Issues downloading my training log (Read 466 times)


    Hi everyone.


    I'm trying to download my training log for backup. I tried both the tab delimited and the xml, but keep getting corrupted files. I'm following the directions exactly as on screen. Anyone else having issues? Any ideas?


    Thanks, Mike


      What operating system are you using?  What program(s) did you use to open the files?


        Sorry. Should have said I'm on Max OX Lion. I tried to unzip the files with the built in Mac utility and with winzip for mac. its all corrupted. Any thoughts? THANKS



          I'm getting the same issues.  I've tried downloading via Chrome / Safari and Firefox and then opening with the built in Lion OSX or Stuffit, it just becomes a .cpgz. 


          It looks like the files corrupted.  I've tried different computers / internet connections with no luck as well.




            Hi Andy,

            I googled cpgz and found that this is a problem with Mac's decompression tool.  You can google it to find solutions to it.  I prefer Windows over Mac and prefer the command line.  If you open a terminal on your Mac and run the command "unzip <filename>.zip", it should decompress correctly.


            eric Smile


              Eric, aren't you hobnobbing???


                Eric, aren't you hobnobbing???


                I'm waiting for my turn to meet with you :-)