Beginner Marathon Book/Training plan (Read 362 times)


    I've finally committed to running a marathon, my first, in Detroit this October.  Truth be told, the distance kinda terrifies me.  I've done 4 half's, but I know the full is a completely new beast.  i'm looking for a book or a plan that I can follow that not only gives me milage daily/weekly goals, but also incorporates nutrition/fuel and hydration concerns (and how to work these things into your running).   Essentially, I'm looking for as much of a coach in a book as I can get.  


    Any favorites?   Recommendations? Comments?

      As an all-in-one book for a beginner, Hal Higdon's Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide is pretty tough to beat.

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        check out your local library.   there is one by Grete Waitz that is pretty good & has some good personal experiences from her.  don't remember the name.