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    I guess this running really pays off in the health department area.  While I am not winning any races with record speeds, I did score exceptional on a recent cholesterol and glucose wellness test.  My health care provider credited the rating to my running.  I always think the running benefits in terms of cardio (and mental health, stress relief) , but this is a very nice surprise to find out that regular running does so much else for the rest of the body.

      Good news!

      "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus

        Congratulations.  Now you have that much more incentive to keep on running. 


        Running is good for other things also.  Before I took up running, my eyeball pressure built up almost to the point of requiring glaucoma treatment.  The optometrist said that the running explains the pressure drop down to the healthy range. 

        12 Monkeys

          Sweet work!!


          (must resist urge to ask OP's HR and JRM's blink rate...must resist...must resist)