solo vacation/road trip !! (Read 672 times)

     whoo hoo!! 


    leaving early in morning for solo trip to N.California to visit family & then 3+ days hiking/running/camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park!!


    did I forget to mention solo, no family, whoo hoo!!


    really NEEEED this trip this year

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      Have a good time. I hit Lassen on a two race/two Nat Park solo road trip. It is a very cool and interesting spot! BTW, if you are not backpacking, you don't have to pay for camping. On the road right before the main entrance to Lassen there are a bunch of camping spots that people have made, complete with fire rings.

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        Enjoy your alone time!



        Just run.

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          Have a great time - Lassen is a fantastic place!  I do a solo road trip every year, highly recommended, maybe you'll have a new tradition Big grin

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            back from Lassen.  absolutely fantastic time doing solo road trip & 3 days of hiking/camping at Lassen.  2-3 hike/run/day!  highlights: Lassen Peak, CinderCone, & little known/used Ridgelakes trail.  Ridgelakes:  1 mile up +1045' gain (steeper than Lassen Peak!).  only one on trail all the way up even though it starts at very congested Sulphur Works right on Lassen Hwy.  beautiful little lake between Mt. Diller & Brokeoff mtn.  Alone at lake for about 1/2 hr until a very nice family from SF showed up.  We all went for a swim/dip.  very cold but very invigorating after climb  & 75 degree temp out. lake at approx. 8000'   Had Cinder Cone all alone  as well for the full 1/2 hour up on top.  Incredible!!  Cinder Cone trail: just over a mile with about 300' gain to the Cone itself.  nice, easy, lightly forested walking past 20' high lava wall.  Cinder Cone: climb to top is about 1/4 mile with over 700' gain & like walking on steep sand dune. (for those interested that's over 2800' gain in a mile)  Rewards at top more than worth it!!  Nice thing about Lassen is that even when busy its not so busy & if you time it right you can have some hikes by yourself.  Mill Creek Falls trail started at trailhead at just past 7 pm Friday & passed 2 solo hikers on their way back & then no one else the 20 mns or so at falls & all the way back!  did see several deer out/back however.  Always cool when you can see more wildlife than people!!


            Places to avoid if you are trying to avoid people:  Bumpass Hell (congested, felt like driving in Seattle),  Manzanita Lake (cool place but typical touristy young family type campground-do recommend the hike around lake especially around Sunset with view of Mt. Lassen-very cool), & also the 2 summit lake campgrounds-more space between camp spots but people everywhere.  summit Lake campground is great if you have a family-swimming, floating, canoeing, easy hiking.


            Very much prefer Warner Valley's (visited 2 yrs ago) Devil's Kitchen geothermal area vs Bumpass Hell.  way out of the way, which means fewer people (especially at the more primitive/small campground) & much more (at least to me) interesting geothermal stuff going on.


            I could go on for a long time about Lassen but will stop.  If anyone has any interest/questions about Lassen or if some interest is shown about photos will try to get some set up here. be patient however.


            all in all a great time at Lassen, would recommend to all!!  2nd visit & still lots more hiking/backpacking to be had!!

              Hey Neal sounds like it was  a great trip- I went through there years ago on the way to Tahoe (on the road with a band) and took a hike up Lassen. It was just a short  trail up as I recall. Nice area. I'd look at pix if you post them.I think Lassen is the sourthern most volcanoe. When I was in Grants Pass in May we were looking at Mt Thielson (sp?)and thinking about a climb. I've been on top of a few Cascade volcanos, but ther are a lot more out there.



                yes, Lassen is the most southern volcanoe in the Cascades.  most people think of it as part of the Northern Sierra Nevadas.  I was considering hiking Black Butte just north of Mt. Shasta along I-5 on way back but it was already just too darn hot.  probably close to 100 already. Stopped at McCloud for a moment & was driving barefoot to protect a blood blister that I popped, took 2 steps on pavement & feet were already on fire!!   does not look like a particularily tough hike except most appears to be out in the open with the heat, & there are rattlesnakes too.  Black Butte still intrigues me just sticking out of nowhere like it does.


                I would guess lots of good hiking around Grants Pass, just be careful about where you go & whose property you might be on.  some of those people around there are like Northern California where there might be  a booby trap or 2.  sure you know what I am referring to.


                Oh & fyi, I did drop into the Wildflower for a tofu nut loaf sandwich, but not smoothie-got yogurt across street instead.