly missing from both Google and Bing maps, and the forest paths are not visible on satellite images due to the canopy obscuring them. But OSM has them, and judging by comparison with the satellite pictures where the paths are visible, the accurate is not too bad.


                  Another great feature, thanks!