NYC Marathon PR (Read 597 times)


    Well, I had a great race yesterday.  Beat my previous best time by 16 minutes and beat my last year’s time by 26 minutes, running this year in 3:16:39.  And the best thing was I felt great for the whole race, only getting a little tired around mile 22 and slowing a bit through the end few miles. 


    I ran with my friend/teammate Anna for the first 13 miles which was great and made it the fastest (mentally) half marathon I’ve done.  It felt like 5 miles.   After 13,  I pulled away from her a bit and held strong through mile 18.  I felt great and actually speed up to just around a 6:55/mile pace but knew I’d only have a mile or two before all the previous miles, and all the gatorade I’d been drinking, and all the GU would start to catch up to me. 


    By mile 21 I was still feeling good, but started to get tired around mile 22.  My stomach was acting up and I just wanted to walk.  I managed to avoid it and keep running and just ticked off the last few miles slowing a bit overall.  I saw a few of my teammates on the sidelines cheering and heard my name a lot but I was off in another world and just wanted to keep one foot in front of the other, and I made it.


    In the past, I’ve felt terrible around mile 21 and each year I wonder why on earth I do this and tell myself that this year will be the last time!  But this year was different and I was much better trained.  I didn’t feel bad at all and in the final miles I was already looking forward to my next race:  The Knickerbocker 60k Ultramarathon.  I guess I’ll do that.  I’ve got two weeks to recover from NYC, then I’ll run 37 miles. 


    Also, I looked up the famous people who ran the race, and I beat all of them that I could find:  Ed Norton (3:48:01), Alanis Morissette (4:28:45) Anthony Edwards — “Goose” from Top Gun and Dr. Green on ER (4:08:20) Jerusalem mayor Nit Barkat (4:42:46) Matthew Reeve —superman’s son (4:23:36) and ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes (3:25:44).  Take that!

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      Dave, congrats on chopping 16 minutes off your PR ... and beating Ed Norton.   Nice work.

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        Congratulations.  The great marathon result should give you a lot of confidence for the 60k

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