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    I see in your log that you are able to run and lacing up your running shoes again. Are you declared healed now or are you just testing the waters again?
      Just saw in the health forum about your condition. Best of luck with everything!

      Now that was a bath...

        Alan I am great - sorry I just spotted this. Well, when I say great, I probably need to clarify. Trent seems to have pinpointed my mysterious health problem to an allergic reaction! So that is improving, though still annoying. With the running I am following a program that one of the runners here set me and it seems to be working! I pushed myself too hard last week though. Same old thing, got a little complacent and pushed the pace back up under 9 minute miles. Today I feel a little tender on my lower legs so I may take an extra day off before continuing. I hate having to take things slowly. It''s just not in my nature to do that. I am soooooooo detremined to stay in the game this time though. I am definitely not recovered - I feel issues with my injury sometimes at the begining of a run and if I push myself - well then its back to the ice and ibuprofen, topped with some sulking on the couch and hopefully another lesson learnt. One day, one day I will get back out there properly and God will smile at me and say 'At last, I finally taught that Kooky some patience'. Claire xxx
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          Yeah! Go Claire!!! Cool Yes Big grin