2013 New York City Marathon Thread (Read 600 times)

    You gotta love this guy!


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      And perhaps some of us owe an apology for not believing Pam Anderson could make it. I know i do....

        great PR yourfav, and nice time Coockie...not an easy course to day to spin wheels that fast.  Also nice job to Jersey & Joe.


        Joe, I agree, mile 23 kicked my ass completely.  what a horrible place for a never ending hill.  it broke me.


        Also, just my 2 cents, but I think the wind was a bigger factor that it seemed.  Overall the race looks a few minutes slower than the last few years (except for Jerseygirl!).  So either a lot of fast people stayed home, or the wind was worth at least a a percentage point or two.

          You gotta love this guy!


          great video.  he's a class act.

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            You gotta love this guy!


            Wow, what a great interview! For many, this was a day to PR but for many more, like Meb, this was a day to take pride in getting to the finish line and to celebrate an event that has been shadowed with disaster and tragedy. Really inspiring.



              I am so physically and emotionally drained from yesterday that I am not really sure what to say.  I was the lucky guy who got to run together with Julia.  She helped me so much through my first marathon.  It was an amazing experience.


              Nice work everyone!

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                Congrats Julia!  A PR is fantastic, even if not sub-3:20.  The winds definitely had an effect, I think.


                3:58:44 for me.


                nice going Meaghan.





                  Congrats Julia!  A PR is fantastic, even if not sub-3:20.  The winds definitely had an effect, I think.


                  3:58:44 for me.


                  Meghan: YOU DID AWESOME too!! A sub-4 is my goal.

                  WAY TO GO to all the other NYC runners!! CONGRATS!!

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                    50k + starters.    Wow.


                    Anyone see what the finish count was?

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                       Anyone see what the finish count was?


                      I read that the finish count was 50740.



                        I just received an e-mail from Mary Wittenburg and she a gave a total of 50,304. Nevertheless, what a crowd.







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                            I'm home and more coherent now and can say...  Congratulations everyone!  We did it!


                            Wow.  What a phenomenal race!  I think I've found my favorite marathon. Smile  Everything went so smoothly and the crowds were absolutely unbelievable.   For those interested in reading more about my race, I posted a race report in the Marathoner Dailies.  (I've decided I want a lower profile in the main forums and a little more privacy so if you're one of the people who "stalks" my log, it's still open to the members of that group so feel free to join).


                            Good job on the PRs, Meaghan, Lagwagon, and Coockie.  Two-Foot Shuffle, thanks for volunteering.  Mendeldave, nice job pacing and thanks for helping so many of us out with race information this year.  TakeAHike, if you tell people racing with me will leave you physically and emotionally drained, no one's gonna want to run with me next time.  Wink


                            Thanks everyone for the support both this year and last!  Special shout out to WrigleyGirl.  I don't quite remember what you said last year after the race cancellation - something about the training not being wasted - but I remember it being just want I needed to hear to quit my pity party and keep running.  Thank you for that.


                            Happy running and see you in 2014 thread!

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                            My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

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                              The logistics involved in the NYCM are certainly worth suffering through for the experience.  3hrs shivering in a cold parking-lot was not my favorite pre-race experience.  But the actual course was great.  I know people are impressed by the crowds, but I don't generally pay attention.  Still, running through the city was wonderful and challenging.  I think the course is honest.  It isn't fast.  It isn't hard.  Just honest.


                              My favorite part was the spice of good ole-new york attitude: when we boarded the ferry at 6:10 we met the first of many security checkpoints.  The policeman at the top of the stairs was looking at everyone's see-through pre-race bag.  He stopped one guy with a big novel in his bag, "Hey, you planning on reading or running?!"  Another: "You need more GUs."  He had a quip for everyone.


                              For those thinking about it: NYCM is completely worth the price of admission.

                              Glad to see the people in this thread had good days . . . especially lagwagon.

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                                Congrats NYCM runners! Even when aggressive goals weren't met it sounds like everyone had great experiences and races.


                                One of my completed goals this year was to qualify so I'll probably be registering this winter for 2014 tho I understand it's now a lottery of sorts for qualifiers too.