Diet Pop impact on weight (Read 1722 times)

    OK...decided I'm going to go cold turkey (tomorrow), after this coke and two pepsi maxes in front of me.  Anyone else up for a challenge?


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      The depth of knowledge here of the various sorts of pop or coke or soda is pretty much conclusive evidence of the depth of the problem of obesity. We've been well educated, indeed.


      Will power is actually derivative of habit. Habit is the much more powerful thing. What we call "the will" is actually just the tense feeling we get when apply one habit against a contrary habit. (E.g. the habit of caring for your health vs. the habit of drinking pop.) Most of our habits are so deep that we are absolutely blind to them. The only time we become aware of a habit is when it runs against another habit.


      So, when people invoke "will power" as the cure for anything, I want to know what specific habit it is that one is invoking, when one invokes the will. Otherwise, you are talking about a phantom, a ghost, or a spirit that one invokes just to rescue you from your habits. 


      I don't drink (much) soda, but that's simply because when I was growing up there never was any in the house. So, I never got in the habit. And since I don't have the habit, I don't have to struggle with how that habit effects my other habits. It takes no "will" for me to resist.


      Now, I have plenty of other vicious habits, some of them involve message boards!



      Gee, this looks kinda familiar.


        The pepsi light can reminds me of the days of ye olde pull tab.  The detachable kind.  These things were like cigarette butts in that people who would otherwise put their trash in the can (so as not to make The Indian cry), well, they'd just toss the pull tabs on the ground.


        Anyone ever cut their foot on a wayward pull tab?  OUCH.


        It was such a big deal that circa-1983, the water park I worked at (White Water, Grand Prairie Texas, sal-UTE) had big signs everywhere encouraging employees to pick these up off the ground and throw them out.  Today nobody knows what I'm talking about.

         We used to make long chains of them ....linking them together by bending them through each other


        Running is stupid


          There was also "Pepsi Free" for awhile in the 80s.

          "What'll you have?"

          "I'll have a Tab"


          "You gotta order something to have a tab"


          "Well, give me a Pepsi Free"

          "Listen, if you're having a Pepsi then you're gonna pay for it"


          or something like that

          "Famous last words"  ~Bhearn