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    Today is my one year "runnerversary." This time last year I could barely run/walk a mile. Today to celebrate, I ran 6.84 miles. I've come a long way. I originally started to lose weight. I have since become addicted. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

    5k - 23:30

    10k - 49:00

    Half - 1:48:34

    Full - 4:01:28


    Working toward hip nirvana.


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      WohooO! It really is a lifestyle, isn't it?! Cool

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        Good for you! Getting through a whole year, with potentially-nasty seasonal changes, and life stuff that comes and goes, is really an accomplishment. Keep it up! Arla

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          Heather, that's awesome! For every runner who remains committed to the sport I'll bet there are a dozen who quit after just a month or two. Look how far you've come and what you've accomplished! Big grin

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            whoop whoop!!! Big grin

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