Feels as if I am spraining my second smallest toe each time I push off? (Read 381 times)


    I am experiencing an odd tingly sensation when running, and sometimes when walking. If anyone else has experienced this or knows what this might be, it would be great to hear about it and how to treat it. In my stride, when I push off my toes/balls of my foot, I will get an odd tingly sensation that runs into my second smallest toe. The tingly sensation feels like it is coming from somewhere more towards the middle of the bottom of my foot (arch area). It almost feels as if I am spraining that toe each time I push off. To get the same feeling, I can stand with some weight on one foot with just the ball of my foot pressing into the floor, and roll along the ball of my foot from big toe ball to smallest toe ball, and halfway through the rolling, I feel the tingly sensation on some part that connects my toe into my arch. thanks very much.

    12 Monkeys

      You probably need a bigger toe box. Tell us about your shoes, including make/model, number of miles, and where you got them.