Hat. Visor. Hatless. Headless. Which is the best way to go? (Read 1277 times)

I've got a fever...

    I wear a technical, moisture wicking hat that I purchased from Road Runner. Does a good job with moisture management, but seems to hold too much heat in for my tastes. A few days ago, I forgot to pack my hat in the gym bag and ran hatless. Despite the sun beating down on my mug, I think it felt better to run w/o the lid, because it wasn't holding the heat in, and even though it was a hairdryer breeze, I could feel it more on my temples and head. What do you peeps recommend that keeps the sun off the face, wicks the sweat, but keeps your head cool? Anyone got a hat that's all of the above? How 'bout visors? That would seem to do the trick, but I've got a short haircut and I'm worried about sunburned scalp and a hot head.

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      It doesn't meet your requirements (no real wicking properties or keeping sun off my face), but I wear a bandana on my head. It may look kind of dorky (or not, I don't know or care), but it keeps my head cool (I have short hair as well and it prevents burnage) and at least does a generally good job of absorbing plenty of sweat. Maybe take that hat and pull a Dick Beardsley and put some knife holes in that mother. Best of luck!

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        I don't like the extra heat from wearing the hat, either. It's a small price to pay for the sweat and sunburn avoidance. I even wear the hat at night so I can pull the brim down a little to keep the car headlights out of my eyes. When my head gets too hot, I take off the hat for a few minutes and sometimes dump some water out of my bottle on it - doesn't help a lot - but every little bit counts when it's 90+ out there. I don't like visors for the reasons you already mentioned.

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          I usually run in one of these, but we have a lot of antagonistic ninjas around here.
            I usually run in one of these, but we have a lot of antagonistic ninjas around here.
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              You should check out GLH-9 (Great Looking Hair Number Nine) In the past, I have run with a hat just to keep the sun out of my eyes. I'll probably buy a visor next time around. You tried using sunscreen on your scalp?


                I use a visor most of the time during summer, and a hat as it starts to cool off. Haven't had a problem with sunburn scalp (maybe start off in shorter runs with the visor?). If you do try a visor - i hiighly recomend a moisture wicking/absorbing one similar to your hat. The one I love is made by Nike, but a know headsweats makes some, too.
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                  I wear a visor all the time, unless I'm running in the pre-dawn hours during the winter. It keeps the sun off my face, wicks sweat, but doesn't keep heat in. That said, I have incredibly thick hair, so provided my hair is pulled back in a ponytail with no part, I have absolutely no worries about a sunburned scalp.
                    Hatless, but reading these posts I may try the visor bit to keep the sun out of my eyes ("Captain Obvious" here - I have to read about someone else wearing a visor to realize it'll keep the sun out of my eyes - duh...) Hats hold too much heat in for me.

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                      I used to always wear my favorite old corduroy Uconn hat, but recently I've been wearing a visor. I like both, but the visor is definitely the better option for hot days. Doesn't hide my messy hair, but it keeps the sun out and lets the heat out.


                        I wear a mesh technical Nike/Run hat. I need it for the visor. Mostly for sun (& rain - ha I wish!) but also at night I found myself using it block the glare from oncoming high beams. As far as any heat gain, I haven't noticed. It is mostly mesh. Last week I realized it was starting to smell so I tossed it in gentle cycle with my running clothes. It took the reflective welting off the front edge of the visor and it's yellow underneath. Looks like crap now, with little pieces of reflective material flaking off. But smells better.
                          Nike dryfit bright yellow (helps the motorists see their target avoid hitting me.) Keeps the sun out of my eyes, and stray hairs in place.
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                            I bought a new Addias hat yesterday for my 10k this morning. I thought since it is white and is light mesh, it would let enough heat out for me to tolerate. (In the past NO hat for me) Needless to say, at about mile two it was off. I think I will try a visor next time but until I find a good one, hatless for me. Hatless

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                              I started wearing a hat a few months after I first started running, since I needed it for the wicking properties. apparently I am allergic to my own sweat and I developed eczema above my eyelids. Keeping the sweat controlled helps. So I pretty much wear some sort of wicking hat year-round. I also like that I don't need to apply sunblock to my face, which given the sweating I wouldn't be able to do, anyhow (there is NO sweat-proof sunblock on this gal, and that crap really burns like a mutha when it gets in the eyes). I have a couple of Brooks hats and a couple of Nike Dri-Fit ones. k

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                                With my ever-growing bald spot and the 90 degree, bright, sunny days here, I wear a cotton ball cap, even on cloudy days when UV is still a problem.

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