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    Hi I am a new runner. I run for the enjoyment and for the excercise. I am 42 years old and I am consistently running at a 4:50 pace per Kilometer. For my age and running experience; how am I doing? Is there a chart I can see in comparison to runners in my age group and experience? Confused P.S This is a great site. I have been tracking my runs since late December.

      Are you training for anything in mind or just to have fun and stay in shape?

        Just for fun and exercise. Smile I have no aspiration to enter races.

        You'll ruin your knees!

          Well, let's see, it kindof depends... World class would be about 2:30's per K in a 5K race. Your pace would landed you about 480th place in the 2004 NewAlliance New Haven 5K Road Race (picked at random), which is near the break between the 1st and 2nd quartile. I know, I know, you're averaging the 4:50 pace in training and you could do better in a 5K race. You asked! Anyway, you're doing fine! Welcome to the forum and keep it up. By the way, there would be no harm in "testing" yourself in a local 5K race (or whatever distance suits your fancy!). I aspirated part of a potato once in a race, but I was OK. It is OK to have aspirations! It really helps break up the routine and lets you test yourself. If nothing else, you can get Tshirts to run in and have someone hand you water! Good luck and keep us posted! Lynn B

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            Thanks for the coment. My wife is a runner and she does run races once in a while. I always bug her why she wants to pay $35 or more to someone that basically tells her to run in a certain direction. Big grin
              For me, it's all about the T-shirts! Big grin I injured myself during training for the Chicago Half Marathon (after I paid for airline, hotel, etc of course). You can bet your bottom dollar I still went and got my Tee! It was a nice long sleeved one too. It was the most money I've ever spent on a shirt. Blush
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