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    To be brief, I started running again in January after a loooong time not running. The past year I lived in a city, and I didn't have a car, so I would say on average I may have walked 4 mile's a day, so  I wasn't too interested in lacing up and going out for a run at the end of even my shorter days. Anyway, I was born with a crooked right fourth toe, and though it has never really bothered me, on some of my recent long runs I notice it seems rather sore afterward. It just tucks under the third toe a little. I am in need for some new running shoes, so that may help, and also when I have the foresight I slip a piece of tissue between my third and fourth toes to maybe keep it a little straighter. I'm 25, so I don't know if I am too young to experience this or if I should be surprised that this is happening when it has never happened before.


    Any other suggestions or advice?


      What shoes are you running in?


      Do you think a wider toe box would help?  Or do you think that a firmer toe box (perhaps a plate in the toe) would help?


      Do you have access to health care?  I'd stop by and see a podiatrist and see what they can do for you.  I have more than one crooked toe on account of a couple of accidents and fractures when I was a teenager and didn't have access to health care. I haven't had too many problems with them, but definitely need a wider toe box to accommodate them.

        My son (20yo) has the same problem.  His 4th toe is underneath his 3rd toe.  The top of his 4th toe has never seen the light of day.

        He runs and doesn't complain much about it, though.

        There are toe spacers and things you could do to force it to be normal, but that might cause other pain.

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          My fourth toe sort of tucks under my third toe on both my feet, so the toe looks like a wedge shape. My pinkie also tucks under the fourth, but not as bad. They don't bother me much except when I do very long runs or races, and I would get blisters between the toes. Shoes with wider toe box didn't seem to help, as the toes naturally want to bunch up together. Vaseline helps but needs to be reapplied if doing a long run, which makes it not ideal. I ended up wearing toe socks on these runs and that seem to solve my problem.

            My mom had that same problem. She had surgery to fix it about a little over a year ago and it honestly didn't help her. Her toe started "twisting" again. She has found some "toe cap" or something like that, that she wears when she works out. I guess it helps her a little bit. Could also try taping your toes together, as if you had a broken toe or something. Would hopefully keep your toe in line and prevent some of the pain.


            Surgery is also an option. It isn't 100%, as with my mom, but there is a chance it would completely fix your problem.